Who was first? 

Simply asking "who was first?" doesn't always yield the correct answer. The truth is that KDKA and Marconi just marketed themselves better than the others.

What do consumers know? 

It is encouraging to hear that more receivers are becoming available, although many of them will not be ready for the upcoming holiday season.

A report card on HD Radio 

The last time I conducted my field study on HD Radio in the stores was in the August 2005 issue. Unfortunately, not much has changed.

Airways and airwaves 

The FAA seeks greater control of some broadcast spectrum in a new proposal for rulemaking. It's troubling that the FAA NPRM deals with EMI in a broad way, but this fits with how the FAA has always viewed spectrum issues

Micromanaging the FCC 

When it comes to regulating the radio spectrum, let the House and Senate raise their concerns, but let the FCC conduct its own business regarding third-adjacent channel protections.

More to digital radio 

Digital radio isn't limited to IBOC and HD Radio. Satellite and Internet radio are part of it too, but there is still more to digital radio.

A quick recap of NAB2006 

Here are some of the prevailing ideas and themes from NAB2006.

A Rosy Future for Radio 

Bridge Ratings released its updated projections of consumer use of various forms of radio and digital media, and the results look good for radio -- at first glance.

Much Ado About HD Radio 

I happened to flip through the 148-page Crutchfield catalog when it opened to page 23 and I saw a JVC car stereo with an LED readout that says HD RADIO. Could it be that this was the moment that so many people have dreamed about?

Missing something 

CES was a chance to show people that terrestrial radio was just as important today as it ever was. Unfortunately, digital terrestrial radio missed a major opportunity to shine.

Better late than never 

While the reasons for establishing the HD Digital Radio Alliance are valid, the Alliance should have been launched at least two years ago when the first digital receiver was sold.

Keep the HD Radio Rollout Simple 

While radio waits for the mass rollout of receivers with HD Radio capability, personal electronics devices are bypassing terrestrial radio completely.

The current view 

The various flavors of IBOC were common topics at the recent fall conventions. While many choose to deny it, the HD Radio rollout is here.

Getting it 

While there are still many opponents to the Ibiquity system, even these people are beginning to acknowledge that the system is here and is seeing acceptance.

Yet another step closer to HD Radio 

Digital radio? What's that? 

Radio has its work cut out for it because HD Radio is the best-kept secret.

One step closer 

Let NRSC-5 determine the basic operation of the system, which it has done. The added features and enhancements are needed, but they can wait until the next standards-setting announcement.

Have a little respect 

Do you get the respect you deserve? If not, there's only one person to blame.

Three (HD Radio terms) for the show 

Three terms can summarize most of the discussion heard at the convention.

Digitized and confused 

I steered the sales people at a couple of local electronics dealers to terrestrial, digital receivers without using the terms IBOC, HD Radio or the dreaded high-definition radio and was told the that the receivers did not exist, that stores had head units but not the receiver unit or that the store had no plans to carry these units.

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