Analog testing 

Ed Treese shares some notes on his favorite piece of analog test equipment: a pair of headphones.

Taking Pictures 

A digital camera can be a valuable tool in your toolbox. Even the camera on a cell phone is better than nothing, but higher resolution cameras can be helpful as well.

Wall-wart Plugs 

The Furman PlugLock has metal brackets that are adjustable for various size wall-warts and allows them to be securely clamped in place.

Rack Equipment Protection 

Most rack covers block access to the equipment. This station needed to protect the exposed face, but maintain full access. See how a back-of-the-rack device found a new home in the front of the rack.

Satellite Critter Control 

Need to keep insects out of the satellite antenna feed horn? A piece of Mylar screen material and a large diameter, stainless-steel hose clamp may be your answer.

Home-brew Dehydrator Upgrade 

Coaxial transmission line and antenna pressurization are critically important. Mike Kernen needed to repair his dehydrator system on a budget. He devised a system with greater capacity at half the cost of a new system.

Check the Electrical Power Meter 

It's a good idea to compare the power bill information to the actual meter reading once in a while.

PERL Logger 

Rob Landry's Perl script records each hour as an MP3 file by capturing the station's Internet stream.

Mine that Light 

Working in tight spaces with low light is no fun. Check out this handy device to shed some light on the task.

Weather Protection 

Covering a spark gap with a plastic tub saved it from heavy rain.

Online Resources 

Check out the Radio magazine Glossary, Rane Pro Audio Reference, Sweetwater Glossary, Stan Coutant's Microphone Site and the James Steele Mic Page.

Cover that wire label 

Labeling wires is a common task, and you have likely tried many methods.

Unusual adapters 

Having the ability to create an adapter on a moment's notice can save the day. Sometimes something unusual -- albeit potentially dangerous -- can save the day.

Iphone tools 

Gary Kline suggested one of his favorite Iphone apps for radio engineers, Islipstick.

Nice PAD 

Porting a data stream to an RBDS encoder or HD Radio importer often requires some kind of conversion step. There are commercial products and services to do this, but it can be done in house.

USB audio interfaces 

Professional quality audio cards are expensive and many times you have no choice by tto make do with the built-in sound interface from standard PC.

EAS Checkup 

One piece of equipment that can be left untouched and unnoticed for some time is the station's EAS encoder/decoder. Don't let it become a quiet problem.

Freeware for audio editing 

Wavosaur will multitask like the previous version of Adobe and is compatible with most older Windows operating systems.

Go wireless 

When you must have more than one keyboard and mouse, one way to make things neater is to use a wireless keyboard/mouse combination.

Switch N Sense 

Many automation systems utilize the Measurement Computing Systems Switch N Sense-8 USB converter box for cue closure inputs.

Mounting Computers 

While several methods of mounting various workstations and servers has been addressed before, sometimes a specific computer just won't fit on anything you have. A simple solution is as near as a suspended ceiling.

Reuse Console Button Caps 

It is very simple to remove old button legends with a Dremel tool with the 409 cut off wheel.

Sharpen Hand Tools for Longer Life 

With the use of a fine needle file more life can be coaxed out of an old wire stripper.

Economics of Replacement Power Supplies 

While the manufacturer can provide a replacement supply, finding your own replacement may result in a savings.

Mounting Power Supplies 

We're a power-hungry industry. Electrical power, that is. As our technological diversity increases, our demand for power and reliance on power supplies follows.

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