Tech Tips

Efficient Use of Rack Space 

Rack space is often at a premium. Mounting things in locations other than the front rails can free up valuable rack front real estate.

Simplify Remote Testing for Remote Broadcasts 

There are ways to “test the line” even if you don’t have someone at the other end

Transmitter Site Cleanup 

Tips for cleaning up a newly inherited transmitter site

Repurposing Older Equipment 

Finding new uses for equipment that is currently sitting on the shelf in storage

Small Remote Controls 

Last month, Doug Irwin looked at several simple devices to keep tabs things at the studios. This month he looks at some small yet full featured remote controls.

Tech Tips: How To Be in Two Places at Once 

Doug Irwin reviews some small and inexpensive options for monitoring and control of equipment at studio locations

Battery Maintenance: Testing and Charging 

Doug Irwin discusses how to maintain critical battery systems

Air Chains: DAs vs. Transformers 

Will AES splitting transformers degrade system performance?

Roll Your Own Microprocessor Project with Arduino 

Thanks to the Arduino project, there is now a simple, inexpensive, easier and much “cooler” solution to solve pretty much any technical problem in the station.

DAA Modules, DIY Interfaces, and Directional Couplers 

Doug Irwin and others share useful tips, tricks and hints.

Practical Use: Circulators and Isolators 

These two devices, related in function and form, are indispensible when working with RF.

Tech Tips: Test a Microwave Shot at the Receive Site 

A handful of attenuators can help you set a benchmark.

Tech Tips: WD-40 and Windex 

Remove sticky residue from labels and tape. And then remove the residue from the cleaner.

Tech Tips: Best Ways to Maintain Wiring Documentation 

Excel is a common method of tracking a wiring database, but there are other methods. Tell us about yours.

Rack-room Wiring: Spoke-and-Hub vs. Point-to-Point 

One method may seem to be quicker and easier, but here are all the reasons to try another approach.

Tech Tips: More on Remote Controls 

Need an interface panel for a Burk ARC-16? You can make one yourself.

Tech Tips: Drill a Hole in a Pipe Without a Drill Press 

Avoid the frustration of trying to freehand a hole straight through.

New Life for Legacy Equipment 

Build your own relay interface panel and reuse an RF relay.

Tech Tips: Exploring More from Google Earth 

The free program can be used quite effectively for path studies, but you have to jump through some hoops.

A Better Backup Method 

When one piece of equipment fails, why force the operation to resort to every piece of back-up equipment to stay on the air. Here's a better approach.

Subtle Single Points of Failure 

Everyone strives for reliable back-up systems, but there might be some traps lying in wait that you haven't considered.

Obtaining Elevation Profiles with Google Earth 

It used to be that you had to buy access to a 3-second database to run elevation profiles. But not any more.

Keep It, Pitch It or Part It? 

A power divider, cavity resonator and line stretcher are just some of the hidden gems waiting to be scavenged in equipment before it's tossed.

Better Coaxial Cable Runs 

All about messenger cables, drip loops and other ways to ensure a reliable cable installation.

Cutting Holes in Laminate 

Learn the best way to cut holes in laminated furniture.

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