Engineer's Notebook Pullout, part 2 

Engineer's Notebook Pullout, part 2

Tips, tricks, hints and more for Oct, 2008 

The Dremel handheld rotary drill kit, conversion calculators and more tools for your toolbox.

Tips on RS-232, serial data, and satellite dish tune-up 

Serial data explained Even though there are faster and easier ways to connect data devices, many older protocols, particularly RS-232, live on. I have

Tips on alternative power supply, road rack wiring, and rubber belts 

Alternative power supplies, road rack wiring and rubber belts.

Top 10 Tech Tips for successful HD radio installation 

Ben Brinitzer has installed a number of HD Radio systems. He shares his top 10 tips for a successful installation

Tips on punching in, light switch modification, mic flags, and fans 

Punching in, leaving the light on, mic identity and staying connected

Tips on vehicle maintenance and wasps and bees 

Vehicle maintenance, checking for leaks, and wasps and bees

Tips on mic booms, mic spring, silent mic boom, lpb mic, analog cell phones, and metric screws 

Flying springs, analog cell phones and extra pieces.

Tips on wall-wart power supplies and leftover 6' cords 

Wart remover, the spaghetti alternative, and send a tip, win a book.

Continental Electronics E-Slide 

E-Slide is an electronic sliderule program for the Radio broadcast engineer.


A package of programs for radio broadcast engineers, including FM or STL path calculation, maximum AM DA MP calculation, FCC upper/lower common point/ND base current calculations, power change schedule for up to 14 months, calculate field/loop ratios for AM DA systems, fresnel zone clearance calculator, and more.

Endec Remote 

Endec Remote is a utility to remotely control a Sage Endec from a Windows PC via a serial or IP connection using a serial-to-Ethernet adaptor at the Sage unit.

Tips on rack maintenance, efficient rack use, power distribution, and deeper racks 

Rack maintenance, efficient rack use, power distribution and deeper racks.

Two Momentary Switches to a Maintained Switch 

Turn two momentary closures into a single maintained contact.

Tips on rack mounting, RE-20, studio head room, and tape machine maintenance 

Remote rack mounting, tape machine maintenance, studio headroom and from the Tech Tips Mailbag.

Engineer's Notebook Pullout, part 1 

Engineer's Notebook Pullout, part 1

TCP/IP Port Numbers 

In TCP/IP and UDP networks, a port is an endpoint to a logical connection and the way a client program specifies a specific server program on a computer in a network.

IP Subnets 

A handy reference of IP subnets.

Linear Digital Audio Data Rates and Storage 

Need to figure the necessary storage sapce for audio files? Use these equations to make it easy.

Tips on analog tape, tape recorders, tape bias, logic inputs, and logic control 

Part 2 of the analog tape series investigates the electronics. We also offer some insight into the basics of electronic logic.

Tips on analog tape mechanics and VU meters 

The mechanics of analog tape and the value of VU meters.

Tips on bench power, old laptops, and module rapair 

How to use a bench power supply, refurbishing an old laptop for EAS and fixing a module from a console you don't have.

Tech tips on labels and test jigs 

Proper labeling makes the job easier. John Landry explores several options in lbeling just about anything.

Tech tips on small tools, magnetics, and more 

Tips, tricks, hints and more. Tech Tips is a new feature to help you get the job done.

Reporting a Tower Light Outage to the FAA 

When a tower is not properly lit because of a light outage, the tower owner is required to notify the FAA. Here's how you do it.

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