Cure for Lost Headphones 

Recycle an old vending machine to keep the jocks happy.

Stringing MP3s Together 

No need for an editing program if you can get the command line in Windows.

Drying Electronics 

A common restaurant trick might save your device.

Hard to Reach Screw and Nut 

Get that hard-to-reach nut back in place.

Better than Velcro: Power Grip 

Take a tip from the guitar players to keep things in place.

111C Coils: A Golden Find 

These former mainstays of telephone circuits are audio gold.

Lightning Explained, Part 3 

Part tree of this three-part series looks at currents methods of lightning protection.

Lightning Explained, Part 1 

Part one of this three-part series explains the basics of lightning and its energy potential.

Lightning Explained, Part 2 

Part two of this three-part series explains ways to protect systems from lightning damage.

Fixed Cellular Terminals at Remote Sites 

As anyone who has tried to use a cellphone at a mountain top site knows, often coverage is spotty. Some rural transmitter sites are so rural they can't support a reliable connection to the PSTN.

Installing a Directional Antenna 

Before the day the riggers are on the tower looking down at you expecting an answer, consider just how to set a bearing angle in the field.

Using the ULS Database 

The ULS is one of those websites that has way more information than you'll ever need; here's how to make sense of it all.

Transmission Line Pressure Monitoring 

Dehydrators and nitrogen are the common gas sources, but are you absolutely sure of the line pressure and supply pressure?

New Options for Remotes 

Need a wireless IP link at a remote site? Here are some ideas to try.

Part 2: Maximizing LAN Bridge Data Rates 

The slowest link in the chain determines the overall data rate, but there are some tricks you can use to speed transfers.

Part One: The Machine Goes "Ping" 

Check the speed of your Ethernet connection with Doug Irwin.

Time-aligned HD Radio 

Having trouble with the analog/digital time alignment on your Harris HD Radio Exporter? Maybe this will help.

No Escape from the Planet of the Apps 

More useful radio engineering apps for your iPhone.

More power to you 

An intermittent audio dropout is a real head-scratcher -- until the common pieces are put together.

Keeping Racks Cool 

Equipment cooling in a rack room should is an important consideration in the room design. But the HVAC is not the only item to consider.

Check the Electrical Power Meter 

It's a good idea to compare the power bill information to the actual meter reading once in a while.

PERL Logger 

Rob Landry's Perl script records each hour as an MP3 file by capturing the station's Internet stream.

Mine that Light 

Working in tight spaces with low light is no fun. Check out this handy device to shed some light on the task.

Proof of Performance Manuals 

In the 1970s, Broadcast Engineering published an FM and AM manual to conduct a station audio proof of performance. We have scanned them and posted them for your reference.

A Better Method of Line Pressurization 

The author prefers nitrogen over dessicated air, but he adds two more steps to manage the pressure.

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