The data dilemma 

IBOC has been officially launched, but what do we do with the data capacity?

New transport methods 

When considering methods to move information from one point to another, it is interesting to reflect on how our needs have changed over just the past 20 years.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

A 44-year old console, a cassette deck with hopes of greatness and a look at consumer music spending habits.

The birth of a radio station 

A station owner is motivated to build a top-notch facility serving a dynamic market.

Contemplating the Future 

After our review back to 1994, we look ahead to 2004 and investigate what the future of radio might be.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

A look at the oldest transmitter in daily use and a radio-training course from days gone by.

Frequency coordination for BAS 

The FCC's newest prior coordination procedures for the Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) took effect in October.

4 Times Square Antenna Project 

The Durst Organization, the real estate management company of The Condé Nast Building (4 Times Square) in New York City has undertaken the massive project of tripling the height of the tower high atop the building, coming into its own as a premier transmission facility.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

A look back at the Studio A820, DAB progress in 1994 and a continued increase in Internet media usage.

IBOC antennas 

Despite the hiatus in nighttime operation for AM IBOC, antenna research is continuing in an effort to comply with the FCC's existing requirements of two antennas for FM IBOC, and develop a system using one antenna that will satisfy the FCC's requirements.

The value of the subcarrier 

If you want to know who is investing money into FM subcarriers, look no further than the computer giant Microsoft.

A busy month 

So much happened last month, so there is lots of ground to cover.

Staying neutral 

Because of inductive and capacitive circuits, it is often easy for undesired and usually unwanted oscillations to be generated in an amplifier stage. Neutralization is important to keep these systems at maximum efficiency.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

An early Gates transmitter and a look back at AM directional rules.

The killer app for IBOC 

With the FM implementation of IBOC, standard broadcast stations will need to deal with a number of technical problems related to making IBOC work with RF propagation issues.

Field Report: V-Soft AM-Pro 

Although there are many software options for evaluating FM stations, there are few software packages to evaluate AM stations. AM-Pro is perhaps the newest package available, and it is proving to be one of the best.

A station buyer's technical checklist 

When a company decides to purchase a radio station, the station's technical plant is often overlooked by the buyer.

RF amplifier basics 

A radio transmitter is a collection of stages. How these stages function determines the operational capability of each transmitter.

Field Report: APT/Pulsecom PCAU 

Local telephone companies no longer support analog dedicated circuits. The PCAU gets around the limitation, as this review describes.

IBOC end to end 

10 steps to determining the best digital migration path.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

WELL-FM's Western Electric transmitter, the first Picks Hits and the attendance trend at NAB.

Radio's friend or foe? 

New technology can be described as either emerging or breakthrough. IBOC is hardly breakthrough.

An IBOC roadblock 

In the middle of May, the road to IBOC took a major detour. What has been an ongoing work in progress with a predictable slow and steady pace has been

The power behind the station's voice 

When buying a new transmitter, you will most likely be replacing an old unit or building a new site.

Fixing signal problems 

When reception trouble is reported, it's not always easy to find the cause.

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