The Doherty linear amplifier 

When first developed, the Doherty amplifier gained a reputation for difficulty in adjustment and consistent operation. Since then, it has proven to be a stable and reliable transmitter design.

Clear Transmission 

The increasing interest in HD Radio among broadcasters has prompted radio transmitter manufacturers to invest heavily in the development of new products.

FM Radio Turns 70 

June 11, 2005 marked the 70th anniversary of the first FM radio broadcast by Edwin Armstrong. Radio magazine was there to witness the event.

Maximized data 

Data networks have extended beyond basic bit shuffling. They now have support applications for nearly every function of the station.

Big changes for LPFM, FM translators 

The Commission has adopted changes in its rules that will immediately benefit LPFM operators and applicants.

Installing AM IBOC 

The basic installation of an AM IBOC transmitter is similar to that for an FM IBOC installation with varying exceptions required by the different system

IBOC's real return 

Perhaps the answer to the return on investment for IBOC lies in its ability to keep pace with the emerging services.

New rules for tower locations 

These new requirements immediately affect the contents of FCC applications for construction permits.

Advanced DAB 

Find out what your constituents think about hot topics in radio.

Applied Technology: Dielectric HDR Plus 

The most daunting task of IBOC has been how to combine the analog and digital signals in a cost-effective manner. Dielectric believes it has the answer.

Find the missing link: Studio to transmitter links 

Engineers need to be concerned with the ability of an STL system to deliver multiple data streams over and above what we consider to be the station’s program audio to the transmitter site.

FM IBOC site preparation 

What steps should you take when constructing a new facility for IBOC?

Site security 

Although no amount of security can deter a determined intruder, a burglar will definitely look for an easier target rather than risk being slowed down by a facility’s defenses and be caught in the act.

The formula for success 

For it to succees, stations need to create excitement about IBOC.

Open Mic 

Radio industry professionals share their thoughts on IBOC SAC.

Maintaining directional antennas 

The directional antenna system is a unique balance of art and science. Keeping it in top operating condition will preserve the system's efficiency and likely keep it in compliance with the FCC.

Phasors and ATUs 

The phasor is not the frightening cabinet of horrors that some engineers consider it to be. While it may seem daunting, a basic understanding of its operation will make maintenance of the antenna system much easier.

Broadcast Electronics FMI-703 

This FM transmitter is capable of analog and digital signal transmission. It includes the BE FSI-10 and FXI-60 exciter for IBOC operation.

Lead, follow or get out of the way 

You may not like what you see and hear with the current activity in analog and digital radio, but you can follow those who are making a new path, take an active part in clearing a different path or stay where you are and be left behind.

Sound all around 

IBOC in Surround Sound: A look at the technologies in development.

Measuring Modulation 

The closer the correlation between the modulating signal and the instantaneous value of the modulated carrier wave the better the quality of the eventual reproduction of the audio signal.

V-Soft Communications FMCONT 

FMCONT is a software module that performs channel searches through a current FCC FM broadcast records database.

Field Report: Audemat-Aztec FMX480 

A review of the FMX480, a 1RU device that includes an RBDS encoder, DARC encoder, stereo generator, multiplex optimizer and multiplex limiter.

Electronic feedback 

Most of the radio transmitters in use today depend on feedback, negative or positive, for their successful operation.

Split-level combining 

The recent introduction of the dual-antenna method has caught people’s attention, and is an efficient method for stations that already have a licensed auxiliary antenna to get on the air fast.

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