The road to antenna maintenance 

Before any useful maintenance can be performed it is essential to know how a system is supposed to operate and also know the licensed operating parameters. A copy of the latest proof of performance and the current license are a good place to start.

Night at Brant Rock 

Dec. 24, 2006, will mark the 100th anniversary of Fessenden's audio broadcast. Learn about the innovator and the technology he applied to make it work.

Jampro JHPC 

Accumulated ice can wreak havoc on some antennas if you aren't careful. One station in Manistique, MI, has found the Jampro JHPC to be a reliable choice through the sever winters.

NAB says FM translators are the answer 

If the FCC genuinely is concerned about the potential impact of FM translators on LPFM service, why would the Commission be attracted to the NAB's plan to help lowly daytime AM stations and forego the opportunity to create more local LPFM stations?

Harris Platinum Z 

With multiple transmitters and transmitter sites, Clear Channel Chicago has selected the Harris Z series transmitter for primary use. The three split-level HD Radio systems have been operating problem-free since mid-December 2005.

FM antennas and radiation 

New construction can distort an AM station's anticipated service contour. This primer reviews the basics of antennas and RF propagation.

Transmission precorrection 

One of the great ironies in broadcast engineering is that we all grew accustomed to generating large of amounts of linearly modulated RF with amplifiers

The task of going digital 

Is it possible to install HD Radio with a multicast signal in just 45 days?

Watch that line 

Coax is the silent partner in the RF transmission system. The amount of power loss and RF signal alteration depends on a number of factors, and there are regular steps that should be taken to ensure that this piece of the transmission system stays in top shape.

The next step in HD Radio 

A year ago the coming killer app for HD Radio was going to be surround--but not much has happened on that front. However, HD Radio multicast has come into it's own since then.

Tower inspection and climbing 

At one time, tower climbing and inspections were something that everyone and anyone could do. In today's safety-conscious world, it pays to play by the rules and do it right.

Catching up with the mail 

Reader feedback is always appreciated. See what these readers had to say.

Identifying tower sites 

Finding a new tower site sounds like a simple task, but just because the land is available doesn't mean that it's ready for the new structure.

Three phases are better than one 

On the surface, three-phase operation may appear to be a lot more complicated than single-phase work.

Dayton's voice of the arts gets a clearer voice 

The genesis of this project was an opportunity to relocate and upgrade WDPR's transmitter site from a deteriorating leased tower that was only 200-feet tall, to the local PBS affiliate's 1,500-foot tower.

Working with wireless carriers 

Myth: You can solicit communication carriers to lease space on your tower. Reality: Only if your tower is in a desirable location.

Sign Off 

Find out the main reasons why people don't subscribe to satellite radio.

Applied Technology: Intraplex Netxpress 

Migrating from T1 circuits to an IP-based system is an adventure that, until recently, was not for the faint-hearted.

Sign Off 

Broadband-enabled hotels to triple.

Wit Easi-8 

Network-based communications in a remote control system provide a variety of configuration options.

IBOC Installations 

Radio magazine asked several stations about the options they chose and why.

Top tower maintenance tips 

James Ruedlinger, a staff engineer in ERI's Structural Division, shares his observations of the top ten maintenance problems he encounters when working on towers.

The vertical challenge 

As broadcasters rush to prepare for adoption of the new standard, the time is ripe to step back to consider the state of the radio tower industry and the effect Revision G will have on it.

Transmission lines 

While they seem simple enough, transmission lines are actually very complex in nature. Their size, length and type are all important considerations when designing an RF system.

Field Report: Broadcast Electronics Big Pipe 

When Clear Channel Minneapolis needed multiple T1s to handle its data, Jess Meyer looked for a better way. He found it in the Broadcast Electronics Big Pipe.

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