The changes in automation 

Stations expect digital playback systems to help manage media inventories, automatically record and insert live feeds and voice tracks, work seamlessly with satellite formats and operate as a live assistant for shows.

The new talk of the town 

Read about a studio move on a grand scale, taking the network operation more than halfway across the country from its previous location in Las Vegas.

High-performance audio 

We are all aware that the economy has slowed down, and that advertising revenue is down for radio companies across the country. With capital budget time

Clean & Elegant Production 

Let creativity thrive by providing the proper tools and a comfortable work space for the idea factory of the station.

Archiving and storage 

Make the archives useful while preserving their longevity.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

Cetec Centurion | Disk Lathes | Digital Radio Purchasing Intent

Field Report: RCS Master Control 

Russel Smith reviews this audio storage and playback system.

A point worth making in digital audio 

Floating point or fixed point? What does it all mean?

Field Report: Denon DN-F20R 

Kirk Chestnut reviews the portable, solid-state-media recorder.

On Location: Old-time Radio In a Modern Era 

It's time for The Mighty Wurlitzer Radio Hour program to originate live on WCLV-AM and FM from the home of the John Milton Williams Museum of Radio Broadcasting History.

When words count 

Whether it's sports, news or general talk, all that jabber presents some interesting challenges to the engineer responsible for maintaining a good and intelligible sound.

All about Routers 

Depending on your application, there are few different styles of routers to choose from in varying price ranges.

Field Report: SBS Guardian 2 

Composite and baseband audio fail-safe monitor.

Field Report: Mackie HR824 

Powered monitor speakers

The Cart Chunk standard 

The problem of file incompatibility is found primarily at two levels: between different platforms or operating systems and between applications generating data files that utilize proprietary formats.

Online Audio Processing 

It is generally advisable to use a separate processor when setting up an Internet stream for the purpose of re-broadcasting your station over the Internet.

Field Report: Aphex 204 Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom 

The 1RU device has two independent channels, each with six front-panel controls. Read this review to learn more.

On-air processors 

Establishing a station's on-air sound can be a subject of great debate. The original purpose of audio processing, preventing overmodulation and adding pre-emphasis, is still a primary function.

Field Report: OMT Technologies iMediaLogger 

IMediaLogger is a software-based audio logger with an HTML user interface. Learn more about it in this review.

Field Report: Computer Concepts Epicenter 

At a first glance, Epicenter might seem like just another audio routing switcher, but behind the front panel and flashing lights, there's a lot more going on.

Field Report: AudioSonix 

Lee Shepherd reviews this audio transport system.

Trends in Technology: Audio Storage and Delivery Systems 

Just about every feature we have appreciated in the broadcast cartridge has been replaced by a more flexible and better-sounding alternative.

Field Report: WireReady 

Paul A. Litwinovich reviews this radio automation system.

Get into the Production Groove 

The phrase “radio production” is a catch-all phrase used to describe any event that is not created live on the air. Production reaches farther than commercials and includes non-commercial production work such as station imaging and promotion, and feature program origination.

Field Report: AKG C 4500B-BC 

When I started in radio, at a small AM/FM in Iowa, microphones were simple and cheap. There was always an abundance of hand-held stick-mics and inexpensive stand-mounted microphones. These ancient necessities of the business were neither powered nor processed. Did they sound good? Not really.

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