Bridging the digital divide 

After several years of common ownership before Cumulus Broadcasting acquired the group, these stations have finally completed their facility upgrade.

Field Report: Tieline Technology Patriot 

The Patriot from Tieline Technology delivers bi-directional 15kHz mono audio over a standard phone line using its special codec and a custom-made modem to provide solid performance.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

Remembering the Fostex D-10, a look back at the Ottawa DAB tests of 1994 and trends in radio listening.

Sending audio was never this easy 

The term codec is now widely used in circles well beyond radio and broadcasting. The ISDN codec changed the way radio stations held remote broadcasts.

What's in an ISDN interface? 

An explanation of the various terms used for ISDN codecs.

Field Report: Aphex Model 2020 MkIII 

Having an edge on the competition can make a difference. One important element in achieving that edge is delivering the highest quality product possible to a station's listeners.

Field Report: Condron Call Screener for Windows 

This call screener program can be networked and works with Telos and Comrex telephone systems.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

The PR&E ADX, IBOC at NAB1994 and radio listening habits.

Field Report: Studio Projects condenser mics 

Mic processing and EQ are commonplace at radio stations, but the right mic makes all the difference.

Field Report: Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones 

The HD 280 Pro is a closed-back, circumaural design with neodymium drivers and an 8Hz to 25kHz frequency response.

Field Report: Enco Systems DADpro32 

Three radio stations in Detroit moved into new facilities in 2000, all with unique circumstances: more than 40 workstations, linear-stereo storage for all stations, dual-touch screens in all control rooms and enough redundancy so that we would never go off the air.

Predictive audio encoding 

Subband Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation is a non-perceptual method for reducing the bit rate of linear pulse code modulation encoded audio in real time. There are three commercial equipment options are available when adopting this method of compression.

Field Report: AEQ Eagle and Swing 

With ISDN phone lines becoming commonplace just about anywhere in the world, broadcasters have come to rely on them to deliver high-quality audio from remote locations and events back to their studio.

Field Report: Wheatstone Bridge 

When Cumulus began building a new facility for its stations in Houston, the primary design goal was that versatility and reliability would be emphasized on the studio end of the project.

All About Audio Consoles 

The audio console serves as the central control point for all audio passing through the radio station, and depending on the station's needs, it may be a simple device with only a few controls or a mammoth console with enough controls to make any techno-geek happy.

Building a National Radio Network 

Cumulus is currently in the midst of an expansion, and we look inside some of the group's recent projects.

The changes to EAS 

What is covered by the latest changes to EAS? The simple answer is a time extension and new event codes, but what does this mean?

Legacy equipment 

Why buy new when the existing equipment still works fine? Keep some of that vintage equipment running right.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

A look back at the Philips DCC, an increase in high-speed Internet access, and 10 Years of Radio looks back at the IBOC tests of 1994.

New Products (Feb 2003) 

Sierra Automated Systems - Riolink | AEQ - Swing and Eagle | ATI - AMM200

When the show takes to the road 

Take advantage of the compact size and power of current equipment to make remotes painless.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

DAB from January 1994 | The debut of the Wheatstone A-300 | Satellite radio subscriber projections

Say goodbye to the weakest link 

Now that the FCC has accepted IBOC, we will see even more improvements as sites are updated with digital exciters and solid-state transmitters. With all of these advances in technology, don't overlook what can become the weak link: the method used to get the audio from one location to another.

Field Report: Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 2.0 

A flexible and user-friendly waveform editor and multi-track arranger.

The new talk of the town 

Read about a studio move on a grand scale, taking the network operation more than halfway across the country from its previous location in Las Vegas.

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