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Digital music sales dominated the first half of 2005, while CD and DVD sales continue to slowly drop.

Field Report: Logitek Mosaic 

Built to be rugged, the Mosaic provides a traditional console look to the flexibility of control from the Logitek Audio Engine.

Short on time 

Cumulus' new nine-studio location was to be built in four months. While this sounds like a reasonable amount of time, it's important to know that the building itself would not be built for another month.

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The patch bay once ruled supreme, but this is true no more.

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Custom-built consoles were once the norm.

Out and About 

Useful items to simplify remotes.

Portable Production - 2005 Product Source 

Handy gadgets for production on the go.

Field Report: Klotz Digital Aeon 

This modular audio control surface has a low profile and functions with three major components: the control surface, an electronics frame and a power supply.

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Portable audio entertainment comes full circle when flash memory meets the audio tube.

Practicalities of surround 

While the standard defines the basic operation of the trasnmission system, the enhanced functions of data, surround sound and multicast operation have yet to be fully defined.

Redefining a heritage 

After 79 years on the 23rd floor of its Times Square location, it was time for WOR to move its operations.

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Who were the top 10 radio station owners in regard to revenue in 2004, and how does each rate with regard to individual station revenues?

Field Report: Neumann BCM 705 

The BCM 705 is a dynamic microphone -- the first ever built with the Neumann name. How does it perform for on-air use?

Field Report: Great River Electronics MEQ-1NV 

A high-quality mic sound is important, and the use of a separate preamp is common in most installations, but the mic preamp must perform its function without unwanted coloration or distortion. We put the Great River MEQ-1NV to the test.

Portable affordable 

When Chris Wygal joined WRVL, his goals were to improve the home-crowd ambience, put a pre-game crew on the concourse of the stadium, make the station's sideline reports easy to hook up and get the game in stereo back to the station. But how was he going do this with a budget that left little room for sports broadcasting?

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How do you most often listen to music?

Field Report: Heil Sound PR-30 and PR-40 

In case you haven't heard of the new kid on the block, Heil Sound has been making microphones and accessories for the communications and amateur radio market for a number of years.

Field Report: Comrex BRIC 

On an unseasonably warm and sunny New England day, the Comrex engineering team set forth boldly to test BRIC on as many publicly available hotspots as possible.

Field Report: Marantz PMD660 

It's small, it has XLR connectors, and it records to solid-state media. I wanted one and couldn't wait to get my hands on one.

Field Report: Audio TX STL-IP 

With telephone companies less willing to support dedicated equalized broadcast lines, and in some areas reluctant to setup new ISDN service, the challenges for getting audio from here to there are becoming greater. So what can you do?

Field Report: Bias Soundsoap 2 

Pops, clicks and other noises in recordings can be cleanly eliminated. Bias Soundsoap 2 can show you how.

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Which medium did people rely on most during the 2004 hurricanes? Radio, of course.

Field Report: Audio-Technica AT2020 

The AT2020 is a good choice for remote broadcasts where quality sound is required and you don't want to risk a more expensive microphone.

Field Report: Edirol R-1 

Are you still using portable cassette recorders because of too few economical options? Now there’s a solution.

Field Report: Adobe Systems Audition 1.5 

In 2003, Clear Channel Radio made a strategic decision to purchase several hundred copies of Adobe Audition, a software-only audio editing program, for its network of stations.

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