New and nifty, or tried and true? 

What's the one item in the facility that every on-air and production staff member will have an opinion about? The mic. Some newer offerings are challenging conventional thought and offering new choices for radio.

Don't Settle for McRadio 

McRadio that is produced in look-alike radio factories seems to be the norm. Lincoln Financial Group wanted to emphasize what it thinks is not only a unique feel-good experience for listeners and employees, but also a competitive advantage

Field Report: Barix Technology Instreamer, Exstreamer 

Barix manufactures TCP/IP-based network amplified audio products that can be used within local area networks and over the Internet.

Field Report: Audio Design Associates HD-Pro 

Radio stations finally have an HD Radio monitor that can be mounted in a rack to interface with the professional equipment within a radio station.

Emergency Radio 

Newer RBDS and satellite-based alerting systems offer the advantage of targeted messaging.

On the Air In the Air with Peter Greenberg 

Peter Greenberg broadcasted his radio talk show, Travel Today with Peter Greenberg, from a jet flying from Frankfurt Germany to New York via the Internet.

Field Report: Sony PCM-D1 

With the introduction of the PCM-D1 solid-state recorder, the radio industry has an entirely new animal on the playing field: a portable flash recorder with high quality microphones as an integral part of the package.

Field Report: Adobe Audition 2.0 

The feared and more expensive takeover by Adobe has come and gone and with it Adobe Audition 2.0 has arrived and is changing the way engineers listen and produce.

Field Report: Air Tools 6200 

Though it is specifically designed with microphone processing in mind, the Clear Channel Chicago group decided that there was no reason the Air Tools 6200 could not be used as a stereo program processor.

Field Report: DBX 286A 

It's a vocal processor, but you won't find controls labeled ratio, hard/soft knee, threshold and hold/release in the compressor section. Still, you will find that it's easy to use.

Sound advice on Processing 

More audio processors are being built with feature sets meant to accommodate the trend of delivering content via data-reduced means.

A new level of control 

Stations with one control room or modest means can still use the analog consoles, but the possibilities offered by digital make it attractive to stations that want to build an integrated audio system.

Field Report: AEQ DR-100 

Recently, Orlando's WBDO news department needed some new field recorders. It chose the AEQ DR-100.

Clear Channel Albany 

This station group recently relocated to a new facility in Latham, NY, bringing all seven stations under the same roof with the idea that merging all technical and business elements results in a smoother, more efficient operation for the entire group.

Preparing for the gold 

Proving that it's never too early to start planning, Westwood One began planning for the 2006 Winter Olympics coverage during the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Big, but not so easy 

Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans would seem to be the last place to originate a coast-to-coast broadcast for New Year's Eve. The city of New Orleans and NPR felt differently, and the pressure was on to prepare for the event.

The Art of Surround 

With the latest product announcements for the consumer, it looks like surround-sound broadcasting and HD Radio are making more headway in the radio broadcasting arena.

Field Report: Audioarts R55E 

While most control consoles can't do anything about bizarre programming and cappuccino spills, there is a console that's easy to operate and accommodating to green broadcasters.

Taking the show on the road 

As technology has progressed, broadcasters have found ways to use improved technologies in unique ways to make remote broadcasts sound as good as being in the studio, but with the convenience of lighter and more flexible equipment.

Field Report: Digigram UAX220 

The Digigram UAX220 is a USB-compliant interface that addresses all of the typical portable adapter problems.

Field Report: 25-Seven Systems Audio Time Manager 

25-Seven Systems has manipulated the concept of time and has rearranged the way live events unfold. The result give stations the ability to account for unplanned events in an already overloaded schedule.

Building the new while maintaining the old: MPR rebuilds 

When Minnesota Public Radio first considered expanding its building, it didn't take long to realize there were new technologies to use and improved construction plans to implement. With this came the rare chance to revamp the technical operation.

Step Up To the Mic 

Listeners are more familiar with the sound of the human voice than anything else, and with a little effort and the right mic, an announcer can sound like he is right there. Tried and true mics work, but there are plenty of new possibilities.

When the Sound matters 

On-air audio processing involves the science of design and understanding, and the art of knowing how to manipulate the controls.

Bob and Tom make big plans 

Ten years and more than 150 affiliates later, we look at the next generation Bob and Tom Show studio. It's brand new and immense, but no one has the guts to say it will be big enough.

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