BE Radio 2001 Product Source, part 1

Welcome to the seventh annual BE Radio Product Source, the issue that covers the spectrum of products you rely on to get the job done.

The Product Source has proved to be a valuable resource over the years. Our 1999 issue won a regional and a national award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors. This year's issue includes 48 pages of innovative product offerings that provide the foundation for the success of the radio industry.

The Product Source complements our pre- and post-NAB coverage. Although many of the products on these pages were unveiled at NAB, almost as many are more recent product offerings. This issue will serve as an essential reference tool as you make your product-purchasing decisions throughout the year.

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Cindy Holst, associate editor

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Compact power amps
QSC Audio

RMX series: This series of amplifiers provides clean, dynamic power in a cost-effective package. An efficient and robust power supply provides ample power for high level transients. Ultra-low distortion (.05% THD) and a frequency response are key performance features. Surface-mount technology triples the small-signal component density to provide up to 2400 watts in 2RU. Independent defeatable clip limiters, selectable low-frequency filters, barrier strip, XLR and ¼" balanced inputs, and Speakon and binding post outputs round out the feature list.
fax 714-754-6174

Digital audio network router

Bridge 2001: Features bi-directional fiber optic or CAT-5 interlocation connectivity, all digital domain AES switching, analog or digital inputs and analog and digital outputs, all in a seven inch rackmount digital routing cage. Each cage is capable of handling 512 simultaneous audio channels on its backplane. The 2001 handles smaller applications, yet offers growth potential via stackable units to upgrade to larger system configurations. Cages can be separated by great distances with many studios connected to a central rack room, providing shared resources yet permitting independently functioning satellite studios. Mixed signal switching is accomplished with a choice of AES digital or analog 24-bit A/D input cards, or 24-bit D/A analog output cards, all of which can be serviced from the front of the cage.
fax 252-637-1285

Digital on-air console

Colorado Digital Revolution series digital consoles: Rackmounted, digital broadcast console with digital and analog inputs. Occupies 3RU and is controlled by an external PC running the Cool-Mix software or from a slide-fader control surface. Available with 12 or 18 channels with two inputs per channel, three PGM buses, two mix-minus buses, stereo monitor, headphone output and cue bus output. Includes machine control logic, remote channel on/off and five onboard mic pre-amps. The 12-channel version can be upgraded to the 18-channel version.
970-224-2248 fax 970-493-1076

Digital phosphor oscilloscopes
Tektronix Inc

TDS3000B series: Based on the design of the TDS3000, the six new models in the TDS3000B series provide more power and portability for testing dynamic, complex signals in various environments. The TDS3000B series offers a host of new features designed for electronic design, production and maintenance, including the WaveAlert Waveform Anomaly Detection, which automatically detects anomalous waveforms. As a standard feature on every model in the TDS3000B series, Wave-Alert makes it easy to detect and take action against events that fall outside the normal repetitive patterns of waveform activity. The unit can be set to respond to anomalies in a variety of ways. Also added is the e*Scope web-based remote control capability, which enables remote instrument control via an Internet browser.
fax 503-222-1542


Broadcast CD-ROM: Containing complete product information on the company's broadcast product range, the CD-ROM is an instant source of reference for broadcasters, broadcast engineers and consultants. The Broadcast CD-ROM features broadcast antennas, transmission lines, pressurization products, RF systems and components, plus broadcast system planning tools and calculators. Each product area includes a document center; a full sales contact list; a reference data section; the Andrew update service; and video clips giving a brief introduction and overview to the specific product area.
fax 708-349-5444

Red steady-state light

860 Series LED Obstruction Light: At 12.5 watts, the red steady-state light uses nearly 90 percent less energy than a standard 116-watt incandescent bulb. The light also resists aircraft-induced vibration. Using Dialight's high-flux LED technology, the 860 Series exceeds the FAA's intensity specification for an L-810 light and can meet its -55°C temperature requirement. An optically designed glass lens enhances LED operation and provides 360° visibility at 70cd. The light is designed for 120-vac operation with transient protection and earth-grounding features provided in a self-contained wiring compartment. The lamp assembly and housing are weather- and corrosion-resistant. An optional adapter is available.
fax 732-751-5778

Professional audio facilities
Creative Studio Solutions

System integration: Creative Studio Solutions (CSS) designs and installs professional audio facilities. The CSS facility houses a full turnkey operation from design to completion. Focusing on traditional and Internet broadcast, production and recording studios, CSS also creates custom audio racks, remote broadcast and recording packages that are tested, then shipped to the clients' facility for installation. CSS concentrates on quality custom solutions to meet or exceed clients' needs. Being certified installers of major consoles and audio manufacturers as well as dealers for professional audio equipment, CSS is able to offer a one-stop-shop for those seeking high quality studio options.
fax 303-425-5005

Production package

PCXpocket 440 and Xtrack 4.1: A portable and powerful digital audio workstation is created when the PCXpocket 440 is coupled with the latest version of Xtrack that has been upgraded to allow users to import, export and edit MP3 files, export AIFF and WMF, as well as add support for audio CD track grabbing. Xtrack 4.1 is able to merge a set of tracks, consisting of any combination of PCM, Layer I, and Layer II, to generate a single MP3 file. Format, sampling frequency and bit rate conversions are done by the export process. The software also allows users to convert their MP3 files into a single PCM, MPEG Layer I or MPEG Layer II file. A wide range of compression is offered, from 8kb/s at 22.05kHz to 320kb/s at 48kHz.
fax 703-875-9161

Transmission lines

MACXLine: Two new versions, 4 1/16-inch and 6 ⅛-inch, 50 ohm, have been added to the MACXLine family of rigid coaxial transmission lines. MACXLine coaxial transmission lines are thermally compensated for dependable operation and feature patented technology that can more than double the life of a transmission line system. All MACXLine rigid transmission lines are made from high conductivity copper tubing to ensure low attenuation. A bellows section is incorporated in the inner conductors. The bellows compensate for differential expansion between the inner and outer conductors, eliminating mechanical wear on sliding contacts. Inner connectors are captivated and use tensioned springfingers for maximum contact force, minimizing contact resistance and preventing line overheating.
800-DIAL-4-RF; fax 708-349-5444

Audio routing system

Air Tools Audio Routing System: The various components in the AirTools Audio Routing System (ARS) can be combined to create a 64×64 router or smaller variations. Designed for flexibility and versatility in both analog and digital broadcasting applications, the Audio Routing System has the capability of linking multiple studios using standard CAT5 cable while retaining 108dB dynamic range and low distortion. A unique feature of the ARS is on-board DSP for dynamics processing (AGC, EQ and Compression), gain and routing functions. All of these functions are configurable by a Windows-based PC running AirTools ARS Designer Software via an RS-232 port that is standard on each ARS component. The system is comprised of the Homer 2×4 Studio Break Out (7000), the Iliad 8×16 HomerLink Router (7100), the Odyssey 16×32 HomerLink Router (7200), the Icarus 8× Analog Router (8000), the Ulysses 8× Analog Output Router (8100), the Narcissus 8× Digital Input Router (8200), and the Oedipus 8× Digital Output Router (8300).
fax 425-787-3211

Outdoor signs
Antenna ID Products

Tower sight compliance signs: When intended for outdoor use, all signs are made of heavy-duty aluminum. Designed for displaying tower registration numbers, emergency and site access information, safety guidelines and equipment identification. Several standard designs are available, as are completely customized designs to fit specific needs.
610-458-8418; fax 610-458-8418


Matrix: As a plain telephone codec, the Matrix delivers 15kHz full duplex audio on one standard telephone line. An optional slide-in module allows the Matrix to operate on ISDN using Layer III or G.722. The Matrix is also capable of improving the quality of GSM wireless phone feeds. The data port on the Matrix enables direct connection of a GSM phone without the need for a module. Another option is a NiMH battery that can power the unit for up to 7 hours. Completing the Matrix package are two mic inputs (one is switchable to line level), one headphone output and one line level output for connection to microphones and headphones or a mixer. An additional -10 dBu input is available for a minidisc or DAT player.
fax 978-635-0401

Mic interface for computer audio
Sound Devices

USBPre 1.5: A complete, portable audio interface for hard disk recording. Designed for USB-equipped Windows and Mac OS computers, USBPre 1.5 adds S/PDIF input and output to Sound Devices' USBPre Digital Audio Interface. USBPre 1.5 includes all the connections required for 24-bit audio acquisition with notebook or desktop computers. Features include: two active-balanced microphone preamplifiers with 48V phantom power, 24-bit A/D converters, instrument DI, line-level inputs, front panel level metering, with headphone monitoring of both analog source and computer audio. USBPre is completely bus powered, eliminating batteries or external power supplies.
fax 608-524-0655


A-2000: This console is ideal for multi-studio buildouts and compact enough to fit almost any studio countertop. The modular A-2000 incorporates many features, including two stereo program buses and two mono buses (one pre- and one post-fader) for backfeeds or on-the-fly mix-minus, and dual phone caller support using Wheatstone's Bus-Minus circuitry, which generates mix-minus caller feeds with the push of the module's bus assignment switch. The A-2000's mainframe can accommodate up to 23 input or accessory modules in any combination. Both control room and studio monitoring with talkback are provided, including pre- and post-studio and headphone level control monitor feeds. A second monitor module is available for studio two/headphone two output feeds. Connections are made via standard insulation displacement mating connectors and tooling. In addition, the A-2000 features a hinged meterbridge that conceals I/O connectors and gives direct access to logic programming dipswitches and calibration trims.
fax 252-637-1285

CAP Audio Professional

ADM line: A 3-way active studio monitor, the ADM1 features a 24-bit digital controller, FIRTEC internal 32-bit floating point, analog and digital input and AES3/EBU. The unit is remote controlled and includes a 200W amp. The ADM2 is a 2-way active studio monitor offering many of the same features as the ADM 1. The ADM2 features modern digital technology, optimized sound and emission performance and a compact design. The ADM3 is a 2-way active studio monitor featuring 24-bit digital analog and digital input and AES3/EBU. This unit is also remote controlled. The ADM3 is equipped with an integrated amplifier. In conjunction with the ADM_W, the three-way combination ADM2/ADM_W forms a precisely adjusted, large studio monitor system, which can reproduce even the largest volume levels over the entire transmission range from 25Hz to 20kHz.
fax 727-447-9715

Coverage and signal path software

Terrain3D: Plots Longley-Rice coverage and radio paths over 3D terrain. Uses Open-GL technology to model signals and radio paths over 3D wire mesh or solid 3D representation of terrain. Users can use mouse to rotate or tilt 3D view; uses 03 sec USGS terrain elevation database.
fax 319-266-9212

FM digital processor

Optimod-FM 8400: Has more than five times the DSP power of the 8200 as well as new features. Its intelligent peak limiting system and look-ahead compression offer a clean, loud sound without distortion, trashed baseband or pilot tone modulation. Selectable soft, medium and hard bass clipping are available. The limiting system eliminates the need to compromise between voice distortion and music loudness, allowing even loud, highly processed presets to offer pristine live speech. A composite processor allows the stereo composite signal to be limited while preserving stereo separation and protecting the stereo pilot tone and RDS/RBDS subcarriers. Software version 1.0 is now available.
fax 510-351-0500

Computer platforms

IBP-1 and IBP-2: These computer platforms are suited to high-density computing applications and designed for 24/7 operation. The enclosures have been designed to accommodate and cool a wide range of components. Delivered as application ready platforms for quick time to market, low cost of ownership and with long-term continuity of supply, IBP-1 and IBP-2 complement the I-Bus/Phoenix computer platforms range for OEMs. IBP-1 offers ISA or PCI expansion in a flexible 1U rack mount or desktop enclosure system with dual hot-swap IDE or SCSI disks and exceptional cooling. IBP-2 offers flexible ISA/PCI expansion, four hot-swap hard disks, CD-ROM and Floppy Drive support and optional dual-feed, dual-redundant, hot-swap PSU. IBP-2 fits into rack mount or desktop applications and also offers internal cooling.
fax 858-503-3005

Voice editing system
Audion Laboratories

VoxPro PC: This PC version has the same look, feel and functionality of the Mac VoxPro but includes many new features. Some of these are: a large re-sizable sound window that displays 7 to 15 seconds of a recording, the ability to import and export WAV, AIFF, MP3 and other file formats, unlimited undo, unlimited hot keys and the ability to run on any Pentium II or higher, Windows 98, ME and 2000. Mac versions released in Q3 2000 run on the G3 and G4 platforms.
fax 206-842-6029

Web site enhancements
Cartworks/dbm Systems

Web Update: Now CartWorks' Music-on-Hard-Drive systems can generate live content for a website automatically. Whether streaming audio is a part of the site or not, Web Update can help attract visitors and keep them longer. Web Update allows a website to display song titles and artist names in context with what is playing on the air. Links may be added for various sources of artist bios, so the site becomes more interactive for the visitor. Photos and graphics may also be displayed in context. Show a client's logo while his spot is playing. CartWorks Web Update will keep any station website fresh and alive, even while automated.
fax 601-853-9976

Kintronic Labs

FMC-S.4G-SS: Isocouplers allow transmission lines associated with high-frequency antennas to be routed across the base insulator of a series fed, base insulated tower. Isocouplers make it possible to lease valuable AM tower space to potential paging, cellular or two-way customers. The FMC-S.4G-SS is an isocoupler designed for 2.4GHz spread spectrum applications.
fax 423-878-4224

Mixing control surface
Telos Systems

Smart Surface: A control system designed to exploit the capabilities of mixing/routing engines and computer-based audio applications. Bearing a slight resemblance to traditional on-air consoles, SmartSurface provides many familiar controls to operators, while providing new functions. By integrating management of most devices used in the radio studio during on-air or production activities, near-complete control is provided for mixing, routing, playback, recording, editing, phone control, remote (codec) operation and more.
fax 216-241-4103

Lightning prevention systems

Stati-Cat line: A full line of lightning prevention devices for a wide range of installations. Models include the CN-4 crow's nest dissipater, which is designed to fit around a tower beacon and has more than 700 points. The SC-1 is mounted at regular intervals along a tower. The SC-4 is similar to the SC-1, but with a different mounting configuration. The Static Kitty is designed for smaller STL towers.
fax 505-326-2337

Digital audio console
Klotz Digital

Paradigm 16: Includes voice processing on all mic inputs; SRC's on all digital line inputs, machine control on all line inputs; mode, pan and phase reverse on all inputs; 12 faders with A/B switching and four faders with analog/digital six-source selectors. The LCD flat panel screens display a large time of day clock and an event timer. The screens double as a password-protected, intuitive, central control for console set up. The Paradigm 16 accepts 48 sources and has both digital and analog outputs. The console layout can be configured, saved and retrieved for each operator. The Paradigm 16 has familiar in-hand controls and a transparent mix-minus operation. Buses are PGM, AUX, TEL1, TEL2, and PFL (cue) with cue speaker, headphones and CR and studio monitor outputs. Talkbalk to TEL1, TEL2 and Studio is standard.
fax 678-966-9903

Turnkey studios
RAM Broadcast Systems

Cabinetry and prewiring services: Specializing in the fabrication of radio and television studios for more than 30 years, RAM has designed and pre-wired systems for all of the major networks, group owners and news organizations. Clients include Paul Harvey News, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and WGN (pictured). Studio furniture is manufactured in both solid and laminated tops with multi-trim options. RAM also manufactures products such as switchers, monitoring and metering systems, and is an authorized dealer for more than 200 broadcast equipment manufacturers.
fax 847-487-2440

ISDN transceiver
Telos Systems

Zephyr Xstream: The newest member of the Zephyr family of ISDN codecs, Zephyr Xstream introduces MPEG4 AAC-LD coding, the newest compression algorithm from MP3 inventor Fraunhofer Labs, for Layer-3 audio quality with low transmission times. Zephyr Xstream is fully backward-compatible with the original Zephyr. Zephyr Xstream is a rackmount-style transceiver specially designed for use with a single ISDN line or other low-bitrate transmission paths. Two-channel flexibility over a single ISDN circuit or two synchronous links can be used to transmit and receive 20kHz stereo audio to and from a single location, or two mono channels to and from separate locations.
fax 216-241-4103

Computer keyboards

OIX 2000: All keys (except for the extra Enter key) found on an AT enhanced IBM compatible keyboard are on the OIX 2000 desktop keyboards. The OIX 2010D desk model is weighted to hold its position while it is in use. The OIX 2011G is the same as the OIX 2010D, but the curser control key cluster is replaced with a Glidepoint trackpad. The OIX 2015D, an industrial version of this series, is made for harsher environments The OIX 2019 is a protective keyboard skin for the OIX 2010 and OIX 2015 models. The OIX 2020 is an industrial-duty flat tray model. This unit shares the same key layout as the desktop version, but it is not weighted. The OIX 2030 is the same industrial strength model as the OIX 2020, modified for panel-mounting. The OIX 2019-T is a protective keyboard skin for the OIX 2020 and OIX 2030 models.
fax 203-483-9024

Audix USA

OM1: Released in 1985, the OM1 is the original flagship of the OM series. Machined from solid brass with a 2-stage design, the OM1 provides a frequency response of 50Hz to 18kHz and has exceptionally low handling noise. This classic hypercardioid provides 30dB of off-axis rejection with the ability to handle sound pressure levels in excess of 140dB. Featuring the Audix hallmark E-coat finish and durable scratch resistant spring steel grill, the OM1 includes cordura carry pouch and mic clip.
fax 503-682-7114

Audio signal processing

MaxxStream LX: This entry-level version of the of MaxxStream family provides the same benefits as the original product line by offering multiple encoding resolutions, bit-rates and multiple encoders. This PCI card reduces the hardware and software functionality of the already established MaxxStream PCI by eliminating the XLR connections and uses a less-powerful DSP. It also offers two audio processors, the L1 Ultramaximizer and AudioTrack.
fax 865-546-8445

Master clock systems
Broadcast Tools

Time Sync and Time Sync II: Featuring a SIG led and relay, furnished as fail-safe for either loss of satellite or power and invalid time, the Time Sync provides three separate GPS time referenced outputs. The first SPDT relay pulses once every 15 minutes. These times are programmed for 13:00, 28:00, 43:00 and 58:00 after each hour. The second SPDT relay pulses at the top of the hour. The final output is an open collector with a 100ms pulse every second. The Time Sync II provides four separate GPS time referenced outputs. The first three are identical to the Time Sync; the fourth output is an 4800-baud, RS-232 serial port providing UTC time in HH:MM:SS format. Both units are supplied with a Garmin 12-channel GPS receiver with embedded antenna. The receivers are supplied with a 15-foot cable; longer cable lengths up to 100 feet may be used. Time Sync II is equipped with an optional RS-485 receiver input, allowing up to 1,000-foot separation from the receiver.
fax 360-854-9479

Radio transmitting antenna
Antenna Concepts Inc

Ultra Tracker II: The next generation of the original single-lobe FM CP antenna has higher gain with the same side-lobe suppression, superior building penetration, and more robust signal at the 60dBu contour, allowing full use of a licensed ERP.
fax 530-622-3274

Condenser mic

C3000B: A large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone for universal use, designed and made to suit the needs of musicians as well as the rigors of the stage. Features an active mylar foil diameter of 1inch (25 mm), and a cardioid pattern for both vocal and instrument applications. Frequency range is 20Hz to 20kHz; sensitivity is 25mV/Pa (-32dBV); maximum SPL for 0.5% THD is 140/150dB; equivalent noise level equals 14dB-A; S/N ratio (A weighted) is 80dB; preattenuation is -10dB, switchable; impedance is 200Ω; recommended load impedance is >1000Ω; standard accessory is the H 100; and optional accessories include the B 18, PF 100, MK 9/10, SA 41/1 and the W 414.
fax 615-360-0275

Digital audio routing switcher
Sierra Automated Systems

32KD: Performs switching, mixing, DSP, IFB and mix-minus functions using the SAS exclusive DTDM bus architecture, enhancing fault tolerance and minimizing single-point failure issues. Fiber-optic interfaces allow multiple mainframes to be linked together for almost unlimited expansion capabilities. Both analog and digital inputs and outputs are supported on user-selectable connector panels. The system also handles non-audio such as serial data and provides contact closures through a general-purpose interface. All SAS switchers use a variety of control methods, including rackmount and console-mount control panels, as well as soft panels and automation control. Special control panels for intercom systems and mix-minus programming are available.
fax 818-840-6751

Studio mixer
Swissonic America

USB Studio D: Provides inputs and outputs for most equipment to be used in a typical small setup, such as two phantom-powered microphones, two hi-Z instruments, four stereo line inputs, tape input (with switchable phono preamp), S/PDIF input and output (optical and coaxial), tape output, monitor output and headphone output. Input and output volume can be adjusted individually. The built in USB interface connects the USB Studio with a computer for a complete DAW system. Each input source can be enabled for recording, and there is no need for a sound card.
fax 707-577-7692

Studio ribbon microphone
Audio Engineering Associates

R44C: An accurate reproduction of the original RCA ribbon mic that uses the same ribbon material, The R44C is a single diaphragm figure eight ribbon microphone. Mic pickup is 90dB down broadband at 90° from the front. Features include a custom AEA transformer; high SPL capability, max level is 140dB above 200Hz; low self-noise and consistent polar response. The unit is operable in high humidity environments and sounds equal to or better than the original RCA 44. A custom storage/shipping case, stand adapter, and manual and attached two-meter microphone cable are included.
fax 626-798-2378

Intranet sound consultation utility
Netia Digital Audio

Insider: This version includes new functions to enhance the program's ergonomics. Insider is a program for playing items in a database. Insider can now be used for consulting television video files. Insider provides easy access to audio and video files. Insider uses streaming technology for instant smooth playback and viewing. The on-screen commands are those of an ordinary tape recorder or VCR. The workstation needs no more than a standard sound or video card to relay the latest report on the schedule, with no loss of quality. The same file can be accessed simultaneously by several users, even when it is being recorded. The Insider processes radio and TV playlists in real time. On-air playlists can now be viewed directly via Insider. Insider has a user access rights management function.
fax 973-364-7522

Wireless telephone adapter
JK Audio

Dapter One: This little black box converts the 2.5mm headset jack on your cell phone to a modular jack. This RJ-11 jack connects directly to any JK Audio RemoteMix series mixers. You will continue to use your wireless phone to dial or answer the call, but you will use the microphone and headphones plugged into your RemoteMix during the call. Daptor One does not require any batteries or power supply. It contains a mini hybrid circuit that converts the earpiece and microphone signals into a balanced RJ-11 phone line signal. Mic signals from the RemoteMix are sent into the wireless phone, while the earpiece signals from the wireless phone are sent into the RemoteMix Headphones. The hybrid circuit minimizes crosstalk between transmit and receive.
fax 815-786-8502

Handheld interview mic
Sennheiser Electronics

MD 46: This handheld cardioid microphone embodies unique design features not found in other interview mics. Created through the needs of the NBC project manager for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the MD 46 features the performance qualities of leading handheld interview mics, but with the added clarity of a studio mic. The result is a long handle design with wind attenuation and good off-axis rejection. Features a frequency response of 40Hz to 18kHz, cardioid pickup pattern, a nominal impedance of 350Ω at 1kHz. Overall length is 9.84 inches.
fax 860-434-9022

Satellite delivery
NPR Satellite Services

Providing radio and audio satellite distribution to broadcasters throughout the country for over twenty years, NPR Satellite Services leases full-time space to radio broadcasters, allowing stations to target specific program distribution hours, spread overhead costs, and build audience reach. NPRSS also sells equipment and provides equipment services such as repairs and access to a pool of loaners. NPRSS also offers SCPC and MCPC and uplinking from anywhere in the U.S. Around-the-clock technical support is provided.
fax 202-414-3035

Turnkey studio and transmitter systems
Lightner Electronics

System integration: This company offers complete turnkey studio and transmitter solutions. All equipment is pre-built at the factory and sent to any location. Complete documentation is provided for easily installation of the systems, or professional installation is available. Capabilities include: central rack rooms; pre-wiring and equipment installation, including testing and level setting; custom studio furniture systems; production/on-air control rooms and studios; equipment selection; acoustical, electrical and mechanical systems planning; coordination of architectural and engineering team; systems consultation and evaluation; telecommunications and computer systems; development of systems budget; and master planning and conceptual layout.
fax 814-239-8402

Card and frame system

Serialboxx: This modular system consists of a versatile rack mounting card frame and a series of plug-in modules. The various modules are designed to handle analog and digital audio and video signals. AES Audio modules currently available include the DA301A DA with onboard D/A converter, DA301B 1×8 AES DA, DA302A AES processing amplifier, DA302B AES DARS generator, DA303A AES A/D converter, and DA304A AES sample-rate converter. Analog audio cards include the AA101 universal audio DA and AA102 1×8 remote gain audio DA.
fax 416-335-5202;

Digital remote data link
Moseley Associates

Aries 400S: The high spectral efficiency of Aries 400S allows users to send 64kb/s or 128kb/s data over narrow bandwidth 20kHz or 50kHz channels. An industry standard V.35 interface provides a seamless connection to an ISDN codec or data multiplex. A built in 300 to 9600b/s service channel is ready to connect to a remote control. Optional MPEG LII audio modules facilitate the transmission of stereo or mono audio over the link. Features include a frequency range of 330MHz to 512MHz, RF occupied bandwidth of 25kHz and 50kHz, user data rates of 64kb/s and 128kb/s, and modulation type 32QAM, 16QAM, QPSK. Additional features include XLR female and XLR male audio input connectors, an MPEG Layer II Option and a dynamic range 90dB static encoder/decoder.
fax 805-685-9638

Dual-disc CD recorder
Denon Electronics

DN-C550R: Professional features such as balanced XLR inputs and coaxial S/PDIF inputs (SCMS defeatable) make the DN-C550R invaluable for pro-quality CD recording. Drive 1 can be used as a dedicated playback deck, accepting both pro and consumer CDs, CDRs, and CD-RWs, as well as supporting playback of HDCD encoded discs via the built-in HDCD decoder. Drive 2 can function as either a CD-R/CD-RW recorder, or as a second playback drive with the same playback functions as drive 1. Both drives of the DN-C550R are also PC/data disc compatible, while both analog and digital inputs of drive 2 are SCMS defeatable. The analog XLR inputs feature 24-bit A/D conversion. Digital coaxial or optical inputs are included.
fax 973-396-7459

Transmitter remote control system
Burk Technology

ARC Plus: The ARC Plus transmitter remote control system provides ultra fast response, more sites and an enhanced feature set. It's 60 times faster for instantaneous updates while still providing you with the ability to connect to more sites than ever before. Available in dial-up, full-time and multi-site configurations. Flexible and expandable, with the ability to control from the front panel as well as options of telephone access and computer control for walk-away operations. Many accessories are available for all your transmitter remote control needs.
fax 978-486-0081

Digital automation system
Register Data Systems

The Phantom: A radio-friendly audio storage and playback system based on an open system architecture. Able to record audio feeds while playing back and switch external feeds. Information is displayed in a concise manner with pull-down menus to guide users. Schedules can be loaded for times years in the future. Audio files can be retimed to fit set windows. Time windows can also be filled automatically. Phantom can control seven stereo inputs using an external switcher. More inputs are available with additional switchers for a maximum of 50 inputs. Variable sample rates, encoding rates, stereo/mono settings and MPEG Layer II or Dolby AC-2 encoding algorithms round out the feature list.
fax 912-745-0500

Digital mixer

On-Air 2000M2: The next evolution of the Studer On-Air 2000, the M2 includes extended functionality with an input configuration router and a newly-designed exterior. Protection of investment is part of the development as existing Studer On-Air 2000s can be upgraded with the M2's functionality. The new Studer On-Air 2000M2 was developed for production and live broadcasting in network and local radio stations. Further potential applications include mobile and on-location production and broadcasting. The M2 can be equipped with 6, 12, 18 or 24 channel faders and with up to 24 input modules. A maximum of 24 input modules and 64 input signals can be controlled by the router. Each module can be either analog or digital offering two or six inputs, equipped with or without transformer and suitable for mic or line levels.
fax 416-510-1294

Condenser microphone
Studio Projects/PMI Audio

C1: A cardioid-only, large diaphagm mic, the C1 is one of three Studio Projects microphones available through PMI. The C1 is a transformerless mic with FET impedance converters, touting good common mode rejection and RF interference prevention. The capacitor element is of the center electrode design, providing an even frequency response over 20Hz to 20kHz. The capacitor membrane is 6 micron mylar, gold-sputtered, with its voltage polarized by the application of phantom power. Dynamic feedback at the capacitor element is a technique that eliminates distortion at high sound pressure levels.
fax 310-373-4714

Microphone preamp
Great River Electronics

MP-2: A two-channel, single rack space unit. Each channel is a transformer coupled, class A discrete solid state design. All switches, relays and internal audio connectors have gold-plated contacts. Each part in the preamp has been carefully selected for maximum sonic value and long term reliability. Both channels have rear mounted microphone input jacks as well as front panel mounted ¼" high impedance input jacks. Each channel also has a 15dB pad, a polarity control, phantom power switching, an overload LED and a 24-position gain switch. Input and output connections are gold-plated XLRs. Power is supplied via a detachable AC cable.
fax 651-455-3224

Digital AM transmitter

DX Destiny: Innovations include direct digital drive (3D) technology, digital serial adaptive modulation (DSAM), parallel/serial intelligent control (P/SIC), and the next level of hot-pluggability-hot serviceability. Each power amplifier module is driven directly by a low-level digital signal, eliminating the intermediate power amplifier. Harris has also developed a series of new technologies to make the DX Destiny virtually auto-serviceable. Digital serial adaptive modulation (DSAM) monitors each serial modulation encoder and RF power amplifier module in the transmitter and makes automatic adjustments. Parallel/serial intelligent control (P/SIC) provides another level of redundancy. A full logic level parallel control system is overlaid with a microprocessor-based serial control system. Additional options will allow transmitter control through a PC, a network, or over the Internet. Either control system can independently run the transmitter if the other is out of service.
fax 513-459-3890

Transmitter reseller
Transcom Corp

Pre-owned transmitters: Transcom buys transmitters and sells high-quality used AM and FM transmitters and is a manufacturer representative for new antenna, cable, STL equipment and audio equipment.
fax 215-938-7361

Multi-pair cable
Gepco International

Riser-rated Gep-Flex: Gepco will feature an improved version of its Gep-Flex jacketing compound found on most Gepco multi-pair products. The new Gep-Flex compound elevates the cables to a higher UL-CMR riser rating, while maintaining the flexibility, durability, and all-weather properties for which Gep-Flex is known. In addition, the finish of the cable is now smoother, allowing for easier installation through conduit. This new Gep-Flex jacket compound is available on all of Gepco's main line of GA618 series (22 gage) and GA724 (24 gage) analog audio multi-pair cables, as well as Gepco's premier 5596GFC series of wide bandwidth digital audio multi-pair.
fax 847-795-8770

Serial data router
Broadcast Tools

SDD-8: A serial data (router) director with one master RS-232 port, and eight RS-232 target ports that can be selected under software control from a host computer or other serial devices, the SDD-8 features a DB-9 female connector master port, with reversing jumpers for the RX/TX pins. There are eight DB-9 Male connectors for target ports one through eight (with reversing jumpers). A green LED indicator displays the status of each serial port. Two yellow LED indicators show the power status. A pair of LED indicators monitors the internal serial bus. The on-board switching regulator allows for operation on AC input voltages from 12 to 24VAC. The SDD-8 is supplied with a 12 Vac @500ma power cube. An expansion connector can be used to connect up to three additional SDD-8 units on the same local bus, allowing for a one of 32 target serial port selection.
fax 360-854-9479

MP3 controller
Numark Industries

DMC-1: A rack mountable, multi-functioned dual MP3 controller that allows DJs to instantly locate, play, mix, sample, loop, and remix on-the-fly digital song files stored in MP3 format on their computer's hard drive, the digital media controller DMC-1 is modeled after Numark's CND-22 dual CD player, and loaded with Visiosonic's powerful PCDJ Pro Digital DMC software. This controller enables any DJ to create and perform live musical compositions not possible with dual CD players or vinyl turntable systems.
fax 401-295-5200

Studio furniture
Studio Technology

Basis: The line of Basis furniture is designed to be a standard-configuration built-to-order concept in studio furniture. Standard designs are made as versatile as possible to fit a variety of equipment and operational situations. With most of the company's products built to order, customers can start with this line as the basis for studio furniture and budgetary needs. Designs can be modifed to fit studio space, a specific piece of equipment or work habits. There are three standard configurations from which to choose. Basic options can be selected from existing drawings, colors and finishes for a fixed base price. The Basis U-GS is U-shaped with a guest space on the side, the Basis U-GF moves the guest to the front. The Basis L-GF is an L-shape with a guest space in the front.
fax 610-296-3402

Field mixer/phone interface
JK Audio

RemoteMix Sport: Built around the RemoteMix 3, with features added specifically for the needs of sport broadcasts. The three-input mixer (for play-by-play, commentary and crowd) also supplies three separate headphone outputs. Other features include a headphone cue input, an XLR output selectable between local mic mix or local plus backhaul mix, DTMF keypad, and universal handset interface. Ideal for use with POTS and ISDN codecs. The cue input jack on RemoteMix Sport supports two-way communications through any wireless phone that accepts a 2.5mm headset plug. Wireless-ready RemoteMix Sports include a ¼" to 2.5mm shielded cord. If you own an earlier release of RemoteMix Sport, or any other JK Audio RemoteMix series mixer, you can use the new JK Audio Daptor One wireless phone adapter for your wireless broadcasts.
fax 815-786-8502

Delivery platform
ChainCast Networks

ChainCast Content Delivery Platform: A scalable, open platform, the CCDP provides cost-effective, high-quality content delivery. ChainCast offers the CCDP as a managed service, providing customers with complete, end-to-end operation of a streaming infrastructure. The technology allows customers to stream content at a lower cost by creating dynamic distribution links or chains between users. This peer-to-peer technology enables consumers with sufficient bandwidth to act as splitters—seamlessly sending streams to additional users. The CCDP features guaranteed quality of service (QoS), carrier-grade reliability, and a cost savings of at least 50% in the delivery of streaming content over competing options. Compatible with third-party streaming media applications, the CCDP provides the power to integrate with existing content delivery networks.
fax 408-467-0448

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