Product Source 2003, Part 2

Tube and solid-state transmitters
Superior Broadcast
FM Transmitter Line: The 120W PM120 and 300W PM300 solid-state transmitters are rack-mount units with frequency agile tuning in 10kHz steps across the FM band. The KAFM series, available in 2.5kW and 3kW models, use a single tube design and occupy a space that is only 22" × 30" in a package that is 5' tall. The 5kW and 10kW models stand 6.5' tall. All the tube transmitters use a single-tube grounded-grid design for low-cost, dependable operation. They also feature a solid-state, digitally synthesized, high-performance exciter and IPA.
fax 800-644-5958

Electronic components catalog
Mouser Electronics
2003 catalog: The catalog includes electronic products such as semiconductors, passive components, electromechanical devices, wire/cable connectors, potentiometers and power supplies. These products are provided by more than 200 leading suppliers, including AMP, Kemet, Murata, Nichicon, Phoenix Contact, Seiko, STMicroelectronics and Vishay. View, subscribe or download the complete catalog at the company's website. Secure online ordering.
fax 817-483-6899

Broadcast Tools
SS 4.1 III: The SS 4.1 III passively switches or routes a variety of electrical signals to a destination or vice-versa. The unit selects any one of four stereo inputs to a single stereo output. The router/switcher provides passive switching through gold contact relays. The passive switching means that the unit can route a signal in either direction. Due to the passive nature of the switching, any input level and impedance can be used. Inputs may be balanced or unbalanced, while output levels, impedance, distortion, noise and balancing will match that of the selected input. Additional features include: a selection of any active source at power-up, last source selected, audio mute, step input, control logic, open collector and multidrop serial port. Removable screw terminals are provided for most connections.
fax 360-854-9479

Lightning prevention systems
Stati-Cat line: A full line of lightning prevention devices for a wide range of installations, models include the CN-4 crow's nest dissipater that fits around a tower beacon and has more than 700 points. The SC-1 is mounted at regular intervals along a tower. The SC-4 is similar to the SC-1, but with a different mounting configuration. The Static Kitty was designed for smaller STL towers.
fax 505-326-2337

Digital audio router
Audioarts Engineering
ADR-32: Based on Wheatstone's Bridge router technology, the ADR-32 provides routing for small and medium installations. Various cards can be installed to accommodate any combination of AES digital or 24-bit A-to-D analog input cards as well as a combination of analog and digital output cards. Crosstalk is eliminated because all signals are routed entirely in the digital domain. The ADR has a built-in monitor speaker and support RS-485 and Ethernet hardware controllers. It comes with X-Point software that allows the system to be quickly configured. Settings can be protected if necessary to prevent unwanted or accidental selection. The router integrates with all Wheatstone consoles and third-party automation systems.
fax 252-637-1285

CD/cassette combination deck
Denon Electronics
DN-T625: This CD/cassette combination deck offers professional compact disc playback features and updated cassette recording and playback functions. The unit provides a coaxial S/PDIF digital output, flexible routing and multiple external control options. With the addition of RS-232C control, the unit becomes a full integration source product that can be controlled by remote systems. Dolby B/C noise reduction, XLR inputs and switchable XLR outputs are included. The CD player features single and continuous playback modes, program play and three repeat modes for continuous playback and random mode playback. An 11 key direct track select keypad and rotary track select knob are provided for direct track access and programmability, while frame search and back cue functions dial in on select program passages. The unit is also able to display CD encoded text through the use of a highly visible fluorescent-tube display. Pitch change of +/-12 percent is available for playback and the CD player also features a full 10 seconds of Shock Proof Memory for stability.
fax 973-396-7459

Power generator
Catalyst Power
Pinnacle 50: This product combines Catalyst integrated hardware, software, Catalyst Smart Gate Web-based remote monitoring and control, operations, maintenance and service into one cohesive package for one monthly fee. The Pinnacle 50 consists of a 50kW natural-gas engine generator and an automatic parallel switch-on intelligent control system — all packaged in a space efficient outdoor container integrated with Smart Gate Web-based remote monitoring. The Pinnacle Plus 50 includes a battery backed uninterrupted power supply for businesses that need high-quality, reliable power for critical load support.

Facility monitoring
Recon: Recon is a new suite of remote control and facility-monitoring products for radio and TV broadcasters. Designed to communicate with broadcast, network and facility control equipment, Recon uses Internet Protocol to connect stations with local and remote transmitters. Because the system is a Windows-based software program, transmitters can be monitored and controlled from a personal computer. By using the serial interfaces already on most transmitters, this product allows for remote control and monitoring of transmitters that up until now could not use traditional remote controls. Also, Recon can work with almost any brand of transmitter. It can handle an unlimited number of status, analysis and control channels. It is Web-enabled, monitors SNMP, is capable of remote operation and handles EAS logging.
fax 513-459-3890

Automatic switcher
Henry Engineering
Superelay: The Superelay is an automatic switcher used to operate on the air warning lights when a microphone is turned on. It can control a load of up to 200W, and it also provides six relay outputs for utility use. It is suitable for use wherever ac or multiple low-voltage circuits need to be switched with a common control input. The unit is rack-mountable in ⅓ rack width by 1RU high. As many as three units can be mounted in a 1RU rack shelf. The unit features plug-in Euroblock connectors, a built-in warning light flasher and a built-in ac power supply.
fax 626-355-0077

Thermostatic fan control
Middle Atlantic Products
FC-4: Providing broadcast engineers with the tools to maintain optimal temperatures inside equipment racks, Middle Atlantic Products introduced this thermostatic fan control to its line of thermal management solutions. Using a design by which fan speed operates in direct proportion to the internal enclosure temperature, the UL-listed system saves energy and eliminates needless wear while protecting the expensive and sensitive equipment mounted within. Available to mount within a MPR Modular Power Raceway or as a stand-alone unit, a single FC-4 can control as many as four 120V fans.
fax 973-839-1976

Cable packaging
Belcoil: This packaging is being extended to several parts of the Belden line. It is useful when there is limited storage space. The packaging can save space by 50 percent or more over traditional spooled or box packaging. It provides quick and easy setup and dispensing of cable. Additional advantages include a more convenient package size for carrying and transporting. The clear plastic wrap dispenser makes the cables weather, tear and crush resistant while enabling the installer to identify cable colors at a glance and quickly gauge how much remains in the package.
fax 765-983-5294

Digital converter
DAC1: The DAC1 is a two-channel, 24-bit/96kHz D/A audio converter. The unit is perhaps one of the more significant recent advances in digital audio conversion technology. It provides some of the finest analog conversion through 96kHz, and will play back 192kHz with a 48kHz analog bandwidth. THD+N is a low -106dB (0.0005 percent) measured at 0dBFS, at any playback frequency, at any sample rate, with any degree of input jitter. The distortion free output helps the listener to hear detail that was previously masked by jitter induced artifacts and distortion.
fax 315-437-8119

Stereo mic kit
DPA Microphones
3532: Based on the 4041 microphone using a tube preamp, the mic is a large diameter (1") microphone. It features an exceptionally low noise floor of maximum 7dB(A) and an SPL handling capability of 144dB peak. Each pair of microphones comes in a foam-lined briefcase (KE3532) with tube preamps (MMP4000-T), and omnidirectional 1" cartridges (MMC4041). The mic stereo mic kit also includes the following accessories: a two channel high voltage mic amp (HMA4000), two 30' microphone cables (DAO4110), two windscreens (DUA0040) and one stereo boom with holders (UA0836).
+45 4814 2828
fax +45 4814 2700

Coax connectors
OnePiece connectors: Designed for use with the Heliax LDF5-50B 7/8" coaxial cable, these connectors speed installation, ensure attachment consistency and provide outstanding electrical characteristics. Connectors are tuned to provide return loss performance of 35dB in frequency bands up to 2.2GHz. Male and female connectors are available in 7/16 DIN and type-N interfaces. Andrew OnePiece connectors are waterproof when mated or unmated.
fax 708-349-5444

Digital headphone amplifier
RB-DHD6: Adigital headphone amplifier, it occupies 1RU and features AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital inputs. The amplifier produces six separately buffered headphone outputs, each with their own volume control. It can accept 24-bit/96kHz digital signals.
fax 207-773-2422

Software application
Terralink: Designed as a laptop or desktop tool that extends the power of the Audio Toolbox, Terralink allows users to view test results in real-time on a Mac or PC. Terralink also provides a memory-management system that allows organizing Toolbox memories into project files, displaying and printing them and storing them on the computer's hard disk. They can also be e-mailed to other Toolbox owners and stored back into a Toolbox.
fax 303-545-6066

Desktop duplication and publishing systems
Scribe EC series: This series of media duplicators provides multiple configurations. The company states that endless configurations (EC) are possible. As a modular system, Scribe EC users can purchase the configuration that meets their current duplication and printing needs, while offering scalability to accommodate future upgrades. The PC-based Scribe EC provides an intuitive operation interface and relay mode to duplicate and print multiple master files without user intervention. The CD-R systems also feature Mediaform's Smart Drive technology, which provides copy protection and an electronic watermarking features that allows users to trace the legitimacy of CDs produced from the system. The Scribe EC is available with one, two or four 40x CD-R or 2x DVD-R drives and, depending on the configuration selected, provides up to a 600-disc capacity.
fax 610-458-9554

Composite baseband processing
Hyatt Audio
Comproc 2.0: Unlike the brutality of composite clippers and limiters, the Comproc 2.0 integrates a fast acting compressor, which, besides its speed, uses a high-bandwidth VCA architecture that introduces no distortion whatsoever, even at maximum gain. With feed-forward compressor architecture and computer optimized timing circuits, the unit permits faster attach speeds and a program dependent release behavior, resulting in a more natural compressor sound. The system uses a clipper only for the fastest transients, therefore stereo separation is 60dB or more.
fax 719-254-7445

Signal analyzer/recorder
Coverage Doctor: The Coverage Doctor has incorporated new and improved options and features, including GPS interaction to allow mapping of field signal strength. The system is an FM broadcast signal analyzer and recorder with readout of FM radio signal parameters, including multipath, field strength, depth of modulation, pilot injection, SCA and RBDS. It will remember the readings for later printout or storage and analysis. Users can place the unit in a car, ride around the coverage area, and at the end of the test period query the unit for data from all the areas that were monitored.
fax 619-239-8474

Audio monitor
PT0600M-LS: This audio monitor, which provides a visual display of levels and stereo characteristics, adds stereo monitor loudspeakers to its function. A rotary volume on/off switch controls sound volume and a headphone jack provides a connection for quiet monitoring. Connections are standard XLR connections on the back and accept two analog inputs, three digital AES/EBU inputs and two analog and two digital outputs.
+45 4485 0255
fax +45 4485 0250

Large ribbon microphone
Audio Engineering Associates
R84: Using the same ribbon pickup element as the company's R44, this mic includes an integral cushion mount/stand adapter, an attached three-meter star-quad mic cable, and a custom soft case. It features a figure-eight pickup pattern that becomes tighter at higher frequencies. Frequency response is 20Hz to 20kHz (±6dB).
fax 626-798-2378

Shock-proof microphone clips
On-Stage Stands
MY-300 Series: The clip secures a microphone with 35 pounds of pressure, while the ¾ by 1½ contact rubber ring at the clip's base absorbs vibrations and circulates them. The mic is isolated from all the other equipment when secured by the clip, keeping the sound clean and vibration free. All units include a lifetime guarantee. It is available as either the MY-325 with a 25mm opening for wired microphones or the MY-330, a wider 30mm for wireless mics.
(800) 289-8889

NTP Time Servers
E-104, E-289, E-299, E911: This line of network time protocol time servers (NTP) provide a method of putting time information onto a network. Each of the four NTP time servers provides accurate and synchronized time throughout a network. The concept is as simple as plugging the time server into the network, configuring the time server and allowing any client on the network to request time from the time server. This time server is equipped with an internal GPS receiver as its time reference providing the user with a source of Stratum 1 accuracy. ES-289, ES-299 and ES-911/NTP receive their time reference from external sources of time code. They are time code translators, each receiving time code and outputting NTP. The ES-289 accepts SMPTE/EBU time code or Time Code while the ES-299 references either IRIG (A,B or E), NASA 36, XR3 or 2137 time code (AM or TTL). ES-911/NTP accepts ASCII time code in any of the formats that follow: NENA (Format 0, 1 or 2), ESE (Format A) or NMEA 0183.
fax 310-322-8127

Multi-station tuner
Audio Design Associates (ADA)
Quadritune: This modular tuner can be equipped to receive as many as four radio stations simultaneously. Modules are available for AM, FM, weather and XM Satellite Radio frequencies. Units can be controlled with the company's ADA Bus technology through RS-232. It can be ordered in a desktop case or a 2RU version. As many as seven chassis may be cascaded for 27 independently controlled tuners. An additional option to an active quad antenna splitter/combiner for the AM/FM/WX tuners and an active quad splitter for the XM Satellite Radio modules, allowing a single antenna feed for all four tuners. An IBOC module is being designed for later release.
fax 914-946-9620

Audio processor for the Internet
Omnia Audio
Omnia A/X: Placing the power of an Omnia audio processor into a PC-card package, the Omnia A/X is useful for Webcasts and other computer-based audio delivery. Omnia A/X runs on Windows-based PCs and works with Windows Media, Real and MP3 encoders. Processing functions include wideband AGC, a three-band combined AGC/limiter, high frequency EQ and an adjustable-bandwidth low pass filter. A look-ahead final limiter prevents clipping.
fax 216-241-4103

CD/cassette combination deck
Denon Electronics
DN-T645: This combination CD/cassette deck saves space and provides two useful audio components. The CD player features MP3 playback, single and continuous playback modes, program play and three repeat modes. Direct track select and rotary track select provide fast access to cuts. Pitch change of up to +/-12 percent is also available. The cassette record and playback functions feature Dolby B/C noise reduction and Dolby HX-Pro. The record input source is switchable between internal CD (with CD deck synchronized recording) and external line input (XLR balanced or RCA unbalanced), and can be combined with the integrated mic input section. Playback speed of cassette material may also be altered up to +/-12 percent. The DN-T645's operational controls are accessible via the front panel, or through several supported remote control interface options including serial RS-232C/422A, stereo mini jack, fader start and command control via a parallel GPI remote port.
fax 973-396-7459

Interleaved antenna system
HDR series: When considering cost, efficiency and coverage concerns as well as tower space availability, some FM broadcasters will seek to interleave their digital antenna with a new or existing analog antenna. The HDR series of antennas provides flexibility while maintaining high isolation between the digital and analog system. Two circularly-polarized antenna arrays are interleaved at halfway intervals on a supporting structure. Each antenna array is comprised of the same number of elements, and is fed by a separate transmission line connected to the appropriate transmitter. By interleaving the digital left hand polarized bays with the analog right hand polarized bays, coupling between the antenna systems is greatly reduced. Only a small, low cost circulator is needed at the output of the IBOC transmitter to absorb the small amount of coupled energy to achieve the necessary isolation between transmission systems.
fax 207-655-7120

Remote communication device
Anomoly/Phone Jam
Phone Jam: This interactive communication device and rehearsal tool provides telephone connectivity for remote recording sessions. Providing an extended frequency response via an analog telephone line, provides a clear communications path during a session. The unit is rack mountable and comes with five 1/4" jacks, one XLR microphone jack, RCA jacks for speakers, a headphone jack and three telephone lines.
fax 323-871-1303

Power isolator
BP30: This balanced symmetrical power supply eliminates the noise and hum caused by unbalanced ac power lines. When used, common mode noise and reactive components are reduced by at least 60dB. The Alpha-Core BP30 Power Supply can handle a continuous power of 1,000W (8.4A) with input and output voltages of 120V for 60Hz operation. A 240 V, 60Hz version is also available. There are four duplex grounded receptacles providing eight separate outlets. There is a 15A time-delay fuse. The transformer uses a toroidal core construction. The transformer design includes a static shield between primary and secondary windings to reduce the capacitive coupling and a built-in thermal cut-off, activated at 105∞ C.
fax 203-384-8120

Integrated PA system
Max Modular: This integrated mixer, amplifier and speaker system is designed for use in small mobile sound systems for public address, paging or background music applications. It features a powered 8" two-way speaker and an integrated three-channel mixer with a phantom-powered microphone input, a wireless receiver input and stereo line inputs. The unit can run on ac or on batteries for as long as 14 hours. Max Modular also has an integrated slot for an AKG half-rack WMS 80 or WMS40 wireless receiver, which includes a dc power supply connection. There are two line outputs that can be used for recording or to cascade the signal to additional Max Modular systems. The unit is housed in a wood enclosure and has a metal stand mount built in. The built-in amplifier delivers 60W peak and can drive the system to 114dB SPL output. There is a two-band equalizer.
fax 615-620-3875

¼" plug
T-series phone plug: The T-Series is a premium ¼" phone plug from Amphenol Australia. The T-Series offers superior cable clamping pressure with an awesome grip. It features a stylized shell design with ergonomic grip, a robust diecast shell in satin nickel or black, gold or silver contact plating, mono or stereo configuration and optional heavy-duty metal backshell. The cable clamp options fit 3.5mm to 6.5mm or 6.5mm to 8.5mm sizes.
fax 203-265-8516

Bandpass filter
Communications & Energy Corporation
CEC-448: Designed for use with C-band satellite downlinks, the CEC-448 is an anti-radar bandpass filter for 3.7GHz to 4.2GHz. Bandpass bandwidths and sideband suppression are both customer specified. Insertion loss is less than 1dB. Units are constructed from aluminum with welded, sealed tuners and junctures for a superior moisture barrier. All gaskets and hardware are provided for complete installation and preferred continuity.
fax 315-452-0732

Codec preconditioner
Neustar: Powered by Neural Audio, Neustar offers increased flexibility by working in the front (studio) and back end (transmission site) of the air chain and by offering compatibility with a larger range of digital formats including HD Radio AM/FM, DVD, DAB, DRM and the Internet. This received a Radio magazine Pick Hits Honorable mention at NAB 2003.
fax 513-459-3890

Professional microphones
Beck Associates
B-2 Pro: This hand-assembled, dual-diaphragm condenser microphone features a shock-mounted 1" gold-sputtered dual-diaphragm capsule, selectable cardioid, omnidirectional or figure-eight directivity pattern, low-cut filter and shielding against high-frequency interference. The B-2 PRO was designed for vocal use. The +48 V phantom-powered microphone provides a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. Other features include a switchable high-pass filter and a 10dB pad. It will accept a maximum SPL of 149dB and uses extremely low-noise transformerless FET circuitry. The case is a satin nickel-plated brass and it includes a hard case with suspension mount and windscreen.
fax 512-670-4390

AM antenna systems
Folded unipole antenna: One of the advantages claimed for the folded unipole is its broad bandwidth. It can provide a higher value of resistance than a conventional series-fed antenna when the antenna must be electrically short, i.e., less than ¼ wavelength (90°) in height. For antennas around 60° in height, an adequate resistance can be obtained with a unipole, but the bandwidth is usually narrow. There are modifications that can be applied to broaden it, but it is normally not ideal.
fax 505-325-1142

Automation system
Digilink-Xtra: With all the features of the company's Digilink-Free, this version uses off-the-shelf PC sound cards. It can be used live on air with a jingle array and six-cart stack or in full automation. The built-in scheduler features a one-week rotating schedule. Manual or timed audio recording can be built into a schedule. The system supports two sound cards, allowing users to preview audio files during on-air use. This also allows the system to operate on air while a schedule is built from the same computer.
fax 970-663-1010

Solid-state retrofit
Continental Electronics
Dual IPA upgrade: This upgrade provides parallel dual redundancy so that if a module fails in the IPA, the station stays on the air. It also offers an improvement in AM noise. Using two combined modules, the system isolates the IPA from the PA grid at warm up. The upgrade greatly reduces the cost of repairs in the unlikely event of module failure, and modules can be repaired in the field using common parts. Better bandwidth, and AM noise performance improves FM stereo and SCA performance. Stations can install the IPA upgrade kit. The kit includes full installation and operation instructions.
fax 214-381-3250

Eurorack Pro RX1602: This compact mixer features 16 inputs with low-noise preamps. The compact, 1RU design can be used as eight stereo inputs with dedicated balance and level control. It includes a monitor/FX send control for each section with global master send control for flexible monitoring, recording, effects or mix-minus applications. Illuminated double-function mute buttons with additional clip indication provide input source/level information, and a set of 2×7-digit LED main level meters for the left and right main mix signal help provide overall indications. Outputs are provided on ¼" TRS connectors. A headphone jack is also included.
fax 425-673-7647

Portable digital mixer
Klotz Digital
Voice: Based on the Vadis platform, this system offers the user high-quality 24-bit audio with isolated splits, adjustable peak indication and configurability on the unit or at the VADIS frame, giving broadcasters more flexibility. The unit delivers multiple channels of digital audio in a live broadcast application. The system uses a digital control bus, enabling monitoring and control of several units.
fax 678-966-9903

Quad gate
PreSonus Audio Electronics
GTX44: This four-channel frequency-dependent gate/expander uses digital sidechain processing while maintaining a high quality analog signal path. The gate features high- and low-pass filters coupled with a sidechain monitor. Engaging the sidechain monitor allows the operator to monitor the filters that simplifies the isolation of sources and reduces false triggering. The gate parameters also include variable attack, release, hold time and range. Downward expansion is accomplished by using a variable ratio control. Adjacent channels of the GTX44 can be linked via a link button. In addition, the gate provides ducking on each channel. The back panel includes +4/-10 input-level switch, key input, balanced XLR I/O and a single TRS unbalanced I/O for each channel.
fax 225-926-8347

Radio Automation System
Tunetracker 2: Offering professional features, this automation system is targeted at small commercial, non-commercial, LPFM, alternative radio station venues and broadcast classes. The system includes Tunetracker 2 automation, which can be configured for fully automated or live-assist programming, Infinite Walkaway for unattended operation, Internet/intranet streaming using MP3 and Ogg Vorbis, and special automation events allowing for time-corrects, time-sensitive fades and live radio network joins. The system supports and transitions between WAV, AIFF, MP3, MP2, ADPCM in mono and stereo, at every bit-rate supported by the sound card. A full output log file is created for each day's broadcast, containing exact start times for each event that played, and the option to log composer information for BMI reporting purposes.
fax 920-835-4463

DAW control surface
Tascam/Teac Professional
FW-1884: This DAW control surface and audio/MIDI interface uses the FireWire high-speed data transfer protocol for communication. It includes eight 100mm, motorized, touch-sensitive channel faders, one master fader and controls for pan, solo, mute and select functions on each channel. Tactile control for four bands of parametric EQ, a weighted jog wheel and a variety of shortcut keys for various software applications are also included. The FE-8 is an eight-channel fader expansion for the FW-1884. In addition to its faders, dedicated controls and assignable shortcut keys, the FW-1884 provides eight balanced XLR analog mic/line inputs with high-quality mic preamps, phantom power and inserts on every channel. Using 24-bit/96kHz A/D and D/A converters, the FW-1884 offers full 96kHz operation on all analog I/O channels with compatible DAW software. Phantom power is switchable in groups of four channels.
fax 323-727-7635

Control and sensing system
Airemote: This multitask control and sensing system features various input and output options that can be customized. Any combination of input and output cards can be installed in the 12 modular slots of the main chassis. As many as 64 chassis can be linked together to create a maximum capacity of 768 cards. Connections are made to each card via standard connectors. Most cards use Amphenol connectors to allow for ease of installation directly to punch blocks. The Airemote supports the English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Hungarian, Dutch and Croatian languages. It is compatible with most existing remote controls and integrates easily, allowing for expansion. In addition, RBDS encoders, automation systems, IBOC transmitters, backup playback units, audio processors and more can be interfaced via serial or TCP/IP to the unit.
fax 541-967-8721

Analog mixing console
Audioarts Engineering
R-90: Useful for multi-studio installations with easy countertop installation, this console's plug-in modular design houses as many as 23 input channels with dual caller support, two studios, two headphones, control room, built-in cue speaker, clock and timer, VU meter pairs, two stereo and two mono master outputs. The console's hinged meter bridge provides instant access to I/O ports and logic programming.
fax 252-637-1285

Dual six-inch active studio monitor
Mackie Designs
HR626: The 140W active studio monitor uses the D'Applolito driver alignment design, which provides bottom end coupled with pinpoint low-level accuracy of the mid range. Additionally, its symmetrical left-right sound field provides the geometric shape required for center channel applications in 5.1 and 7.1 surround systems. The speaker uses a high-frequency waveguide-loaded 1" dome tweeter for crisp, evenly dispersed highs, along with dual 6.7" low frequency drivers that provide extended low-frequency response while preserving the speed and accuracy of a single 6" design. The dual 6.7" drivers work in partnership with Mackie's rear-firing passive transducer, to provide bass extension to 40Hz. This product features a bi-amplified, active speaker system that incorporates dual FR Series amplifiers to provide 100W to the woofer and 40W to the tweeter. Inputs include ¼" XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced. Rear panel controls consist of sensitivity, an 80Hz high-pass filter, -2/0/+2dB high frequency shelving filter, acoustic space control for optimizing bass output in various room placements, and the auto on switch. The front panel provides a standby and mute switch along with power and overload LEDs.
fax 425-487-4337

Graphic equalizers
Inter-M Americas
GEQ-1231D and 2231d: The GEQ-1231D (1RU), designated as the single-channel model, and the GEQ-2231D (2RU), which is the dual-channel model, are DSP-based units that feature analog-style faders on their front panels. Providing users with a dynamic range greater than 100dB, each is operable within an extended bandwidth of 10Hz to 30.5kHz, and is equipped with premium AD/DA converters, balanced XLR connectors, 24-bit/64kHz resolution, peak limiting, low and high-cut filters and a full 31 bands of graphic equalization.
fax 610-874-8890

Portable audio mixer
Professional Sound
M3: This compact, portable audio mixer combines rugged construction, high quality components and an ergonomic layout. The mixer features three low-noise, transformer-balanced inputs each with three-way switchable low-cut filters, pan switches and soft-touch knobs. The output section combines monitoring abilities including left to both ears, stereo, right to both ears, mono, MS decode and pre-fader listen of all three inputs. Additionally, the M3 mixer incorporates two dual-isolated secondary output transformers for isolated feeds.
fax 661-295-8398

Near-field monitor
PMC Loudspeaker
DB1: This mini monitor has an effective line length of 1.5m in a compact, heavily damped cabinet. It features a dynamic-range capability, low distortion and wide frequency response of 50Hz to 25kHz. Power capability is up to 150W. It also features a low-frequency doped 140mm cast magnesium frame chassis woofer and aluminum alloy, phase corrected, Ferrofluid-cooled tweeter. Input connections are two pairs of 4mm binding posts. It is available in cherry, oak, black ash and black finishes. Other finishes are available on special order. The unit measures 11.4" × 6.1" × 9.21" and weighs just under 10 lbs.
fax 705-742-0882

Two-channel mic preamplifier
True Systems
P2 analog: This two-channel microphone preamplifier offers outstanding sonic performance for critical recording, on-air and sound reinforcement. Features include a selectable M-S decoder, active direct inputs with impedance modification capability, dual gain range selection and multi-frequency high pass filter. In addition, the unit features a stereo phase correlation display that assists in optimizing microphone placement for stereo recording. All signal switching is done via high-reliability gold-contact relays to maintain an extremely short signal path and eliminate distortion and noise added by commonly used solid-state switches.
fax 520-722-4057

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