New Products (Jul 2001)

mic boomStudio microphone arm
Silent Boom: This microphone arm is built from custom extruded solid aluminum stock, eliminating the echoes found in hollow frames. The extruded channel is sized for microphone cables to be dropped into the outside edge of the boom, allowing threading of any cable with connectors. A set of clips ensures that cables are secured in the channel. Perhaps the most striking visual change to the standard microphone boom is LPB's use of flocked springs. The soft felt-like coating is black, hiding the springs from view, and deadening any twang that might occur from impact or operation. A Delrin bushing isolates the metal base from its riser, ensuring squeak elimination, and reducing metal fatigue.

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Furniture series
Preference, Eclipse and Techline: Three design choices are available. The Preference Series offers rounded edge wood-trimmed cabinet panels that use horizontal grade high-pressure laminates. Preference countertops have radiused corners and rounded wood trim. The Eclipse furniture features plentiful rack space in the wing counters, steel machine-tapped components, built-in top and bottom ventilation, removable doors, dual access punchblock enclosure, and ample rack space included in the console counter pedestals. The Techline Series embodies all the interior structural features and details of the other series, but features countertops edged with a rugged vinyl bullnose. All three furniture lines accept the Wheatstone Wiremax studio interface system that allows standard off-the-shelf cabling to interface to Wheatstone, Audioarts and Auditronics products via source-machine native connectors.

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Content management
RadioMan: The RadioMan broadcast content management product is designed for major broadcasters. RadioMan enables digital content to be created, scheduled, organized, broadcast and archived simultaneously to multiple media channels, such as radio, Internet and wireless. RadioMan is built on state-of-the-art technology and has an open architecture based on industry standards that provide a combination of scalability, suitability to different operational environments, integration capability and compatibility with future technologies. By providing new possibilities and ways to make programs, effective material sharing, easy reuse of existing content and shorter production time, RadioMan enables broadcasters to increase productivity, to broaden range and quality of services offered and to provide convenience for journalists, producers and technical personnel.

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Audio accessories
POD 17 and POD 19: Two units join the POD series. POD17 is a six output AES/EBU digital audio distribution amplifier available in 75ohm and 110ohm versions. It features level adjustment (local and remote) and sample rate conversion. Level control can be set, used as a trim or volume control. POD 17 can mono the input signal and correct phase by inverting channel B. POD19 can decode four embedded groups of audio. The four decoded audio channels are coded into to AES signals. SDI lock and AES presence tallies are located on the front panel.

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Software program
Middle Atlantic Products
RackTools v.1.5: This version enables users to create elevation drawings of racks, enclosures and studio furniture. RackTools v.1.5 gives users the power to update the program via the Internet and download current information. RackTools requires Visio and allows the user to drag-and-drop Middle Atlantic Products components into systems drawings to create proposal and layout drawings. Visio shapes for amps, receivers, and other components can also be included. Engineers and designers can request a copy of RackTools on the application website at

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Automation kits
Broadcast Software International
Studio kits: These kits come in three configurations: Studio Kit 100 is geared towards smaller markets and single stations. The Studio Kit 200 provides the versatility and power required in mid-sized markets. The Studio Kit 300 is a package for major markets and enterprise broadcast facilities. Each Studio Kit contains all of the hardware and software needed to equip a production and air studio. Among the products included in the Studio Kits are BSI's acclaimed WaveStation digital automation system, Cool Edit Pro editing software from Syntrillium Software and professional audio adaptors from AudioScience. Each Studio Kit also comes with one year of free technical support and software upgrades.

888-BSI-USA1; fax 541-338-8656;;
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Remote broadcast interface
Marti Electronics
Digital Cellcast: This line consists of products that will operate on the different cellular systems around the world and will replace the analog AMPS Cellcast unit. The lineup will start with a CDMA unit and will be followed by a Tri-Mode system (CDMA, PCS, AMPS) and a GSM model. Features of the Cellcast include: cellular or land line (POTS) transmission; three power options: AC power, battery or 12V (cigarette lighter) adaptor; two-line, 20-segment back-lit LCD display; RJ11C six-pin land line connector; and a four channel mixer, program or cue selectable.

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Ad Insertion technology
Encoder wrapper: This ad insertion product, marketed in conjunction with radio equipment provider Broadcast Electronics, allows radio stations an option to digitally replace commercials that use AFTRA talent with local internet-only advertising as it is being converted into the internet stream. Everstream helps stations forego an additional royalty payment and offers them an opportunity to generate new advertising placements. This can be accomplished without missing any tracks from the station's terrestrial signal.

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Tower designs
Design services: A tower requires more engineering, both civil and structural, than any other element in the supply chain of a broadcast facility. Stainless engineering draws on decades of real-world experience with working towers in almost every conceivable environment. Company designers use the most up-to-date computer-aided design technology. The result is tower designs that perform as expected, without costly delays in construction.

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Automatic membrane dehydrators
MT1000 and MT2000 DryLine: These dehydrators are automatically regenerative. The MT1000 dehydrator is appropriate for medium-volume systems from 50 to 550ft3. The MT2000 dehydrator is suitable for large-volume systems from 100 to 1100ft3. Both dehydrators produce dew points better than -0degF. The MT dehydrators use remote automatic pressure sensing for activating and deactivating the compressor, this enables the units to operate only when needed, minimizing wear and tear and reducing the need for maintenance. This feature also enables precise control of system pressure. The units automatically start when system pressure drops to 3psi and shut down when the pressure reaches 8psi. Additional features on both units include full alarm, pressure indicator, lighted on/off switch, a resettable breaker, and run-time meter.

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Streaming audio codecs
Opticodec: A line of streaming audio codecs with three models. All are ISO/MPEG standards Layer II and Layer III fully compliant, with two models also TCP/IP and UDP addressable over the Internet. Orban Opticodec technology is designed to meet the needs of anybody moving audio over the Internet, and of those working in radio and television broadcast, and in voice, music and other audio-on-demand environments. Opticodec reduces the bandwidth required to transmit audio between the source and remote, studio or other TCP/IP, UDP, or ISDN receiver location.

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Mobile RF field-strength meter/baseband analyzer
FM_MC4: A mobile RF field-strength meter and modulation analyzer that automatically measures up to 99 stations or programs simultaneously. The results can be displayed in various forms including on a cartograhic map. With the addition of new filters, the FM_MC4 is the perfect tool for measuring in high interference environments. Co-channel analysis software (available as an option) is adapted for controlling frequency interference (LPFM). FM_MC4 includes: high performance FM receiver; GPS receiver and RDS/RBDS decoder; in-depth analysis of sub-carrier components; modulation measurement; cartographic map; IF selection filters; co-channel analysis software and a user-friendly software portal. The unit is available with Goldenear evaluation software.

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Audio editor and processor
TC Works
Spark 2.0: Version 2.0 offers Multi-FX processing capabilities, audio editing and mastering. With its one-window-approach, Spark combines all aspects of audio editing. The Master View window offers routing and processing capabilities. Spark has been updated to the second generation of TC Works' Spark FXMachine. With MIDI support, and FXMachine sizes scalable to 99X99 plug-ins, applications for the FXMachine are endless. Spark 2.0's virtual file engine results in speed improvement of editing functions and allows for unlimited undos.

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Professional CD recorder
CDR1000: This unit features Apogee Electronics' UV22 Super CD Encoder, allowing 16-bit encoding of sources recorded at higher bit rates, without additional equipment. A built-in sample rate converter handling a variety of digital sources (29.76 to 48.80kHz) and a word clock input, providing AES/EBU in and out connection pass-through are additional features. The unit provides S/PDIF and analog XLR connectors with an impedance rate of 20kohms (with +4dB/-10dBv switch). Selectable copy protection modes, front-panel foot switch input, on-the-dot recording start feature, and full function I/R remote control are also included. An index recording function enables users to place libraries within a single track while providing 16-segment level meters with peak hold function, and a quad-speed finalize capability. A parallel I/O port is included.

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ERI-Electronics Research
iBOX: This unit offers simultaneous digital and analog transmission. Advanced coupling and transforming methods deliver the performance necessary to meet and exceed IBOC transmission requirements. Features include: integrated smart power monitoring with advanced diagnostic ability; broadband frequency operation relative to isolation, loss and match; various models provide couling levels of 7-10dB; RF switching; easy setup-all components in one, self-contained unit; modular construction and a power capacity of 55kW.

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