New Products (Jan 2004)

New products from ATI, Bext, Carvin, CPI Eimac, Dalet Digital Media, DigiDesign, FSR, IVP New Media, Kroy, Media Specialty Resources, Neumann, Sadie and Yamaha.

Interactive listener messaging
IVP New Media

Cybershout: This Internet messaging system allows show hosts and radio listeners to interact. Comments sent in by listeners can be viewed in real time or stored for future use and review. This product also allows the end user to view all statistics as well as user e-mail addresses so that the information can later be used by the radio station as a marketing tool. Features include one window to view all messages, the ability to save messages and the built-in ability to search text. Messages can be screened and forwarded to the air talent as needed, while message senders can be categorized or blocked if necessary. The system works on all browsers, operating systems and platforms and can be individually branded for the station.
View the demo in the Demo Room.
fax 973-228-6650

PCI Card/editing software

Pro Tools HD Accel and 6.2 Software: A PCI card for Pro Tools HD systems, this product delivers nearly twice the DSP power of first-generation Pro Tools HD cards. The TDM software is now included with all Pro Tools HD systems to support the Pro Tools HD Accel cards. While the HD Core card remains unchanged, the HD Accel card replaces the previous generation HD Process cards, and may be added to any Pro Tools HD system to supercharge its processing power and provide access to new, HD Accel-optimized plug-ins and features. The use of HD Accel cards results in 50 percent higher voice counts across all sample rates (44.1 to 192kHz).
fax 650-842-7999

Audio CAT-5 multiplexer

AV8: CAT-5/6 twisted pair transmitters and receivers for stereo audio (balanced or unbalanced) are in a compact XFORM size, which is a 1/8-rack width in a 1RU package. These units transmit and receive audio signals up to 1,000' over twisted pair UTP cable such as CAT-5/5e/6. These modules help system integrators maintain quality while taking advantage of the reduced cost, weight, size and ease of termination found with twisted pair cable. The transceivers integrate easily into new and existing AV environments, and can fit in racks, under tables and desktops or next to a projector. Because these are powered products, they provide active balanced-transmission audio signals.
fax 215-443-0394

Power tube resource
CPI Eimac

Care and Feeding of Power Grid Tubes: This new, 5th edition includes most of the original material, but updates the book with some presently available technology, including added sections on Inductive Output Tubes. This handbook analyzes the operation of EIMAC power grid tubes and provides design and application information to assist the user of these tubes to achieve long tube life, maximum operating efficiency and circuit stability consistent with the full tube capacity.
fax 650-592-9988


Version 5.2: This software is designed for the Series 5 range of digital audio workstations. The software introduces features and options including fully integrated support for the Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) file interchange standard for multimedia, a normalize function, the reintroduction of speech edit for automatic silence removal, plus a range of further enhancements to playlist editing.
fax 615-327-1699

Acoustical panels
Media Specialty Resources

Studio Panel: These kits are an easy-to-install acoustic treatment for studios. Based on scientifically designed building blocks, including Absorber/Diffuser pairs, Bazorber, Spring Trap and Cloud Panel, each kit provides absorption and diffusion for a given room size. The panels can be installed in minutes, following the simple instruction charts. A line level and full-sized template assists in placement of mounting hardware.
fax 415-454-2171

Effects processor

FX2: This 24-bit dual engine stereo effects processor offers quality sounds in an easy-to-use unit. Effects parameters are adjusted using real knobs instead of complicated interfaces that require scrolling though endless patches. Available effects include reverb, echo, chorus and flange. Adjustable parameters include time, decay and depth. The unit includes dual stereo engines for two independent stereo effects, a built-in power supply (no wall-wart), true stereo in/out, a link switch, the ability to links effects 1 and 2 for parallel operation, a foot switch jack and an optional footswitch.

Large diaphragm mic

TLM 127: A multi-pattern large diaphragm microphone, this product features low self noise and high sound pressure level transmission. The dual-diaphragm capsule, derived from that used in the TLM 103, is acoustically balanced, and offers multiple polarity from the microphone, switchable pad (-14dB) and a high-pass filter. Cardioid and omni switchable patterns are currently available on the microphone, with a full range of five patterns available via optional remote control and power supply using standard XLR cables. The mic is available in satin nickel or matte black.
fax 860-434-3148

In-table connector mount

T3-MJ: A way to mount an XLR connector, this mini tablebox is available in three finishes: brass, silver or black. The T3-MJ is easy to install, requiring a 2" round hole. Less than 1.5" of under-table clearance is required. The built-in, acoustically isolated microphone connector accommodates microphones with XLR plugs of a diameter of 1" or less. Designed to accommodate a wide range of tables and lecterns with 5/8" to 2-1/8" thick surfaces. An undertable shroud is provided as part of the assembly. It includes a Neutrik XLR connector. The unit can support a gooseneck mic as well.
fax 973-785-4207

FM amplifiers/transmitters

FD series: At only three rack spaces for 1kW of output, the FD 2000 is a compact 2kW solid state broadband FM amplifier/transmitter. It is designed with two detachable cabinets, each one three rack spaces, for easy carrying. This unit uses only 15W or 30W drive input power to reach, respectively, 1kW or 2kW output power. A user friendly, menu-based LCD display shows all parameters and functions. The ac power source of the FD 2000 is 208/230V single or three phase, 50-60Hz, with a frequency range of 87.5-108MHz.
fax 619-239-8474

USB audio interface

UW10: This compact USB audio interface is designed for entry-level home and mobile computer recording applications, and is compatible with Windows 98, ME and XP formats. Features include stereo S/PDIF optical I/O, two RCA analog inputs and outputs, and a headphone jack for quick and mobile monitoring. The interface offers a trackdown feature in which virtual instrument tracks generated by software can be automatically mixed with audio tracks on the UW10 and sent directly to the computer to be saved as a single audio file, where they may then be used to create MP3 files or to burn CDs.
fax 714-522-9522

Desktop label printer

K4100: This desktop label printer features auto sizing, quick response and fast print speeds, scaleable and downloadable fonts, enhanced memory and a print resolution of 300dpi. The printer can be connected to a PC for customized label, wire wrap and shrink tube applications.
fax 216-426-5601;

Enhancement for product line
Dalet Digital Media

Automatic Transcription Engine: ATE provides broadcasters and content providers with the ability to automatically generate full text transcriptions of audio clips. It also provides automatic speaker recognition, as well as story segmentation, classification and named entity extraction for persons, locations and organizations. With this product, users can search for a specific keyword or set of keywords, and obtain a list of all media files that contain them. By clicking on a clip, users can access the source material and visualize keyword occurrences on the timeline. This system also features automatic color-coding of waveforms to distinguish multiple speakers in a recording.
fax 212-825-0182

Upgrades and Updates

Burk Offers VRC1000, VRC2000 Trade-In Program

The program allows customers who purchase a new GSC3000 or VRC2500 to send their existing VRC1000 or VRC2000 units to the factory to receive $400 back on their upgrade. The offer runs until Feb. 27, 2004, and is available on orders through all of Burk's distributors.

Tascam to Distribute Kamesan Mixers

Kamesan has more than a 90 percent share of the ENG/EFP mixer market in Japan. Three of the more popular models are the KST-2000 and KS-342 mixers and the Monicough. The KST-2000 is a compact three-channel mixer. The KS-342 has a pair of expansion modules, four mic inputs, comprehensive monitoring and a compact design. The Monicough is a stand-alone microphone preamp, talkback/headphone monitor system and mute switch for commentary applications.

HD Radio Software Receives CES Award

HD Radio, the IBOC technology under development by Ibiquity Digital, has been recognized as an honoree in the Innovations 2004 Design and Engineering Showcase to be held in conjunction with the International Consumer Electronics Show. The annual Innovations Awards are selected by a panel of independent industry designers, engineers and journalists to evaluate the year's most technologically advanced consumer electronics products based on the several criteria: user value, aesthetics, contributions to the quality of life, and innovative design and qualities. HD Radio was honored in the Software/Embedded Technologies category.

Susquehanna Orders Sixth BE IBOC Transmitter

Susquehanna ordered the Broadcast Electronics FMI-703 HD Radio transmitter on Dec.17 for WWWQ-FM in Atlanta, along with BE's FXI 60 exciter and HD Radio signal generator.

The other Susquehanna stations with Broadcast Electronics equipment are WFMS-FM, WGLD-FM and WGRL-FM in Indianapolis, WARM-FM in York, PA, and WRRM-FM in Cincinnati.

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