New Products (Dec 2003)

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New products from ATI, Beyerdynamic, Blue Sky International, Dalet Digital Media, Dielectric, Dmarc Networks, DPA Microphones, Electronics Research, Eventide, Gefen, Inter-M Americas, Kenneke Communications, Mayah Communications, Media Specialty Resources, MGE UPS Systems, Nemal Electronics, Netia Digital Audio, Rolls, Scott Studios, Sennheiser Electronics, Shure, Silicon Valley Power Amplifiers, Sonifex, Steinberg, Tapco and Verity Systems.

Solar-powered kits

Kenneke Communications

Radio station kits:

The solar-powered system allows stations to be operated where no main power is available. Stations are available in FM, AM and short-wave versions. A kit includes audio sources, microphones, mixer, transmitter, antenna and solar-charging setup. Solar-powered radio stations are useful for remote, rough or undeveloped locations. These stations can be used for remote transmitter and translator sites.

Security system protection

MGE UPS Systems

1500VA to 3000VA UPS models:

For the power needs of sensitive equipment, high-capacity network and storage servers, the 1500VA to 3000VA UPS models address costly power disruptions with their high power density, small footprint and external battery modules for extended back-up time. For protecting secure hardware, sensitive equipment and networks as well as network attached storage (NAS) devices, the line-interactive Evolution models have enough battery power to keep three NAS modules running for 30 minutes, or a DLT tape autoloader with 80 gigabyte capacity running for at least four hours. For longer backup times, external battery modules can be added to the Evolution 2200 and 3000 models.
fax 714-557-9788

KVM cable extenders


Ex-tend-it CAT5-1000:

These cable extenders are useful for operating a computer from a remote location. It works by using an extension system that consists of a sender unit, a receiver unit and a CAT-5 cable as long as 330' in length. The computer's audio and USB signals are connected to the sender unit. As far as 330' away, the receiver unit is connected to the monitor, keyboard, mouse and up to two USB peripherals. Sender and receiver units are connected with a CAT-5 cable. This product supports two dual-monitor workstations, remotely and locally, which means the sender and receiver units support a local set-up consisting of two monitors, as well as a remote set-up consisting of two monitors and two USB peripherals.
fax 818-884-3108

Active studio monitor



The S-5 is a compact, bi-amplified monitor that features dual high-precision internal amplifiers providing a total of 120W RMS (60W for the woofer and 60W for the tweeter). A 5.25" woofer delivers bass output and detailed midrange, while a 1" waveguide-loaded silk dome tweeter provides a smooth, non-fatiguing high end. Rear panel controls allow for acoustic tailoring with low-frequency boost and high frequency cut and boost switches. Inputs include ¼" TRS/XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced.
fax 425-487-4337

CD duplicator

Verity Systems

Power Tower:

These manual duplicators duplicate small to medium quantities of CDs. Available with one, three or seven drives, the one to one duplicator is useful for high speed disc to disc copying while the one to three Power Tower and one to seven Power Tower offer high speed duplication at 24× writer speed of up to 40 × 650MB or up to 90 × 650MB CDs per hour. All towers operate as stand-alone units and are independent of any PC. If equipped with the optional internal hard drive, as much as 20GB of data can be stored, allowing quick retrieval and duplication of CDs.
fax 530-626-9395

Cable scanner



The hand-held unit handles all major connector types including speak on, MIDI five-pin, RJ-11 (telephone type) and RJ-45 (Ethernet and CAT-5). It also sports phantom power, 1kHz test tone, polarity test, level control and a headphone jack.
fax 801-263-9068;

Combiner module



This constant impedance combiner module enables a number of 12kW FM channels to be combined into one antenna. This module is IBOC-ready through the integration of a circulator on the IBOC input port. Standard configuration designs are for frequency separation of 1.6MHz or greater. The combiner provides isolation between transmitters, while also providing a constant impedance narrow band input for each individual transmitter. The HD Radio version of this unit allows for analog and HD Radio inputs at each module with a high level of isolation between these common frequency inputs.
fax 207-655-7120

Portable audio codec

Mayah Communications

Merk II:

This portable codec and mixer is based on the Centauri product family. While typical portable devices have restrictions on the number of audio inputs and outputs and compatibility, this codec offers four switchable mic/line inputs and four headphone outputs; switchable phantom power 48V with LED indication; one or optionally four ISDN BRI; 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet for audio-via-IP and wireless-LAN; extended mixing capabilities including monitor and control; and flashcast compatibility to most of all available audio codecs. The unit also offers low delay algorithms with Apt-X, ADPCM4SB and AAC low delay, as well as electronically controlled potentiometers for full audio mixing remote control.
+49 0 811-55-17-0
fax +49 0 811-55-17-55



Reverb Plug-in:

The plug-in for Digidesign Pro Tools TDM for Mac v5.1.3 or greater, is a multi-effects plug-in that incorporates a pair of delays, pre- and post-stereo three-band parametric EQ, a high-quality compressor and a Lo-Fi effect. The sound quality is compelling, using reverb algorithms from the company's flagship Orville, including halls, chambers, plates and rooms. Each reverb type offers three-band stereo parametric equalization before and after the reverb, reverb contour for built-in tone shaping, a pair of delay lines with filters and a compressor.
fax 201-641-1640

Condenser mic


Beta 98H/C:

A clip-on instrument, this miniature mic can be securely mounted to almost any instrument as a self-contained system. The mic uses a clip-on clamp that still allows for the quick change between instruments. Handling high SPL levels and gain-before-feedback performance, the miniature cardioid condenser unit is low-profile in design, thereby minimizing its stage presence. The mic also offers a flexible gooseneck, a locking windscreen for outdoor use and an integrated isolation shock mount that reduces the transmission of instrument key noise and other mechanical noise.
fax 847-600-1212

D/A converter



The RB-DAC digital-to-analog converter is a 1RU piece of equipment that produces a stereo balanced XLR or unbalanced phono output from an incoming AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital input signal. There is also a headphone output with volume control for monitoring purposes. The analog outputs have an output level control, allowing full-scale settings selectable from 12dBu, 18dBu or 24dBu. There is a button to select the AES/EBU or S/PDIF input for the D/A converter, which is located on the rear panel. De-emphasis on the output can be enabled via dipswitch. When operating, the front panel power LED flashes whenever the unit is not synchronized to the incoming digital signal.
fax 207-773-2422

IBOC FM antenna

Electronics Research

Dual-feed IBOC antenna:

This dual-input, side-mounted FM antenna is designed for FM IBOC applications and transmits the analog and digital FM signals without requiring a high-loss hybrid combiner or the use of a circulator to attain the required isolation between the digital and analog transmitters. The antenna is a dual-input antenna that excites all radiating elements with analog and digital signals. The antenna eliminates the combining loss that is present in the 10dB hybrid combining method. It is able to achieve 1.05:1 VSWR for analog and digital inputs. The antenna can also achieve in excess of 30dB isolation between analog and digital inputs without using an isolator and circulator.
fax 812-925-4030

Content management

Dmarc Networks


This patent-pending system provides packet-based, centralized radio data service and content management. This system enables FM broadcasters to dynamically schedule, target, deliver and report on RDS text broadcasts across one or multiple stations, all through user-friendly desktop software: the Webmanager 1.0.
fax 949-640-7065

Condenser mics

DPA Microphones

4015 and 4016 Wide Cardioid:

The 4015 P48 phantom-power and the 4016 130V wide cardioid microphones are transformerless, giving shorter sound paths and cleaner bass response, and are capable of handling high sound levels. Both mics can handle 158dB peak before clipping. An additional 10dB of headroom can be obtained by choosing the 4016 paired with the HMA4000 two-channel, high-voltage microphone amplifier. The 4015 features a linear frequency response from 40Hz to 20kHz and is designed with a soft high frequency boost to offer better sound in close miking applications and a linear response in the diffuse field.
+45 4814 2828
fax +45 4814 2700

FM class C amplifiers

Silicon Valley Power Amplifiers

PAB FM series:

These broadband FM commercial radio amplifiers offer value and performance in an easy to service EIA standard 19" rack mount cabinet. A newly designed second-generation, computer-based controller allows power setting through front panel display or through an RS-232 serial connector with simple commands. This modular amplifier series uses MOSFET technology for efficient and reliable operation. This fault tolerant system will keep a station on the air by reducing power in any fault condition-VSWR, high temperature or device failure. A modular approach is applied to all RF components and power supply. Output PA modules have connectors and use quick-disconnect fittings for fast hot swapping of modules so the station never leaves the air. Fault tolerance is designed throughout the system.
fax 775-DELTA-FX

Radio Assist enhancements

Netia Digital Audio


This systems offers a music management tool in the new Radio-Assist 7 range and is designed to manage a station's music schedule with consistency. The user can choose from a wide range of broadcast criteria to define run frequency, mandatory or forbidden sequences and any other relevant constraint. Tracks are mixed and matched by an independent rotation method. It can produce as many as 100 schedules from a single title database.
fax 973-575-7812

Digital distribution amplifiers


DDA Series updates:

These six digital audio distribution amplifiers are based on ATI's established products and offer lower price points. Retaining most of the features of the company's AES/EBU digital audio distribution amplifier DDA lineup, the DXA offering adds four new models designed to fit in a 1RU space in 1x4, 1x6, 2x6 and 2x12 versions: DXA104, DXA106, DXA206 and DXA212 respectively. ATI has also redesigned the DDA206-XLR and DDA212-XLR. The inputs and outputs of the new DXA series are transformer-isolated 110ohm XLRs. The DXA distribution amplifiers process digital audio sample rates from 27kHz to 96kHz with propagation delay of less than 300 nanoseconds. The distributed outputs are de-clocked and regenerated with low jitter (less than 3 nanoseconds peak-peak). S/PDIF models using RCA connectors and 75Ω AES/EBU models with BNC connectors are also available.
fax 215-443-0394;

AM/FM tuner

Inter-M Americas


The 9107S is an AM/FM tuner with 30 programmable presets and an autoscan function. The AM section spans 522kHz to 1,611kHz. Features of this tuner include a stable and reliable circuit; fixed and variable output; autoscan and 30 presets; mute switch and LED; emergency battery operation; and an output level/impedance fixed 300mV/1kohm, unbalanced. The power consumption of this unit is 14W. It weighs 3.5kg and its dimensions are 482mm W × 44mm H × 280mm D.
fax 610-874-8890

Audio storage and playback system

Scott Studios

SS32 for Linux:

SS32 for Linux features the same user-friendly, intuitive look, feel and features as Windows versions. The system provides new security, support and safety. Because Linux includes the source code for the operating system, Scott can fine-tune Linux and SS32 to prevent crashes. Linux drives never need defragmenting and it connects well to Windows traffic and music scheduling software.
fax 972-620-8811

Stereo mic


MCE 72:

The MCE 72 is a compact stereo mic for XY recording with a wide and linear frequency response producing uncolored, high-quality recordings. The mic is suitable for stereo recording in home studio applications, concert recordings with DAT or MD, film and interviewing. The mic features two mic capsules that are mounted in an angle of ±60 degrees to the mic axis to achieve a wide recording range and an accurate reproduction of the sound source. The optional EA 19/25 elastic suspension suppresses footfall sound effectively.
fax 631-293-3288;

Digital audio snake cables

Nemal Electronics

SND2424 and SND1224:

These AES/EBU compliant digital audio snake cables can be used in broadcast and other high-end audio applications. These 110Ω cables are available in constructions containing two to 24 pair, and are UL-CM approved. The cables facilitate rapid and neat installation of systems requiring multiple digital audio pairs, and the discrete color-coded individual jackets provide for easy and positive identification.
fax 305-895-8178

Power monitor

Blue Sky International

Big Blue:

Big Blue is a mid-field powered, three way, quad amplified, 500W monitor featuring dual 8" high excursion, hemispherical woofers, an ultra low distortion 4" hemispherical midrange driver and 1" dual concentric diaphragm tweeter with integral waveguide for superior off-axis response. Powered by a dedicated low distortion 100W amplifier for each 8" woofer, one low distortion 200W amplifier for the midrange and one low distortion 100W amplifier for the tweeter, this unit delivers clean and accurate sound with a frequency response of 40Hz to 20kHz. The monitor is housed in a heavily reinforced MDF enclosure that measures 12" H x 25” W x 15" D and weighs 80 lbs. The rear panel features two independent balanced input stages with XLR terminals.
fax 516-753-1020

Upgrades and Updates

Harris Distributes Newsboss

Newsboss is a newsroom automation system that runs on Windows. It is a radio-specific automation system that uses a database for management of news data. Newsboss is scaleable and configurable and can accommodate systems from one to 80 users.

KRK Ships ST Series

KRK is now shipping the new ST Series of passive monitors, which includes the ST6 and ST8. The ST Series design incorporates new driver and crossover technologies for precision monitoring. The ST8 features an 8" aluminum woofer and 1" silk tweeter. Both models feature ⅞" MDF construction to control sound reflection and standing waves within the monitor and a double-layer anodized aluminum cones for extremely low distortion.

Omnia A/X Software

Now Shipping

The software operates on Windows, conditioning and processing audio prior to encoding. It works with most applications that use the standard Windows Wave in/out driver interface, including Windows Media, Real and MP3 streaming encoders.

It features a wide range of processing controls, including wideband automatic gain control (AGC), a three-band combined AGC/limiter, high frequency EQ, an adjustable-bandwidth low-pass filter and a look-ahead final limiter.

Audio Science Releases

Linux ALSA Driver

The ALSA driver allows standard Linux applications to play, record and mix PCM audio using the Audio Science range of professional sound cards. The source code is available as a patch to ALSA driver source from Audio Science's website in the download section. Updates will be made periodically available as new adapters and features are supported. Advanced functions, such as time scaling (TSX) and on-card MPEG audio processing, can still be accessed through the Audio Science HPI interface (also recently released under GPL).

BSI Releases New Version of Simian

Broadcast Software International (BSI) has released Simian 1.6. BSI has incorporated more than 100 user suggestions in recent releases, including improved deckfade macros to increase user control, improved index handling and playback on MP3 files, added control over the Async deck, increased webcasting functions and serial strings, and a Reset Cart command to allow Simian to go back to the first item in a cart, even if all the items have not been played.

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