New Products (Nov 2003)

New products from Andrew, Armstrong Transmitter, Audio Precision, Behringer, Belden, Bext, Burk Technology, Danagger Audio Works, Denon Electronics, Digigram, FirstCom Music, Furman Sound, Kramer Electronics, Logitek, Lynx Studio Technology, Nady Systems, Nagra, Network Pro Marketing/Digital Music, Power Standards Lab, Realtraps, Sonifex, Steinberg North America, Switchcraft, Tapco, Tascam, V-Soft, Visiosonic, Wheatstone, Wind River Broadcast and Yamaha.              

Digital audio console
Generation-5: The G-5 is the newest member of the Wheatstone Generation-9 digital audio control surface family. A live radio on-air board, the Generation-5 offers a low profile, thru-counter console design intended for those broadcast facilities that don't require EQ or DSP functions. Available in small to large mainframe sizes, it is fully compatible with Wheatstone's Bridge Router digital audio network system.
fax 252-637-1285
Media workstation
Steinberg North America
Nuendo 2.0: This workstation offers multichannel architecture through the entire signal path. Every input, audio track, effect, group and output now offers as many as 12 discrete channels, making it ready for full-scale 5.1, 7.1 or even 10.2 productions. To make routing in the project more transparent, inputs and outputs are organized so the user can customize multichannel input/output configurations and switch between them. Several input and output buses can be used at the same time, with any type of configuration possible. And any track can be routed to and from any of these buses. It even allows switching between multiple monitoring configurations and can simulate a variety of end user monitoring environments.
fax 818-678-5199
Convertible patchbay
NPB 555: These patchbays are supplied with 48 modules, each containing two jacks manufactured using the company's contacts and switches. At the front of each module is a small screw switch that can be used to change the normalling of each module to full, half or non-normalled. The screw switches feature a strong detent spring and are covered by a plastic strip to prevent unwanted changes. Suitable for analog or digital signals, the patchbays can be supplied wired or unwired and in three rack heights: 1RU, 1.5RU and 2RU. Unwired patchbays have jacks with solder or wire-wrap terminals and are available with the choice of tie-bars or support trays for cabling. Wired patchbays have internal connections made with 110¥Ø cable and are terminated on the rear panel to EDAC, Cannon DL, Switchcraft's punch-down (IDC style) terminals or three-pin connectors.
fax 773-792-2129
Digital microphone amplifier
RB-DMA2: The RB-DMA2 consists of two independent low-noise microphone preamplifiers for converting microphone-level signals to AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital outputs. A common application is to use it when adding a microphone input to a digital mixing console.
fax 207-773-2422
Miniature sensor
Power Standards Lab
PQ1 Power Quality Relay: This power quality relay announces when disturbances on the power line are damaging or disrupting transmitters, broadcast computers and other sensitive systems. Less than 1/10 of the size of traditional power quality monitors, this system offers a simple interface: ac power in, relay contacts out. Stations can use it as a diagnostic tool, or it can be built into larger automated systems, including remote transmitter control systems as part of a remote diagnostic system. The unit detects common power quality events, such as voltage sags, interruptions, voltage swells and high frequency impulses.
fax 510-658-9600
AM transmitter
Armstrong Transmitter
X-500B: This 500W digital-ready, solid-state AM transmitter features about 90 percent PA efficiency and 80 percent overall efficiency. It is an optimized multiphase modulator capable of 150 percent positive modulation. The transmitter offers a compact design and was created to easily accept IBOC signals. Three preset power levels and full remote control capability are also features, as well as 600W RF modules for extra reliability and headroom and high-efficiency switching power supplies.
fax 315-673-9972
Digital/analog silence sensor
Danagger Audio Works
Plan B Plus: Building on the capabilities of the original Plan B Silence Eliminator, this silence sensor incorporates an additional level of audio failure detection and backup. An extra set of passively switched analog and digital audio inputs allows automatic connection to an alternate live program feed, such as an STL, dial-up codec or off-air receiver. If incoming program feeds are down, an internal CD/MP3/DVD drive provides continuous replacement audio while a built-in voice remote control alerts station personnel. Delay range is four seconds to 10 minutes, and users can program a unique system ID number into each unit for multi-site installations. Like the Plan B, the Plan B Plus can also act as a stand-alone remote control/listen line or interface to external remote control systems.
fax 250-763-2902
Cable catalog
Digital Studio Cable Guide: This 16-page, full-color bulletin offers information to help designers, specifiers and installers of cabling systems for the A/V, broadcast and entertainment market sort through the challenges posed by the ongoing digital revolution. The bulletin also discusses the future of digital transmissions and installation issues.
fax 765-983-5294
Digital sampler
Network Pro Marketing/Digital Music
Digisam: A touch screen-controlled digital sampler, this product can store thousands of audio clips. Once a clip is selected, playback is instant and audio can be loaded and stored from any source. It has redundant, mirrored hard drives to prevent data loss. Should data ever be compromised on one drive, the system uses the data from the mirrored drive without interruption and without the user even knowing until a screen prompt alert appears, all in real time. It features a 24x CD reader, analog and S/PDIF inputs. The sampler supports 16-bit/44.1kHz audio up to 24-bit/96kHz audio and does not use compressed files. As any clip is loaded into the system, a waveform of that clip is displayed, which on completion may be edited for start and stop points as well as named and stored anywhere.
fax 310-648-6678
High-power amplifiers
Juice: The amplifiers include the J¡¤800, J¡¤1400 and J¡¤2500. Power output is 800W, 1,400W and 2,500W respectively (at 4¥Ø bridged). All amplifiers include easily switchable mono/stereo/mono bridged operating modes, as well as separate speaker outputs for channel A and channel B. A third Speak-on output is provided for mono bridged applications. A 30Hz subsonic filter ensures low-frequency speaker protection. The amplifiers share the same compact chassis, measuring 15.7" deep in a 2RU enclosure. All amps include handles for easy transportation and protection of front panel controls, defeatable clip limiter, front panel signal and overload indication and XLR and TRS inputs for flexible connections.
fax 425-487-4337
Nady Systems
SRM Series: Seven mixers make up this series: six mic/line models and one powered unit. The mixers are designed for a wide range of professional applications from live music and remote broadcasts to production studio use. The mixers can be rackmounted or used as compact desk consoles. The series includes the six-channel SRM-6, SRM-8 eight-channel version, SRM-12X 12-channel model and the SRM-14X that offers 14 channels. The CMX-16A has 16 channels and features as many as 20 input channels (including aux returns plus two RCA tape inputs). The 12-channel MXE-1212 features 16 built-in selectable echo and reverb effects. The PRM-400, which is a six-channel, 200W-per-channel stereo powered mixer with internal DSP effects, also functions as a desk console or is rackmountable, and is useful for small venue live sound reinforcement applications or remote broadcast PA.
fax 510-652-5075
LD STL series: Featuring a menu-based, front-panel digital display, frequency programmability and clear audio, the 10W LD STL series is a new addition to the existing composite STL line up from Bext.
fax 619-239-8474
Multitrack digital audio suite
Xtrack 4.3: New features in Xtrack 4.3 address the increasing requirements for collaborative audio production. This product supports project exchange using the AES31-3 EDL standard. AES31-3 provides a format standard for interchanging audio files and editing data, compatible with multiple computer and proprietary hardware platforms. The system also complies with AES 46, more commonly known as Cart Chunk, to ease interchange among various broadcast systems. Based on the .BWF file format, the AES46 extension is a non-proprietary standard that allows additional metadata to be attached as an integral part of a .WAV file in the form of chunks or integral units of data.
fax 703-875-9161
Acoustic treatment
Realtraps: These broadband bass traps greatly reduce low frequency standing waves. They also feature angled front panels that serve as diffusers to minimize flutter echoes and ringing. The bass traps are complemented by absorbers based on rigid fiberglass that tame midrange and high frequencies. All traps are offered in two heights. Models LB7 and HB7 are 2' wide by 7.5' high, and together absorb the entire bass range starting below 20Hz. Models LB6 and HB6 are 6' high and operate down to 24Hz. These units are also portable; the same traps can be moved easily between rooms if needed, or rearranged within a room to vary the sound.
Multi-effects processor
SPX2000: Inheriting the user interface and common programs from its predecessors, this multi-effects processor provides 96kHz audio DSP and new reverb algorithms with smooth, transparent decay. The processor offers 123 presets and as many as 99 user presets can be saved. The LCD display has been updated to offer five backlight color variations, which may be assigned to user programs. Preset programs are colored by effect type for instant recognition. Rear panel connections include XLR and ¨ù" I/O analog connectors with cut/boost switches, AES/EBU XLR I/O digital connectors, BNC word clock in, and MIDI in/out/trough, plus USB and to host connectors for use with remote control, computer, digital consoles or MIDI devices.
fax 714-522-9522
Music library
Firstcom Music
EVO: This approach to production music features new talent, new sounds and massive amounts of music on each volume. The initial library will consist of 10 enhanced CDs with Quicktrax DVD-ROMs featured on selected volumes. Quicktrax on DVD-ROM offers users sub-mixes in. AIF format that can be copied into production instantly. The EVO website offers users downloadable bonus tracks and provides the opportunity for users to offer creative input on the library's future releases. Additionally, the website features information related to each eCD including composer information, links to related discs and a link to Firstcom's signature search, audition and downloading engine Musiquick Online.
fax 972-242-6526
PC audio test
Audio Precision
APP-2010: The test application establishes the control methods for the device under test, and this setup is then saved to a configuration file. The application also connects to the PC digital bus, enabling the instrument to stream digital audio to and from the PC directly with measurement access to all of the DUT digital domain signal paths and sub-paths. The test application can also establish host-client computer connectivity using the Windows DCOM implementation. This allows the host computer to test a DUT mounted in a client or target computer, which requires only a network connection and a small utility application.
fax 503-641-8906
Transmitter access via IP
Burk Technology
Web Interface: A Web interface for IP-based transmitter remote control, this interface allows users of the GSC3000 and VRC2500 transmitter remote control systems to monitor and control remote sites using a standard Web browser and an Internet connection. Drill-down displays are accessible on the Web, and e-mail alarm notifications may be sent to PCs, pagers, cell phones and other mobile devices. Lynx 4 software can also connect to the Web interface, allowing simultaneous software and Web sessions over the Internet. The Web interface integrates with the existing LAN, and the device is SNMP enabled. The system can be installed at the studio, transmitter site or wherever an Ethernet connection is available.
fax 978-486-0081
Disposable dehydrator
DDH010: This fully automatic indoor/outdoor dehydrator is suitable for pressurizing flexible jumpers and short, high frequency waveguide runs between pole-mounted transmitters or receivers and antennas in low-volume transmission systems from 0.01 to 4 cubic feet. The unit's sealed compressor and desiccant enclosures ensure minimal maintenance and a working life of as long as five years. The unit uses automatic pressure sensing to activate and deactivate the compressor, operating only when it needs to for maintaining pressure in the transmission line. Power consumption is less than 3.5W in operation. It can provide 0.3 to 0.5 psi of pressure.
fax 708-349-5444
Audio engine controller
Route-XY: An input and output selector for the Audio Engine, this is a digital audio router with a card cage architecture. Users plug in cards for the desired number of analog and digital inputs and outputs, networking with other Audio Engines and DSP audio processing capabilities. Analog inputs to the engine are automatically converted to digital and digital inputs are automatically converted to the desired sample rate. All routing and mixing is done in the digital domain. Users can select any input to any output. Source and destination locations are indicated on the LCD panel, along with the unit's current mode of operation. As many as 12 Route-XY units may be connected in series and connected to an audio engine port.
fax 713-664-4479
Digital audio workstation
Tascam/Teac Professional
SX-1LE: Designed for multitrack production, this digital workstation is based on the SX-1, and provides professional features such as 16-track 24-bit recording, 40-input surround mixing, touch-sensitive moving faders, a VGA output and 128-track MIDI. Other features include a 40-input, 32¡¿8 digital mixing console; 5.1 surround mixing; 16 high-quality phantom-powered XLR mic inputs; 16-track uncompressed recording at 48kHz/24-bit; six-channel stem recorder and two displays to view the waveform. MIDI and automation data, SMPTE timecode input and a built-in CD-RW drive are also included.
fax 323-727-7635
Eurorack UB2442FX-Pro: This compact mixer features 16 balanced high-headroom line inputs with dedicated gain controls on stereo channels 13-16, 10 studio-grade IMP invisible mic preamps, and a musical three-band EQ with semi-parametric mid band plus switchable low-cut filter on all mono channels. There is also an integrated 24-bit digital stereo FX processor with 99 virtualizer presets. These consoles lend themselves equally to live and studio use. It is also useful in recording studios as well as MIDI-studio applications and small-size PA applications or remote broadcasts.
fax 425-673-7647;
Cassette recorder
Denon Electronics
DN-780R: This unit's redesigned cassette mechanism provides completely independent A/B deck operation, flexible input and output connections, an optional balanced XLR input/output board and a variety of wired-remote connection terminals. The recorder provides the flexibility of completely independent deck operation. This independent functionality, coupled with twin inputs and outputs, allows for advanced playback and recording scenarios, including the ability to play or record two signals at the same time; the ability to use one deck for playback while recording the same or a separate signal to the other deck; relay play and record feature, which cycles through both sides of deck A and then both sides of deck B for four sides of uninterrupted playback or recording.
fax 973-396-7459
Terrain analysis software
Probe 3: The interface of this software program has been redesigned to enhance the overall usability of the program, including a new look with an upgrade to Windows XP themes. The software maintains all the features of its predecessor, the Probe II, and adds new tools, such as a polygon creation tool that allows users to define a shape on the map and then calculate its area and population, as well as a D/U Ratio Study that allows for color-coded D/U ratios to be plotted on a map. The software also includes a new database search engine, allowing the user to search the database by criteria such as service type, licensee, city of license or distance. It supports NAD27 and NAD83 data, includes a new mapping engine, plots census density using gradient shading and imports MIF files as a separate layer to be plotted on the map.
fax 319-266-9212
Multichannel sound card
Lynx Studio Technology
AES16: This interface offers 16 channels of 192kHz, 24-bit AES/EBU digital audio. The half-size PCI card offers sample rate in single-wire and dual-wire AES modes. It is shipped with a hardware-based 32-channel digital mixer, which is controlled by its own software application. Designed to integrate digital consoles, multichannel A/D-D/A converters, hard disk recorders, digital audio workstations and other digital audio equipment, the product is compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The unit incorporates Synchrolock, a proprietary Lynx technology that allows the interface to output low jitter digital audio from severely degraded signals.
949-515-8265 x 205
fax 949-645-8470
Audio matrix switcher
Kramer Electronics
VS-1616A: This switcher is a 16¡¿16 audio matrix switcher for balanced audio stereo signals on detachable terminal block connectors. It is compatible with balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs. The switcher is controlled via the front-panel touch switches, via their serial RS-232 and RS-485 ports. The user-friendly LCD display makes operation even easier, and 16 preset memory locations provide quick access to the most frequently used configurations. The unit includes Windows 95/98/2000/NT control software. The system may be used as a single unit, or it can be expanded up to 96¡¿96 inputs/outputs. It can be configured into a multi-signal switcher system including digital and analog audio and RS-422 control switchers.
fax 908-735-0515
Wind River Broadcast Center
The Broadcaster's Bigbook: These workbooks are useful for maintaining a public inspection file. By standardizing station operations, the workbook can help licensees avoid violations. The Control Room workbook provides help in daily operations, technical services, logs and inspections and FCC compliance. The Public File workbook helps keep information in the public inspection file up to date. Sections include the public file rulepart, notice and non-notice applications, ownership reports, public station donor files, certifications and forms.
fax 970-663-6081
Mixing software
PCDJ FX: The FX boasts more than 100 new features and effects not found in the company's PCDJ Red dual audio-file player. In addition to giving DJs, producers and engineers the ability to add programmable echo, chorus, flange, reverb and compression, the software also offers a powerful three-band equalizer with infinity kill buttons for all bands, enabling DJs to isolate, drop or boost vocals or bass lines with the click of a mouse. Radio personnel can use the loop editor with its graphic stereo waveform display to perform laser-precise adjustments to loop lengths, cue points and loop tempos.
Graphic equalizers
Furman Sound
Rackrider series: The single-channel RR-131 and dual-channel RR-231 divide the audio frequency spectrum into 31 bands, each spaced ¨÷ of an octave apart, while the dual-channel RR-215 divides the spectrum into 15 bands, each spaced ¨ø of an octave apart. Each slider allows an EQ adjustment of ¡¾6dB or ¡¾12dB, depending on the setting of the range switch. All models are built using compact 20mm sliders, allowing a full set of 30 or 31 sliders to fit in a single rack space. The sliders are center detented for quick identification of the zero setting. Because the exact EQ setting chosen may alter the program's overall loudness, level controls are provided on sliders that trim the gain over a 10dB range.
fax 707-763-1310
Audio recorder/player
ARES-PII: The machine provides rugged reliability to environmental extremes of temperature, humidity and shock in a hand-held design. The DSP and audio PCBs have been replaced to create the ARES-PII. The ARES-PII can emulate an RCX220 via USB as an external PCX sound card or as a FAT16 machine recognized via USB as a removable hard disk. Features of the unit include: flashcard-formatted FAT16, any files from the directory can be individually deleted, markers can be inserted during record and playback and linear PCM recording.
fax 615-726-5189
Upgrades and Updates

Sony Pictures Now Shipping Sound Forge
Version 7 of Sound Forge software, the company's digital audio editor, is now available. This is the first new professional software release from Sony Pictures Digital Networks since it purchased all of Sonic Foundry's desktop production software assets in July 2003.

Sound Forge 7.0 includes new features and enhancements such as DirectX plug-in automation, automated time-based recording, audio threshold record triggering, VU meters for recording and playback, enhanced spectrum analysis tools and several noise generators.

Scott Studios Intros SS32 for Linux

SS32 for Linux features the same look, feel and features as the Windows versions, but provides new security, support and safety. Stations running SS32 for Linux can switch to SS32 for Windows free if they aren't completely satisfied with all of its features.

VBEngineering Offers Transmitter Support

VBEngineering has been authorized to sell replacement parts for all CCA, CSI and SI transmitters. Many parts are in stock now and ready for shipment. Also available are all of the schematics and manuals for these companies' transmitters.

Patriot Antenna Systems Offers Antenna Upgrade

Patriot Antenna Systems is offering an upgrade path for its commercial-grade, receive-only offset antennas to become transmit dishes at any time in the future. Users can purchase a tx/rx feed assembly and to upgrade the antenna in the field. The upgrade can be used on Ku, Ka or C-band systems.

AKG Extends its Three-year Warranty

AKG has extended warranty to some of its small-diaphragm condenser microphones, including: C 391B, C 451B, C 451B/ST, the C 480B and all Ultra-Linear series capsules (CK 61, CK 62, CK 63, CK 69), SE 300B and Blue Line capsules (CK 91, CK 92, CK 93, CK 94, CK 98), C 2000 B and the new C 1000 S to a period of three years.

Zephyr Xport Software Upgrade Adds G.722

New Version 2.0 software for Zephyr Xport is a free download for Xport users, and includes several enhancements and new features. Zephyr Xports with ISDN can connect via G.722. ISDN calls can now be made from one Zephyr Xport to a second Xport, using Low Delay MPEG AAC-LD coding.

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NWS XML/Atom Feed for CAP Messages

The feed provides feeds for all US states and territories.

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