New Products (Oct 2003)

New products from Altinex, Andrew, Audio Accessories, Behringer, Broadcast Devices, Broadcast Tools, Burli Software, Crown Audio,, Dialight, Dielectric, Eventide, Feelance Media Services, Henry, Kramer Electronics, Mackie, Maycom, Moseley Associates, Omnirax, Presonus Audio Electronics, Primera Technology, Rolls, Sony Pictures Digital Networks, SPL, Studer, Switchcraft, Towerswitch, Vestax and Whirlwind.
Mic accessory
Maycom Audio Systems

Mic tube: This high-end pre-amp fits directly in a XLR dynamic mic. It gives a line-out for every recorder (MP-3, DAT, MD, CASS), creating a convenient hookup.
+31 481 453466
fax +31 481 375988

Digital audio recorder/player
Henry Engineering

Digistor-MP: This solid-state MPEG digital audio recorder/player stores as much as 20 minutes of audio with 15kHz bandwidth. The unit can store as many as 99 messages, which can be accessed via GPI or RS-232 protocol. This product is useful for broadcast station network news delay, IDs, spot inserts, SAP channel ID and sound effects. MPEG files can be downloaded from a PC for stand-alone playback.
fax 626-355-0077

LED tower beacon

Low-profile L864: This a low-profile, LED-based flashing red beacon marks obstacles that pose hazards to aircraft navigation. Measuring just 19.89" high, the new light is ETL certified to FAA AC NO: (150/5345-43E) and compliant with Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR 621.19) and ICAO (Annex 14, July 1990). Designed to replace 300mm incandescent obstruction lighting fixtures, it mounts onto standard bolt patterns, interfacing easily into existing or new installations. The flashing red beacon incorporates high-flux LEDs that use 90 percent less energy and last years longer than incandescent lights. It dissipates heat for optimum LED performance, and a unique lens design provides 360-degree visibility. The new light can be operated in flashing or steady-state mode and creates no troublesome EMI/RFI. The beacon features a weather- and corrosion-resistant lamp assembly and housing to resist shock and vibration.
fax 732-751-5778

Active PA loudspeaker

SRM350: Benefiting from Mackie Active loudspeaker technology, the two-way, bi-amplified loudspeaker is capable of 121dB output with a built-in 165W LF amplifier and a 30W HF amplifier. This product boosts key low-end frequencies as volume levels are reduced to create a well-balanced output at any level. Driver configuration for the loudspeaker includes a single 10-inch LF woofer and a 1-inch HF driver. A waveguide horn and direct radiating woofer allows it to deliver wide and even sound dispersion. The lightweight, high-impact plastic enclosure design is useful for PA and floor monitor applications, as well as being easy to transport with comfortable handles on one side and on top.
fax 425-487-4337

Data patchbay

NPB 556: With the increased need to route audio data within a facility, the NPB 556 provides a familiar patchbay feel to accommodate various uses. This unit's switching normals simplify and reduce installation labor time to minutes with only a slotted screwdriver. The system offers 96 Bantam TT style jacks in a wide range of configurations. It is available in 1, 1.5 and 2RU heights. This unit uses AES/EBU wiring for complete digital compatibility. Nickel-plated, brass sleeves reduce wear and increase reliability. Gold-plated switching contacts reduce contact resistance. It is housed in a lightweight anodized aluminum frame and is available in a wide range of back panel options, including unwired versions with cable tray or cable tie bars.
fax 773-792-2129

Rack-mount mixer
SPL - Sound Performance Lab

Grapevine Keymix 6: This compact mixer offers nine inputs, three stereo and three mono outputs, a mic preamp, an insert loop plus monitor and main outputs. Potential applications include uses as a remote broadcast mixer, studio submixer or news room/dub station mixer. It features an internal power supply with ground lift switch, high-quality potentiometers and switches, a double-sided PCB for durability and reliability and a rugged metal casing. The mic channel can supply 48V phantom power. Line-level I/O is on 1/4" TRS jacks. The separate mix outputs are ideal for creating and mixing mix-minus feeds and a PA feed at remotes.
fax 805-435-7455

Automation and scheduling bundle
Freelance Media Services

Radio Automation 24/7 Software Suite: The software suite consists of two main programs: Broadcaster and Scheduler. Together, these programs provide flexibility and control managing audio events and program elements. The Scheduler program provides a single, easy-to-use interface for managing program elements and audio events. The user can create broadcast playlists, music rotations and event sequences. With Cartchunk traffic data tags and ID3 info tags, the software can save audio cut information tags directly to the audio files without the need of separate databases. Broadcaster handles all of the automation functions from audio playback to external hardware control, event logging and EAS logging. Once program elements are created and setup in Scheduler, the Broadcaster program will integrate each broadcast playlist into an on-air product using auto-ducking, voice-tracking, and audio mixing based on user-defined settings and properties.

Cobranet optical relay

DLS1: The DLS1 transmits the Ethernet and Cobranet protocols easily, economically, safely and securely over an infrared laser beam. Its 2GB bandwidth has the capacity for transmitting and receiving large amounts of data, including hundreds of channels of Cobranet audio in real time. These units use standard Gigabit fiber optic input and output. No additional software or hardware configurations are necessary. While not intended to totally replace structured cable, its implementation into a hybrid copper and fiber delivery system can reduce costs associated with construction labor, conduit, termination and other hardwired systems issues. The resulting bi-directional network allows signal transmission with add/drop points at any location and can provide fail-safe redundancy.
fax 716-865-8930

Audio playback utility

Xplay: Having been updated, this Windows-based audio playback utility now supports Apt-X .DAF files. An audio playback utility for DCS and Maestro systems, it now supports Apt-X audio playback in addition to linear and MPEG-II audio files. The software can be used to play back audio files created using Computer Concepts' audio delivery systems from any 32-bit Windows work station equipped with a standard sound card and access to the audio inventory, typically via an Audio Central Plus (ACP) server.
fax 952-949-9448


PDX-2300: Representing the next generation of the PDX-2000, this turntable is aimed at the modern DJ and the vinyl connoisseur. A digital readout allows precision pitch adjustment with +/-50 percent pitch control on a fader plus an additional +/-10 percent with a fine pitch control.
fax 516-333-9108

Tower monitoring

Lift-Notes: The Lift-Notes system is designed for tall tower elevators and helps reduce liability and insurance premiums. It provides safety and operating information to passengers and optionally permits the tower owner to restrict elevator operation until all safety and warning messages are played.

Four-channel mixer
Rolls Corporation

MX124: This stereo field mixer has four balanced XLR inputs each with switchable phantom power and low-cut switches, and two transformer-balanced XLR outputs each with a rear-panel output level control. Each microphone channel has a pan and level control. Front-panel stereo 1/4" headphone and 3.5mm headphone outputs are also provided. The unit operates on two 9V alkaline batteries, or an optional Rolls PS27 dc power supply. LEDs indicate power presence and audio clipping.
fax 801-263-9068


Force 36: Sound and sight lines are optimized for comfortable extended sessions with this workstation. The design's wrap-around curves enhance the look of any recording environment. It is available in a choice of melamine laminate colors, as well as in black melamine laminate combined with acajou mahogany, maple or gey slate Formica desk and riser surfaces. The workstation has two 12-space rack bays below the desk surface for peripherals. A fully adjustable keyboard and mouse shelf is included, which attaches to the underside of the desk. The complete unit is mounted on heavy-duty casters for mobility and easy cabling. Its work surface can support most table-top mixers or an array of small-format control surfaces. The three-level curved riser above the rear of the desk is wide enough for numerous monitors and speakers, and features four rack bays. Two outer four-space rack bays are ergonomically set at an angle, which provides sightlines and easy access to the equipment placed in them. The tops of these rack bays provide placement for Near Field Speakers. In the center are two two-space rack bays with a generous shelf above, large enough for most dual video-monitor configurations.
fax 415-332-2607

Coaxial cable

Flexline: The coaxial cable is available in 7/8" through 6-1/8" line sizes and features patented precision-fitted connectors. Now users have an alternative to rigid transmission line for installations on crowded towers, broadband systems or any other situation in which flexible transmission line is advantageous. Oxygen-free copper and polyethylene are used to make these coaxial cables. No recycled materials are used.
fax 207-655-7120

Satellite contol software

Earth Station Management Software: This software provides real-time network and earth station equipment management, monitoring and control. Users can operate networks or stations and set up schedules and programmable events. The software also allows users to lower their system operating costs by being able to combine operations into one location for the most efficient use of resources. The comprehensive monitoring and reporting capability provides event calendars, maintenance logs and status reports. Using these reports, the system operator can remotely detect and analyze device conditions so that preventative action can be taken before a problematic event results in equipment failure and network downtime. The software has an Intuitive Graphical User Interface for displaying network and equipment configurations. The software requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows NT operating system.
fax 708-349-5444

Digital audio switch
Broadcast Devices

AES302: This two-input AES-compatible switcher can sense the loss of signal and actuate a switch automatically. The unit features automatic and manual mode switching. It features four outputs that can drive AES-compatible digital audio loads. The unit also features a 24-bit digital-to-analog converter with professional balanced 4dBm left/right output. There is also a front panel headphone output for confidence monitoring. The digital I/O can be ordered with XLR, S/PDIF or optical interface. Status indicators include complete error status with memory, sample rate indication, position status and mode status. All functions can be actuated by a front-panel push button or remote control.
fax 914-736-6916

Sample rate converter
Kramer Electronics

FC-2000: A bi-directional broadcast-quality audio-format transcoder and digital sample-rate converter. The converter inputs are analog on XLRs, AES/EBU, S/PDIF and Optical digital, with similar outputs. All outputs are simultaneously available for each selected input format. Digital input scan rate is automatically detected, and the user can change output scan rates between 32kHz and 96kHz. The machine can be genlocked to an internal reference, or to the AES/EBU incoming signal or even to a video reference. The unit is housed in a rugged, 1RU enclosure.
fax 908-735-0515

Quick-switch normalling patchbays
Audio Accessories

Shorti series: The Shorti series delivers flexibility of the Quick-switch normalling system. The company has taken the standard 2 x 48 x 2RU, 0.172" mini patchbay and brought the tip, ring and sleeve of each jack out to individual three-pin EDAC connectors. Then it's mounted on the rear of a 3" deep Shorti box, with a cabling support tray behind for bundling incoming cables. The Quick-switch normalling pod allows the user to set the individual normals on a per jack-pair basis. This enables the user to full-normal, half-normal or non-normal individual bused grounds on a per-row basis. The Quick-switch has also been incorporated into the line of 1/4" long-frame Shortis. This 2 x 26 x 1RU 1/4" long-frame MAXI patchbay has the tip ring and sleeve of each jack brought out to individual three-pin EDAC connectors. It's mounted on the rear of a 4" deep Shorti box, with a cabling support tray behind for bundling incoming cables. The normalling pod is unique because all the individual normals can be set on a per jack-pair basis. By positioning the shunts to the proper locations, the user can select full-normal, half-normal, non-normal or grounds vertically strapped.
fax 603-446-7543

Digital audio editor
Sony Pictures Digital Networks

Sound Forge 7.0: This software includes many features and enhancements, such as: automated time-based recording; audio threshold record triggering; VU meters for recording and playback; enhanced spectrum analysis tools; DirectX plug-in effects automation; white, pink and brown noise generators; Media Explorer previewing; and project file creation. The software is used for production in recording studios, post production facilities, broadcast and media complexes, home studios, radio stations and training facilities. The application includes an extensive set of customizable processes, effects and tools for manipulating audio, creating streaming media and also offers support for a wide range of file import and export options for most industry formats.

A/D converter

SRC2496: The successor to the SRC2000, this converter enables the user to transfer digital audio signals between devices with different sample rates, formats or interfaces, disable SCMS for 1:1 digital copies and remove dropouts or jitter from digital media. Simultaneously operable outputs offer splitter functionality. The 24-bit/96kHz compatible converter now offers high-quality 24-bit/96kHz A/D-D/A conversion. Format conversion between AES/EBU and S/PDIF (coaxial or optical) is provided with high-quality signal output with 16-, 20- or 24-bit resolution. Universal sample rate synchronization is done via word clock or digital input. XLR, RCA and optical outputs are simultaneously operational with separately selectable inputs, turning this unit into a digital patchbay.
fax 425-673-7647

Wireless data link
Moseley Associates

Max-link: Consisting of the Max-Link IDU and the AB-Access wireless data radio, the IDU is a full duplex packetizer for up to eight E1/T1 highways that can operate in E1 or T1 mode, and whose individual 64kb/s channels can be ATM cell networked to a composite ATM 25 port. The IDU connects to the all-outdoor AB-Access radio by use of a regular CAT-5 cable. The two units can be up to 150' apart. Features of this product include a license exempt wireless link, rapid ROI, split IDU/ODU architecture, switchable ATM or IP interfaces and it is fast and easy to deploy.
fax 805-685-9638

Optical disc duplicator
Primera Technology

Composermax: This high-volume, four-drive CD/DVD duplicator automatically records and prints as many as 400 discs per job at fast 32x recording speeds. This automated CD-R/DVD-R duplication system is designed for high-volume production environments. Advanced robotics are used to pick and place discs into two or four recordable drives. After discs are recorded they are transported into individual 100-disc output bins. The entire process is automatic and no operator intervention is necessary after a job has been started. Discs can also be transported to an optional, built-in ink-jet or thermal transfer optical disc printer or full-color printing with up to 2400 dpi print resolution.
fax 763-475-6677

Compact digital console

On-Air 500: Offering six channel faders, two master faders and an integrated input router, this console offers the utmost flexibility to the operator. Important information like source label, output bus assignment, clean feed and talkback activation, equalizer and dynamics operation is displayed in the channel display of the fader strip, thus leading to easy operation and a fast learning curve. The console is equipped with two 30-segment LED stereo bar graph meters, each including an additional phase correlator. Two timers and a PFL loudspeaker are also provided. Signal processing includes a three band equalizer and dynamics functions like compression, limiting and gating. These are topped with a Lexicon effects processor making the console a versatile production tool. The console features an integrated power supply with the possibility of 24Vdc operation for mobile applications. The unit can be operated in a first-level power supply redundancy mode by powering it with ac line voltage and simultaneously with a 24Vdc source.
fax 416-510-1294

Amplifier line
Crown Audio

CTs series: The series is comprised of six amplifiers: the two-channel CTs 600, 1200, 2000 and 3000, four-channel CTs 4200 and eight-channel CTs 8200. Every CTs amplifier uniquely provides a choice of direct constant voltage outputs (70V and, on four models, 100V) and low impedance outputs (8 ohms, 4 ohms and, on four models, 2 ohms), while increased output power at every impedance improves system headroom at practical power steps. Each CTs series amplifier is housed in low-profile, all-steel 2RU frame, except for the CTs 8200, which features a 3RU chassis. Furthermore, two-channel models feature a shallow rack depth of 14", while multichannel models are only 16.25" deep. CTs amplifiers feature protection circuitry, including a new ac line voltage monitor that protects the amplifier by shutting it down in the event of an over- or under-voltage condition, and then flashes the blue power indicator light for quick troubleshooting.
fax 219-294-8250

Stereo switcher
Broadcast Tools

ACS 8.2: This router accommodates eight stereo inputs, two stereo and two monaural outputs. All eight inputs assigned to output one may be faded up, down or dimmed. Inputs assigned to output two are only switched on or off. The front panel is equipped with push buttons for sensors, PIP and power. It may be configured for three switching modes. The mix mode allows the mixing of any or all inputs to any or all outputs. The overlap mode can overlap any two inputs to an output. The duration of the overlap may be set in increments of 1/10 of a second, with a maximum of 9.9 seconds. The interlock mode immediately connects a selected input while the previous input is immediately disconnected. Features include eight open collector status outputs, eight SPDT relays, dual silence sensors with SPDT relays, power-up selection of inputs to outputs, fade attenuation and speed is user programmable.
fax 360-854-9479

Tabletop interconnect box

PNP402 Pop 'N Plug: This device provides access to multimedia input connections on two sides when needed, and hides them when not needed. This unit comes standard with both sides filled with the most commonly used connections for presentation and computer connectivity. However, it can be completely customized with a variety of data or A/V connectors before shipment. Using a tower-type construction with pneumatic suspension and a mechanical latching mechanism, the product can pop up into a raised position to provide access to input plates, or it can be lowered flush into the table when not in use. Connectors are available on each side of the unit. Custom configuration is possible by choosing alternate connectors for the standard faceplate, or filling six slots on each side with sectional plates. A variety of sectional plate connector configurations are available to populate this unit, including 15-pin HD (VGA-style) connectors, standard A/V connectors, international power sockets, and a variety of snap-in port connectors that can be used in the dual snap-in port sectional plate. Ideal for temporary studio connections and external feed panels in a studio.
fax 714-990-3303

Algorithm creator

Reverb 2016: Dedicated controls and menu-free operation in a state-of-the-art, single rack space, roadworthy chassis are all features of this product. The system recreates the original reverb algorithms of the Eventide SP2016 Stereo Room, Room Reverb and High Density Plate, as well as new enhanced versions of each algorithm designed to take advantage of additional processing power, yielding higher reflection density. The user interface is optimized for the studio and for front-of-house applications. It also features a new, enhanced version of each of the originals, which shares the basic structure of the originals but with more complex early reflections, higher density and finer control of the parameters.
fax 201-641-1640

Presonus Audio Electronics

CL44: This four-channel compressor/limiter combines analog circuitry with the latest in DSP sidechain technology. The traditional compressor feature set is expanded to include a separate brickwall limiter, compander and high-pass sidechain filter, making it useful with digital recording and live applications. A shared threshold potentiometer allows the compressor and compander to work in tandem to maintain complete control over wide variations in signal level. The high-pass filter for the sidechain operates completely in the digital domain from 20Hz to 20kHz. An optical mode gives the CL44 the ability to emulate the dynamics curves found in vintage optical limiters. Adjacent channel linking furthers the flexibility of the CL44. Features include a +4/-10 audio level select switch, sidechain insert, balanced XLR I/O and a single TRS unbalanced I/O for each channel.
fax 225-926-8347

Internet newsroom link
Burli Software

Virtual newsroom: This application links news workstations across distances. To send a story to a different location, a user clicks on the story and drags and drops it onto the name of the remote location. Users can share wire copy, scripts, faxes, email, rundowns and full broadcast-quality audio. Users can conduct a search of a remote bureau, read assignments from home or remote locations and grab clips from the archive remotely. Supports MP3, MP2 and linear audio and includes FTP support.
fax 604-684-4160

Upgrades and Updates

Digigram Adds More Linux Support

Digigram has released a Linux driver under open source licensing for its Mixart 8 and Mixart 8 AES/EBU multichannel sound cards. The driver follows the most advanced audio standard for Linux called ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) and is available for download at

In March 2003, Digigram released a Linux driver for its VX222, VXpocket v2 and VXpocket 440 sound cards.

Tascam Ships FW-1884

Designed by Tascam and Frontier Design Group, the FW-1884 uses the Firewire high-speed data transfer protocol. The unit features an 18-channel audio interface, eight mic preamps, 4×4 MIDI interface and flexible editing and mixing controls.

Audioscience Adds Low-rate MP3 to 6000 Series

Audioscience has added Low Sample rate Format (LSF) MP3 support to its range of ASI6000 audio adapters. Also known as MPEG-2 and MPEG-2.5 Layer 3, the LSF formats support MP3 encoding and decoding at sample rates of 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.050 and 24kHz and bit rates of 8kb/s to 160kb/s. All signal processing is done on the adapter's DSP, Low sample rate MP3 is available free of charge through driver update v2.82, available from the Audioscience website.

Orban Updates Digital Audio Manual

Orban has released the 2003 edition of Maintaining Audio Quality in the Broadcast Facility. The revised edition is available for free download from the Orban website. This edition has more material about digital than previous editions, and it debunks some common digital audio myths.

This version uses some of the enhanced functions of Adobe Acrobat 6, but previous version of Acrobat Reader will be able to view the material.

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