New Products (Dec 2002)

Fiberglass antennas
V-33070 and V-147-CL2: The V-33070-CL2 is a coil-loaded, 74-foot whip antenna for AM applications. The second section is inductively loaded to the resonant frequency as specified by the customer. Notable applications are high efficiency coast station requirements in the 100kHz to 1,500kHz bands for marine and aeronautical radio beacon and communicating systems. The usual method of installation is with an above-the-base feed-point. The V-147-CL2 is a coil-loaded, 49-foot whip antenna. This antenna incorporates features of the base section of the Canadian naval whip antenna and the loading section design of the low-frequency whip antenna. The pedestal base mounts the antenna to its foundation and the base is made of the same filament fiberglass used in the antenna. The result is a base insulator with electrical and mechanical properties. Power handling capabilities are improved while eliminating the weight of conventional brass and porcelain insulators. The shape transmits the bending moment evenly to the base mounting bolts. The antenna is available in two standard configurations to meet various system and installation requirements.
fax 519-824-3411
Hand-held condenser microphone
RE510: This super-cardioid hand-held condenser microphone offers the flexibility to adapt to different applications. The mic delivers sound via a broad, smooth bandwidth, low distortion and a wide dynamic range. The low-frequency boost switch makes it possible to configure the mic as a classic sounding live vocal mic or as a high-performance studio mic. In the roll-off configuration, the low end of the mic compensates for proximity effect, while the upper-mid frequencies offer a clear and natural response. When the mic is configured for studio mode, the low-end response is lifted so that it becomes a versatile instrument microphone, or it can be used to add warmth to a performer's or announcer's voice. The wide bandwidth and high SPL handling capability, makes it useful for home micing an acoustic guitar, guitar amplifier, cymbals or a kick drum. The configuration switch for changing the mic from vocal to instrument mode is located beneath the ball screen and can't be changed inadvertently. Design features include a Warm Grip handle for reduced handling noise, a multistage pop-filter to reduce breath noise and a Memraflex grille for durability.
fax 952-887-5588
Audio spot distribution
FastChannel Network
Freedom 4.0: Freedom 4.0 streamlines the management of audio advertising assets, while giving users the ability to share information about those assets with co-workers, clients and broadcasters. Key features of this system include research tools that now give users the ability to search and filter by multiple criteria, be it ISCI, advertiser, trafficker, destination, P.O. number or status; and Access Control, which allows users to restrict or grant access to any part of the company environment. Access control empowers the user administrator to control access to the system at every level; Traffic Only Orders allows the user to create, distribute and track traffic only orders to every station in the system; and Order Entry and Management, which allows users to place a single order for an entire market or campaign.
fax 617-489-3006
On-air mixer for radio
D&R Electronics
Airmate Mixer: Built around low-noise circuitry, this console is a workhorse for the efficient on-air environment. Eight triple input modules in a 19-inch rack mounted, RF shielded steel chassis offer flexibility. Line B can accept a plug in R.I.A.A. equalized phono pre-amp on every module, when necessary. Every module has a balanced mic input with phantom power as standard.
+31 294-418 014
fax +31 294-416 987
Audio logging system
Telos Systems
Profiler: Automatically log a radio station's program audio using this industry-standard MP3 audio compression technology. No more clunky tape machines or expensive hardware — this system runs on a standard PC under Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional. Configure the system once and it runs unattended, producing time-annotated MP3 files for space-efficient digital backups of a station's audio. It records one stereo channel per audio card; record as many as four streams by adding more audio cards. This product is useful for stations legally required to log program content, for production directors who assemble audio composites or program hosts who wish to archive their broadcasts. Archived audio can be auditioned remotely via LAN, WAN or the Internet. Someone can also listen to live audio during the encoding process, which is useful for consultants or group PDs. This system stores time-stamped audio in easy-to-search 15-minute blocks for fast retrieval. The system can simultaneously record and encode audio and feed live audio to a LAN, WAN or the Internet (dependent on network bandwidth). Encoded program segments can also be set to upload automatically to a Web server via FTP. Select and export audio segments to .wav format for external editing. Industry-standard MP3 compression technology allows logged audio to be played back on any standard MP3 player. Play files in the included Profiler Archive Player to view detailed time-of-day data and user annotations.
fax 216-241-4103
Music library
TM Century
Mpowermix: Based as a subscription service, this platform combines the components of the Imaging package in a modular format that allows for different modules to be arranged together, like audio Legos, to create hundreds of imaging elements. All the modules are delivered in a .wav file format, broken down into its individual audio tracks. The vocals and instrumentals are separated into discrete tracks, allowing the stations to remix the modules in countless different forms. The company provides continuous updates to the packages for clients. At least once a quarter, new music will be posted on the site. This music can be combined with the stations' existing vocal tracks to create scores of more IDs and branding and imaging elements.
fax 972-406-6890
Stereo switcher
Broadcast Tools
SS 16.4: This switcher accommodates 16 stereo inputs, four stereo and four monaural outputs. The front panel is equipped with push buttons for input, output, macro and mute selection. LED indicators display the status of inputs, outputs, silence sensors, PIP and power. The switcher may be configured for three switching modes: mix mode allows the mixing of any inputs to any outputs; the overlap mode provides the overlapping of any two inputs to an output. The duration of the overlap may be set in increments of 1/10 of a second, with a maximum of 9.9 seconds; in the interlock mode, the selected input is immediately connected while the previous input is immediately disconnected. Features include 16 open collector status outputs, eight SPST relays, four silence sensors, power-up selection of inputs to outputs and a flexible system configuration.
fax 360-854-9479
Speaker muting, warning light controller
Jasoni Electronics
Kontrollex Model A-1: This controller was designed for users of audio mixers that do not have provisions for muting speakers and turning on a warning light when live mics are used in the same studio as monitor speakers. The controller can be activated three ways: audio send from mic channel, on-off switch and 5-35V dc. The warning light can be programmed to illuminate in a solid or flashing mode. Multiple lights can be used. If self-powered speakers are used, the user can loop the audio through the controller via RCA jacks. Monitor amplifiers are properly terminated into a resistive load when muted. Additional product information and a specification sheet is available on request.

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