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Engineering software

Fifty Thousand Watt Software

Voice from the Past: Voice from the Past comes in two programs, VP-Record and VP-Retrieve. VP-Record is designed for simplicity. The user supplies an audio source and designates a sound file folder. VP-Record continuously records all audio in full CD-quality. The recording is done in 1-minute sound files so that, in the event of a hardware or power failure, no more than 60-seconds of recorded material is lost. VP-Retrieve can retrieve the recorded audio from anywhere on the network. A typical station might have one seat of VP-Record and five seats of VP-Retrieve. The VP-Retrieve program has a user interface that makes it easy to designate a time period to retrieve, and then controls that make it easy to audition the retrieved audio so that it can be correctly trimmed at the start and the end of the desired event. The retrieved audio is exported to a single continuous WAV file. Voice from the Past can save up to three weeks of audio. The program automatically deletes sound files older than the designated save time. The main screen continuously reports the amount of remaining disk space. Voice from the Past is particularly well suited for recording live radio shows for rebroadcast. It removes the need to set up to record a show. The show can simply be retrieved at any time in the following few weeks. Voice from the Past runs under Windows.

Samson Technology

Studio monitors

Samson Technologies

Media One: Available in three configurations, Media One Active Monitors offer full-range sound. Each model is equipped with a 25mm high frequency tweeter and passive crossovers utilizing a multi-pole design for a linear response. The Media One 3A has a 3" woofer with 15W of Class A/B internal power. The 4A offers a 4" woofer with 20W of internal power and the 5A sports a 5" woofer with 20W of internal power. The result is a compact cabinet that delivers solid bass response and extended highs. Each pair of Media One monitors has a front control panel with volume control, headphone output and an auxiliary input for connecting a second signal source such as an MP3 player.

Live two-way broadcasting

Technica del Arte

Luci Live Two: With Luci Live Two, users can broadcast to any professional IP-codec and play pre-recorded material while broadcasting. The unit features RTP or UDP low-delay streaming, shoutcast or icecast compatibility, recording while broadcasting, realtime MPEG conversion to MP2 and 48kHz sample rate, 32 to 256kb/s.
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AC power management


M7500CRD-IP: The M7500CRD-IP is a card for remote control of the MAX 7500-PRO power management system. Featuring remote diagnostics and e-mail alerts, the M7500CRD-IP reduces the need for installers to drive to an end user's location for routine maintenance and re-setting. Utilizing the card, users have control of the MAX 7500-Pro's individual outlet banks, featuring power, trigger and delay settings. Remote diagnostics check the unit status and incoming line voltages, while e-mail alerts for over- and under-voltages help users anticipate or prevent service calls. The IP card features an easy, plug-and-play installation interface and spring-loaded screws to secure the card to the rear of the MAX 7500-Pro. An included LAN port is compatible with BaseT 10/100.


Audio editors plug-in suite


RX Plug-ins: Izotope RX audio restoration plug-ins feature the essential tools for cleaning and restoring audio. Available for VST, Audio Unit, MAS, Pro Tools (RTAS, Audio Suite), and DirectX, the plug-ins are now included with the stand-alone version. Current RX customers will be able to download the update free of charge. RX removes hiss and buzz, eliminates clicks and crackles, and repairs overload distortion in audio. New intelligent Spectral Repair algorithms can even analyze and fill gaps in audio files to restore previously unusable recordings.

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