The Pick Hits of the 2008 NAB Show 

The Radio magazine Pick Hits of the 2008 NAB Show are the top 15 new products of the convention as selected by the magazine's Pick Hits panel.

Field Report: Audio Compass 1.0 

A new software application called Audio Compass makes remote radio broadcasts easy. Now we can produce shows wherever there’s high-speed connectivity and a PC. Audio Compass is a simple software application that turns a PC into an audio codec.

New Products 

New products from Agilent Technologies, Nagra, Stream On, Axel Technology, Belkin, Destiny Media Technologies, Fluke, Rapcohorizon, Fiberplex, ATC, ERI-Electronics Research, Zaxcom, Primera Technology, Studer, Furman Sound, Dan Dugan Sound Design, Pinta Acoustic/Sonex, Digigram, and Audessence.

Field Report: KLZ Innovations Audiofile 

One of the best features of the logger is that the software runs on a computer in my rack room, and the sever runs as a service, which make it difficult to be accidentally disabled or shut down.

Rise of the Console 

The reality is that there aren't that many analog consoles made any more, and installing them, in the old-fashioned way, just isn't that economical

Field Report: Olympus LS-10 

What sets the LS-10 apart from the other recorders can be seen the moment you take it out of the box. The outer case of the Olympus LS-10 is constructed from aluminum and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Extremely lightweight, it weighs less than 6 ounces and is comfortable to use

New Products 

New products from Aeroflex, Air Cannons, Cedar, Comrex, Deva Broadcasting, Dynasonics, ERI-Electronics Research, Fifty Thousand Watt Software, Har-Ken Specialties, I/One Connects, Intracom Systems, Izotope, Mackie, Mayah, Mediatron, Middle Atlantic Products, Music 2 Hues, Neumann, Neutrik, Noisecom, Panamax, Samson Technology, Sealevel, SM Pro Audio, Soundcraft USA, Tapco, Technica del Arte and Adam Pro Audio, Vision Enhanced Studios, Yangaroo and You/Com Audiocommunicatie

Field Report: Axia Element and Livewire 

Our system has been very reliable and versatile. It is easy to troubleshoot and quick to reconfigure for special needs. Upon launching the first station to air, we noticed an immediate extension in frequency response on both low and high end as well as an improvement in depth and clarity, with the same audio chain we had been using before

Audio Science Redesigns PCI Tuner Adapters 

The ASI8921 is a half-length PCI card, much smaller than the ASI8700 series, and can be fitted with one or two tuner modules as required

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB 

USB cardioid condenser microphone

Field Report: JK Audio Remote Mix 4 

With the Remote Mix 4, JK Audio has introduced 21st century cell phone and Bluetooth technology to the remote broadcast clique. In this age of wireless-ness, it’s a timely introduction

NAB Show New Products 

More new product peeks from the 2008 NAB Show.

Field Report: Sony PCM-D50 

We chose the Sony PCM-D50, which is capable of recording WAV files and MP3 playback. The device itself has two built-in microphones; an external handheld microphone can also be used, and there are connections to attach a line-level device

New Products 

New products from NTI, Falcon Electric, Mayah Communications, Sonifex, Audix, Barix, Samson Technologies, Kaltman Creations, Allen and Heath, Tugicom RF Design, DM Engineering, Fifty Thousand Watt Software, Loopmasters, Broadcast Tools, Furman Sound, Behringer, Farlight, Tapco, Harris, Olympus, Caig Laboratories and Corsair

2008 NAB Extra! 

New Products at the 2008 NAB Show from APW, Audioarts Engineering, Avlex, Avocent, Axia Audio, Barix Technology, Broadcast Software International, Burk Technology, Dialight, Dielectric, DK Technologies, Enco Systems, Harris, Heil Sound, Hosa, JK Audio, Klotz Digital., LEA International/Transtector, Mayah Communications, Neutrik, Power Module Technology, Propagation Systems, RCS, RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten, Samson Technologies, Sennheiser Electronic, Sonifex, Soundfield Research, Staco Energy Products, Stream Guys, Switchcraft, Tascam, Telos Systems, Vorsis, Wirecad, Yamaha and Zaxcom.

Field Report: Kowa PX-10 

Some devices have a front panel that demands attention. Such is the Kowa PX-10 flash memory audio player. This box simply belongs in the studio; but is the PX-10 more than just eye candy for the control room?

Field Report: Day Sequerra M2.2R 

Day Sequerra has updated its M2.0 HD modulation monitor, adding some nice and very useful features. I first reviewed the original M2.0 in Radio magazine in May 2006, and the new M2.2R model is an attractive piece of test equipment that will likely go in your facility where it can be seen by you and others.

Media Monitors to Link with Arbitron PPM Ratings 

Arbitron and Media Monitors have signed an agreement that allows Media Monitors to link Arbitron PPM minute level audience data with Media Monitors airplay information in a new service called Audience Response.

Dynaudio Acoustics Ships Air 12 Monitor 

Dynaudio Acoustics is now shipping the Air 12, the latest addition to the Air Series of reference monitors.

Dielectric Updates Interleaved Array Design 

Dielectric Communications has made improvements to its interleaved arrays for FM radio, providing better isolation without the use and added cost of a circulator.

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