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Audio codecs

Mayah Communications

Mayah Communications

C11: Small, energy efficient and silent are the attributes given to the 14 different models in the C11 audio codec family. The products are fully based on Mayah's Centauri II know-how combined with the newest integration possibilities. Any of the C11 audio codecs fit in half a 19" rack width and are 1RU high. All 14 models provide audio-over-IP according to the EBU N/ACIP standard. Additionally C1140/1 and C1160/1 models support up to four ISDN BRI for transmission of audio with higher quality over ISDN. Other C11 family members offer dual Ethernet interface or ASI interface. With the optional interfaces C11 can be instantly turned to a POTS codec as well as it can transmit and receive audio over wireless 3G/UMTS network. Advanced versions of C11 offer a unique possibility of simultaneous transmission and audio logging onto an SD card or USB memory stick offering the basics for customized system solutions for regionalization, local jingle insertion or later re-transmission. C11 supports all up-to-date coding algorithms of the industry: from G.711/G.722 and MPEG Layer 2/Layer 3 to MPEG-4 HE AACv2, AAC ELD and Linear (PCM) audio with resolution up to 24 bit. Optionally there's an Apt-x/Eapt-x range offered.
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Voice casting


Vcreative Voice: This Web-based voice casting system offers radio stations fast turnaround on commercial reads. Scripts are posted to a team of professional Vcreative Voice talents, and a dry voice-over may be returned in as little as 30 minutes — guaranteed within 24 hours when using the “All Swim” first available feature. Specific voices can be chosen from online voice demos, or you may select Vcreative Audition which allows you to choose between multiple reads of your copy — recommended for any client that is looking for a very specific voice. Vcreative Voice uses the Vcreative system which keeps all data, including scripts audio files, out of e-mails and streamlines the work flow process. Vcreative Voice integrates into all Vcreative products and services.

Powered mixer



Mix10fxP: With 1000W of total power (500W + 500W) using a new cooler-running Class-D design, this powered mixer provides enough flexible connectivity to get the job done. Included Series 69 EQ optimizes clarity and low-end at a touch of a button when powering TAPCO Series 69 passive loudspeakers. The Mix10fxP is a full-featured 10-channel ultra-lightweight mixer providing 10 premium mic preamps, accessible via XLR inputs, two stereo 1/4" inputs and two RCA inputs. The built-in stereo 20-bit multi-effects processor facilitates professional mixes at any live gig.

Custom-printed Pro Panels

Auralex Acoustics

Auralex Acoustics

Sonic Print: Sonic Print custom-printed Pro Panels are fabric-covered acoustic absorptive panels designed as artwork. Users are no longer limited to single color fabric choices, and can now outfit any space with paintings and drawings of any kind. Auralex is also currently negotiating several licensed properties to provide additional graphic options. Auralex Elite Pro Panels are designed to reduce unwanted room reflections, slap and flutter echoes and provide a more pleasing and accurate listening environment. They have a fiberglass core with chemically-hardened edges. From stock 2'×2'×1" and 2'×4'×1" panels perfect for small room environments, to custom 4'×8'×2" panels enabling full-frequency control of large spaces, Pro Panels provide professional, aesthetically-pleasing acoustic treatment in any facility. All Pro Panels meet the Class A fire rating per ASTM E84, use in areas with strict fire codes. Standard wall-mounting hardware is included with all orders for easy installation.

Digital dual mixing deck



DJ Console Rmx: The Hercules DJ Console Rmx is a digital audio console designed for mobile and advanced DJs. The console includes a number of quality features such as a solid metal casing with non-slip pads, broad surface, accessible buttons and knobs, precise and comprehensive controls, a built-in audio interface with four inputs and four outputs. The console comes with Virtual DJ 5 DJC Edition software, which includes features and settings specific to the Hercules DJ Console Rmx. It is a MIDI controller compatible with other MIDI-controlled software applications allowing DJs to mix the music files stored in various formats including MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, OGG and CD Audio and Itunes.
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Web monetizing

Stream Guys

Revenue Stream: Revenue Stream is a subscription-based service available to broadcasters and service providers who wish to offer premium audio and video content over the Internet. Revenue Stream allows programming to be monitized over the Web in lieu of an ad-supported model. For the Revenue Stream service, Stream Guys currently supports Windows Media audio/video and Icecast MP3 audio, with QuickTime and Wowza-enabled Flash audio and video support in the works. Stream Guys can enable subscription controls for existing streams or launch a completely new service, using its existing aggregated server infrastructure to provide a robust streaming platform for global internet delivery.

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