The Pick Hits of the 2008 NAB Show

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Pick Hits

Vector impedance analyzer

Array Solutions Power Aim 120

Array Solutions

Power Aim 120: The Power Aim 120 features high-resolution plots of all selected parameters, including R, X, SWR, reflection coefficient, return loss, load impedance magnitude and load impedance phase angle. A VSWR sideband ratio tool will quickly calculate the sideband VSWR ratio. Fast and accurate measurements allow for quick tune-ups and documentation via real-time PC data plotting over large ranges of frequency and impedance. Variable scaling of the frequency range and the parameter magnitude limits for clear data collection and read-outs both during a test session and afterward in off-line analysis. Fast sweeps and easy multiple plot and data point measurement saving for self-documentation and export to Microsoft Excel for further plotting and analysis. Data curve averaging and smoothing capabilities are available to reduce test measurement noise. A scan overlay feature provides rapid detection of system changes and the effects of adjustments, and a recycle mode offers continuous scan updates during adjustments.

Judges' Comments

  • Performs all the function of a network analyzer at a fraction of the cost.
  • It covers the AM and FM bands, so it's even more useful.

Radio Systems IP-Connect/IPC 100

Licensed RF STL

Radio Systems

IP-Connect/IPC 100: IP-Connect offers broadcasters new options for Ethernet-based, bi-directional, multichannel audio and broadband data connectivity for mission-critical transmission applications. IP-Connect's IPC-100 data link is the first in a new series of programmable, scalable and spectrally efficient 11, 18 and 23GHz band radios. These units are fully configurable due to their single-chip ASIC modem featuring integrated FEC with selectable coding rates allowing transport data rates from 8 to 32 T1s, 2×DS3, 50 to 250Mb/s Ethernet, or up to 2×STM1 + 2×T1. Mixed data rates and formats can also be supported allowing the IPC-100 to act as a transparent data pipe for any network facility. Due to the IPC-100's frequency and bandwidth agility it offers licensed applications for program audio last-mile studio-to-transmitter links in the 18GHz band. Hardware configuration is implemented on the IDU/ODU design. Deployment of the IP-Connect IPC-100 is made via a single-run coax connection from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit/microwave antenna.

Judges' Comments

  • Licensing use for 18GHz makes this practical for long-time use.
  • Lots of IP and data capacity, and the modems are configurable.

Audemat Digiplexer246/Ecreso Next FM

All-in-one FM transmitter


Digiplexer246/Next FM: The Digiplexer246/Next FM is the first all-in-one FM transmitter that includes digital audio processors, a stereo encoder plus additional innovative features such as an RDS encoder, embedded audio backup, I/O remote control and TCP/IP connectivity. Ecreso's engineers have partnered with the Sound4 audio gurus to incorporate a high quality audio processor that is based on a powerful DSP hardware platform. The Digiplexer246/Next FM operates at a sampling frequency of 192kHz for the main audio processing and 1.5MHz for the final limiter.

Judges' Comments

  • The built-in 80GB hard drive will fill lots of needs.
  • With everything built-in, it's a Swiss Army knife of transmitter devices.

Wheatstone E<sup>2</sup>

Ethernet audio system


E2: The E2 System is designed to interface with Wheatstone's existing line of E-Series control surfaces including the new Evolution 4 control surface. The flexible E2 system is comprised of linkable units or squares that communicate with one another via a single CAT-5E/6 cable connected to standard layer 3 Ethernet switches. The E2 Digital Engine handles all of the mixes from the E-Series surfaces while housing the DSP power and managing the distribution of PGM, AUX, and mix-minus buses throughout the system. 12 Universal Logic ports are encased in the single rack unit which is equipped with front-panel access to real-time control features such as IP setting, up time, network traffic and logic status. Web/PC software user interfaces provide remote access and control.

Judges' Comments

  • It's another IP audio device, but it adds features and options that were not available before.
  • Splitting a stereo input into two mono inputs is a more efficient use of resources.

Omnia Audio Omnia.8X

Multi-stream networked audio processor

Omnia Audio

Omnia.8X: With algorithms modeled after the Omnia.3net, this processor provides eight discrete three-band stereo audio processors in a single, networked box. Its architecture works ahead of any bit-reduced audio coder to reduce artifacts and improve the sound audio destined for HD Radio, Internet and satellite broadcasting. Use it to process headphone feeds where off-air monitoring is not possible; as multiband level control for remote codecs or on-air telephone systems; to process and send multiple audio streams from a single studio complex to multiple transmitter sites; or on-demand for in-studio musical performances or commercial production applications. The processor uses the Livewire standard over Ethernet.

Judges' Comments

  • I can use this for multiple in-house headphone processing or online stream processing.
  • The configuration of variable-band processing makes this a flexible tool.

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