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Linear Digital Audio Data Rates and Storage

Need to figure the necessary storage sapce for audio files? Use these equations to make it easy.

Passive Audio Attenuators

Learn to design T and H pads or use our handy calculator.

AES3 Passive Converters

Build passive AES3 balanced-to-unbalanced and unbalanced-to-balanced converters.

Baking Magnetic Recording Tape

Temporarily restore old tape for playback.

Lattice Combiner/Splitter

Build a lattice combiner/splitter.

Western Electric 111C and 119C Transformer Information

Pinouts and schematics for these popular, high-quality audio transformers.

AM Radial Sniffer

Find copper radials in an AM antenna system with a field-intensity meter. These tips show you how.

RF Resources Online

Online converters, tables and charts for radio broadcasting.

SWR Calculator

A Java applet that calculates SWR based on the specified forward and reflected power levels.

Determine AM Modulation with an Oscilloscope

Use an oscilloscope to determine the modulation of an AM transmitter.

SCA Primer for Broadcasters (2002 edition)

FM subcarrier services can be source of revenue for an FM station. They can also be a source of aggravation if not maintained properly.

Shielded-Loop AM Antenna

Build a shielded-loop AM antenna.

Variation on the Shielded-Loop AM Antenna

A variation on the antenna's construction.

TCP/IP Port Numbers

In TCP/IP and UDP networks, a port is an endpoint to a logical connection and the way a client program specifies a specific server program on a computer in a network.

IP Subnets

A handy reference of IP subnets.

Two Momentary Switches to a Maintained Switch

Turn two momentary closures into a single maintained contact.

Time Calculations with a Calculator

Adding and substracting time isn't difficult if you know the secret. No special calculator is required.

Resistor Color Codes

A convenient color-code chart to determine a resistor's value.

DTMF Information and Examples

Dual tone multi-frequency tones are used for telephony and many remote control applications. This page covers the basics of the DTMF standard and provides playable audio samples.

Commonly Used Conversions

This handy collection of formulas and Java converters will help any radio engineer.

Tower Light Alarm Circuit

This pseudo-binary circuit allows a single remote-control telemetry channel to indicate several variations on circuit status.

FCC ID Number Lookup

Identify computer cards and other electronic components by their FCC ID number.

Tower Light Flasher Failure Alarm

A simple interface and flash-failure circuit to interface to a station's remote control.

Electrical Concepts and Practices - a Primer

A collection of articles from Radio magazine's sister publication EC&M.

Braided Shield Cable Preparation

A simpler, cleaner method of preparing a braided shield for a connector.

Push-on/Push-off Switch

Turn a momentary closure into a maintained contact.

Reporting a Tower Light Outage to the FAA

When a tower is not properly lit because of a light outage, the tower owner is required to notify the FAA. Here's how you do it.

Unattended Operation - FAQ

Click here to read more:

FCC Radio Frequency Interference Manual

The FCC has prepared a guide to help troubleshoot consumer interference problems.

Continental Electronics E-Slide

E-Slide is an electronic sliderule program for the Radio broadcast engineer.

Endec Remote

Endec Remote is a utility to remotely control a Sage Endec from a Windows PC via a serial or IP connection using a serial-to-Ethernet adaptor at the Sage unit.

Javascript Clock

Insert this Javascript code into your Web page to display the computer's time and date in a form that follows the mouse.

StarGuide Relay Logger

A utility to help diagnose contact closure and configuration errors for a StarGuide broadcast satellite receiver. ZIP file.


A package of programs for radio broadcast engineers, including FM or STL path calculation, maximum AM DA MP calculation, FCC upper/lower common point/ND base current calculations, power change schedule for up to 14 months, calculate field/loop ratios for AM DA systems, fresnel zone clearance calculator, and more.

Today in Radio History

Milestones From Radio's Past

The history of radio broadcasting extends beyond the work of a few famous inventors.

Digital Edition

Each Issue as a Digital Edition

Read each issue online in our Digital Edition Format in your Web browser.

EAS Information More on EAS

NWS XML/Atom Feed for CAP Messages

The feed provides feeds for all US states and territories.

Wallpaper Calendar

Radio 2014 Calendar Wallpaper

Need a calendar for your computer desktop? Use one of ours.

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A virtual press conference

Information from manufacturers and associations about industry news, products, technology and business announcements.

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