Tower Siting and the Environment 

Environmental protection issues for towers extend beyond air, water and wildlife. It also includes historical buildings, landmarks, protected lands and national parks.

Next-level Career Planning 

Most likely a career change has entered your thoughts. We look at ways to move up the ladder, ideas to consider changing to a different industry, and plan for future job security.

Maximizing Tower Assets 

There will always be opportunities to rent tower space. Here are some insider tips to keep in mind.

Safety in the workplace 

The upcoming generation of radio engineers will encounter a new ease of measurement as a fact of the Commission's new directional antenna proof rules.

Outsource yourself 

Outsourcing broadcast engineering services is not new, many markets, particularly the smaller of them, have been using contract engineering services for years.

Alternative power systems 

While approaches using the sun, wind, sub-surface heating and water cause no pollution and little-to-no operational expense once installed, they have been relatively costly to deploy.

Honing skills to be ready for business 

You can be sure the economy will recover and you want to be in a position to take advantage of the inevitable opportunities. This is a great time to prioritize goals, make a plan, start the process of learning new skills or increasing the marketability of the skills you already have.

IP audio: The new audio format 

Analog audio was simple. It could be transmitted easily and heard with anything. Digital audio complicate things, but standards help. Now we have IP audio. Is this the replacement for AES3?

What's happening at 700MHz? 

The newly cleared spectrum is perhaps some of the most desirable largely due to the fact that radio frequency in this lower range travels farther and tends to penetrate buildings more efficiently than higher frequencies.

Getting out of the noise floor 

Satisfaction usually equates to fun in the workplace. According to studies of many large organizations, employees are apparently having less fun at work.

Bullet-proof facilities 

As part of the group charged with the responsibility of maintaining a broadcast facility, engineers have the added responsibility to ensure the stations continue operating through all types of emergencies.

Inside IPv6 

We are now running out of available IP addresses under the current addressing scheme called IPv4, which is limited to a maximum of 4,294,967,296 addresses. This may seem like a lot of addresses, but consider that according to ICANN, the available IPv4 addresses will run out by 2011.

Applications for IP tunneling 

A connection established through an IP tunnel is similar to plugging a PC into the network connection at the station. IP tunnels can operate through any type of wired or wireless network.

Content delivery options 

As a stand-alone medium, traditional broadcasting is subject to a multitude of restrictions as compared with other Internet-driven delivery platforms

Radio broadcasting and 700MHz 

The FCC is auctioning what may be the most important spectrum allocations of our time. This portion of spectrum will be available as a result of the FCC mandate for traditional analog broadcast television to migrate to the new digital HDTV system by Feb. 17, 2009, specifically the portion previously occupied by channels 60-69.

IT for Radio Engineers 

Today, many of the clunky boxes that served us so well in the past have been replaced by networked hardware and software systems, which, while providing a far more powerful and compact platform to fill the operational needs of a facility, now take the form of black-boxes and software files. (The tools you use no longer came from a metal cabinet.)

Planning a wireless LAN 

When it comes time to install a wireless LAN at your facility, there are some basic guidelines that must be followed to make the system to its maximum capacity and keep your network secured against unauthorized users.

Radio via Wimax 

Terrestrial and satellite broadcasters will feel the impact of Wimax within the next few years.

IBOC's real return 

Perhaps the answer to the return on investment for IBOC lies in its ability to keep pace with the emerging services.

Effective facility consolidation 

The state of current networking technology now permits users several flexibility for the reconfiguration of any office environment.

Test and measurement in the digital age 

A few engineers believe it is easier to maintain a digital audio chain because they no longer need to deal with the audible effects of ground loops, noise, crosstalk and mismatches typical in some analog signal paths. Wrong!

Update on the PPM 

It is hoped that the PPM will level the ratings playing field by having the unique ability to take into account virtually all forms of media, including those originating from Internet streaming, digital satellite, cable and background sources, as well as traditional over-the-air radio and TV broadcasting.

Changes in tower standards 

Sometime this year the Telecommunications Industries Association (TIA) will release the most comprehensive revision to the tower standards since 1996.

Technology cost and depreciation 

Deploying technology is a double-edged sword -- it causes a particular task to be performed with greater efficiency while at the same losing its value.

Firewalls and security 

Computer networks are increasingly vulnerable to security threats, and e-mail is perhaps the most critical threat.

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