Managing Technology

Embedded Computing, With a Side of Pi 

The Raspberry Pi board has found numerous applications in the broadcast plant

Wi-Fi on Wheels: The Connected Car 

As cars become rolling Wi-Fi hotspots, where does that leave radio in the dashboard?

What’s “Next” for Radio? 

Ed Bukont writes about the NextRadio project and FM radio in smartphones

Roll Your Own Microprocessor Project with Arduino 

Thanks to the Arduino project, there is now a simple, inexpensive, easier and much “cooler” solution to solve pretty much any technical problem in the station.

Tower Lease Renegotiation 

Beware of aggressive tactics from the tower tenants when it comes time to renegotiate the lease.

Tower Maintenance: the Best Investment You Can Make 

They serve reliably and silently, but they still require regular maintenance.

New Tower Construction Update Mainly for the Birds 

The FCC is in the process of streamlining the application process for building wireless infrastructure, which includes a proposal to eliminate many of the barriers that prevented the deployment of temporary towers, particularly during declared public emergencies.

Frequency Coordination for Wireless Mics 

Wireless mics can operate in a number of frequency bands, and proper coordination is required to prevent interference.

Public Safety and Radio Broadcasting 

Public warning has become an important role for radio as a first informer.

Keeping the Copper Safe 

A thief may get a few dollars for the metal he steals from your site, but the real cost of the vandalism can add up fast.

Site Security in a Post 9/11 World 

The potential threats are physical and electronic. Prepare for both.

Safety in the Workplace 

Deaths resulting from falls from a tower, while decreasing each year, are still happening. Other safety mistakes are common as well.

Social Media Software 

Terrestrial radio has been slow to keep up with the offerings of social media-centric Internet radio platforms such as Pandora, but there are tools a station can use to change that.

Making Money with Multicast 

Kevin McNamara sees three problems that need to be overcome to make HD Radio multicast profitable.

Station Apps for the Bottom Line 

How can radio broadcasters utilize and actually make money with smartphone apps?

Repair or Replace? 

The engineer in us wants to fix everything. The manager in us wants to repair or replace it for the lowest cost. But be sure you figure all the costs in your decision.

Revenue from HD Radio 

Kevin McNamara steps back and considers what HD Radio actually brings to the table, in terms of "real world" capabilities.

Method of Moments Modeling 

In February 2009 the FCC formally permitted the use of Method of Moments (MoM) modeling. Kevin McNamara explains the concepts of using this tool.

MPLS Networks 

Multiprotocol Label Switching is a highly scalable alternative method to route different types of data through a common network.

OSHA Compliance 

While many people find OSHA regulations to be excessive and expensive to enforce, the fact remains: These regulations exist and are enforceable by fines and possible jail time.

Building Codes and RS222-G 

TIA-222 has been around since 1949, but it has seen several revisions. Here's a review of the current standards.

Broadband to the Car 

The car is becoming a mobile media room. How does radio fit in?

Next Steps in Launching a Business 

Kevin McNamara helps you start your business off and keep it operating on the right track.

Starting a New Business 

The good news is that establishing a business is fairly easy, but running it, and more importantly keeping it running, is the hard part.

Open Source Software 

It's never been easier to learn and write useful programs that make your day-to-day life easier, more productive and increase your value as an employee.

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