Field Report: Eventide Clockworks Legacy

Did you ever hear that expression, “What's old is new again?” Never has that expression been truer than with the latest Protools plug-ins from Eventide — the Clockworks Legacy package. The first question that may pop into your mind is: “What is the term Clockworks all about?” Well, that borrows from history, back when the Eventide company was called Eventide Clockworks and located on West 54th Street in New York City.

I first laid hands on an Eventide piece of equipment 25 years ago. It was called the Omnipressor. Sitting in the rack, with a big, bold, black face, the Omnipressor looked impressive. After tweaking it, it became clear that there was more to this box than good looks. It sounded impressive. Fast forward to today: the Omnipressor returns in virtual form as part of the Eventide Clockworks Legacy plug-in package. I was excited to hear that the Omnipressor would be part of the package and I couldn't wait to see if it sounded like my old friend that I first met 25 years before. It did. I'm always a little skeptical about emulators trying to pretend to be something that they can never be, but Eventide has done an outstanding job in bringing the Omnipressor back to life within the Protools environment. Eventide could have stopped there as far as I was concerned, but there's more.

The Clockworks Legacy package contains five plugs for your listening and tweaking pleasure: The Omnipressor, the Instant Phaser, the H910 Harmonizer, the Instant Flanger and the H949 Harmonizer. Each of these plug-ins is based on an Eventide original piece of audio processing gear, and each one lives up to the reputation that preceded it.

The Instant Phaser is the plug-in based on the first phasor: a single function analog processor that features a sweeping filter bank. The effect that it creates on vocals in a radio production is awesome. The H910 plug is the virtual recreation of the first Harmonizer effects processor. Any studio worth it's salt in the 70s and 80s had the original H910 box in a rack somewhere in the control room, and if you were a radio station lucky enough to have one, your production clearly stood out from the rest. The Instant Flanger is a cool tool, again based on the original that recreates that swishy, flanging sound. The plug-in gives you the capability to choose or combine modulation sources together including the LFO or input signal, or a manual sweep, which can be controlled by MIDI. Finally, the H949 plug takes pitch changing even further by recreating the unique random feature, which produces slight variations in delay resulting in a less mechanical sound. Oh, and lest I forget, each graphical user interface on these plugs actually looks like the original, so if your heart longs to see and not just hear your old Eventide favorites, you'll be quite satisfied.

Performance at a glance
Software plug-ins of classic effects
Five different effects included
Multiple instances can be loaded
Works with Pro Tools
Software recreations of hardware effects offered in the 70s and 80s
Free trial download available

Eventide has plans to produce the Clockworks Legacy plugs for the Digidesign TDM (Mix and HD systems) exclusively. No other platforms are supported at this time. Further, they only run on Mac's running OS 9.2.2 or OSX 10.2.4 or better. If you have a Protools system running on a PC, you're out of luck. All five plug-ins support 48kHz and 96kHz sample rates, and the Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger and Omnipressor also support 192kHz sampling frequency. MIDI and plug-in automation are fully supported. The Eventide Clockworks Legacy plugs are piracy-protected with the new Ilok dongle from Pace. The package is sold with a single authorization card which uses a slightly smaller than postage stamp-sized authorization chip that inserts into your Ilok, thus depositing the asset or authorization permanently into your Ilok.

As with any new product, the best way to determine if it's right for you is to try it. Eventide makes it easy to do so by offering a seven-day demo that is available for download from its website. The seven-day authorization is directly deposited into your Ilok account and then you're ready to go.


So, if you're like me and sometimes find yourself longing for the cool sounds of yester-year, take the Eventide Clockworks Legacy plug-ins for a spin. They may just be the foundation or spark for a new, creative idea to really spice up your production.

LaComb is president of Ed LaComb Audio Imaging, Syracuse, NY.

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