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The dates for the beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time change in 2007 so that the period begins earlier and ends later. DST previously began on the first Sunday in April. It now begins on the second Sunday in March. DST ended on the last Sunday in October. It now ends the first Sunday in November. The change is observed in all provinces in Canada and all states in the U.S. except Arizona. Indiana will now observe DST. Mexico observes DST, but will not adopt the new schedule.

With so much broadcast equipment relying on internal clocks to function, many of these devices will need to be updated so the change to and from Daylight Saving Time take effect on the correct days.

With the assistance of Barry Thomas and Eric Schecter of the Lincoln Financial Group, we have compiled a list of equipment and the steps needed to implement the changes for equipment that uses a real-time clock.

So far, our investigation shows that all the automation system manufacturers rely on the PC clock or a time server to handle the DST change.

Don't forget to check some less obvious devices. Generators, sprinkler systems, security systems, HVAC and other devices may have internal clocks that need to be adjusted. In addition, there are some devices that may not be accessible to station personnel, such as peak-demand timers from electric service providers.

While the effective dates of DST have changed, it is only by a few weeks. In most cases, equipment will function normally except that a time stamp may be off by an hour. In the case of the EAS encoder/decoder, the operation of which is part of a station's operating log, its time is noted as UTC, DST or Standard Time. For the change to DST in March, the situation will correct itself in April. The law also states the the schedule can revert to the old times if Congress so deems it.

Click here for the Government document.

Broadcast Tools time products
All Broadcast Tools products allow the user to enter the times and dates for DST.

Broadcast Warehouse processors
Current software does not change for DST

Burk Arc-16 product line
DST dates are configurable on the Arc-16 Plus. Arc-16 time activities are handled by the Auto Pilot software, which uses the PC clock as a reference. The Arc-16 Web interface can be updated through the configuration settings.

Burk EAS
Time is referenced to UTC. DST can be configured by the user.

Burk GSC3000 and VRC2500
Firmware to update DST dates will be available by March, 2007. It will be included with Lynx 5, a free upgrade from any other 5.x version. Older versions may be configured to remain in standard time to disable automatic DST adjustment. The GSC/VRC Web Interface can be updated through the conguration settings.

Burk Lynx software
Data logged in Lynx 4.x and later is recorded in reference to the PC time (with a time zone offset, if configured).

Chrontrol XT
Details will be posted to the Chrontrol website soon.

Circuitwerkes Sicon-8
The unit does not change for DST. Schedules can be entered to account for the time change.

Digital Radio Express FM Extra
Encoders run Windows XP, which can be updated with a patch from Microsoft.

ESE 102 master clock system
ESE will release a new EPROM. The company will contact customers when it is ready. It is expected that the ESE ES-185 and ES-185U GPS master clock systems will have the same resolution.

Gorman-Redlich EAS
No patch is available, but an Eprom change would be required. The company is waiting until the time change is permanently adopted.

Hollyanne HU-961
Hollyanne no longer manufactures this unit, and it appears that it does not automatically adjust for DST.

Ibiquity HD Radio equipment
The HD Radio system is locked to GPS.

ITC audio router
This system can be synced to a master clock.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft has released a patch. See Microsoft Knowledge Base article 928388 or

MTS Encoder II
This is a software program for Windows and relies on the PC clock.

MTS System 3000D
An upgrade is needed. MTS expects the upgrade to be available in the first week of March.

Nortel telephone system and voice mail
Manual adjustment of system time will be needed unless patch is released. Same with clock on voice mail system.

Omnia audio processors
DST dates can be changed by the user with the equipment interface.

On Air Digital Ultimate Digital Studio
Systems are being updated by company support personnel via the Internet. Only newer, Internet-enabled systems require the update. Older systems may be manually updated. Most of the customer systems that require it have already been updated, and the remainder will be done prior to March 11.

Orban 8500/9200 audio processors
DST dates can be changed by the user with the equipment interface.

Prophet Systems
PSI has put together a quick little app to assist on older platforms at If your XP/2K3 systems are already patched, you don’t need to run it, but if you do it will not cause a problem.

Radio Systems CT-2002
The GPS clocks can be upgraded by replacing a programmed IC on the GPS board.

Sage Endec
Two Eproms are available. SAG5-XTO6-2PROM is for Sage version 5.X to version 6.2 firmware, and SAG-1TO6-2PROM is for Sage version 6.1 to 6.2 firmware. Contact Harris sales to order the Eprom.

If the Eprom is not installed by March 11, Harris suggests a temporary fix for the affected period. Access the info at the following link for details.

SAS 32KD router
Automation events are determined by a clock in a Windows-based PC, so the Windows patch should suffice.

Smarts Broadcast Systems Smartcaster
Systems are being updated by company support personnel via the Internet. Only newer, Internet-enabled systems require the update. Older systems may be manually updated. Most of the customer systems that require it have already been updated, and the remainder will be done prior to March 11.

Starguide satellite receivers
Time base is controlled by network uplink.

Firmware version V.87.0 will automatically adjust local time displays and calculation of emergency event time stamps and durations. Other features of V.87.0 will be included in this release as well. The new software/firmware, which will consist of two new EPROMs and a user's guide addendum, will cost $130 plus shipping and handling. TFT expected final release on March 1, 2007.

Wit Easi-8
A firmware upgrade is available for the Easi-8 to accomodate the change in DST.

Westwood One/IDC satellite receiver wit audio record HDD
System time is based on the uplink servers. Referenced to GPS-based UTC.

Online Extra:

Read the Energy Policy Act of 2005 at this link. The details of the DST change are in section 110.

Do you have additional information that is not on our list? Let us know at

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