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Digital audio software programs
Netia Digital Audio
Booth N3208
Radio Assist 7.5 Modules: The short message service module for the Radio-Assist 7.5 range of digital audio software programs uses mobile phone platforms as a new way to communicate interactively, allowing on-air talent to play interactive SMS and voting games with listeners. The Air-DDO module is spread over two monitor screens. The GUI simultaneously displays four broadcast channels and offers access to help and preparation tools, including a cuer, on-air monitoring, playlist modification, recording and production. The statistics tool allows users to measure and monitor the effectiveness of various elements of their daily broadcasts, including the number of times an audio clip has been played. This new tool automatically displays results per day, month or the user's period of choice. Multitrack XT is an editing tool for multitrack digital audio recording and editing. It offers time stretching, pitch shifting, noise reduction, noise gating, synchronization, stereo and multitrack broadcasting, support for CD audio engraving programs and import/export MP3 files.
fax 973-575-7812

Manifold combiner
Booth C2020
DFM series: The unit is similar in appearance to a traditional branch-style combiner, but the output manifold, which is comprised of one coaxial line, has a separate tee junction for each input frequency and a short circuit stub on the end farthest from the output. As with all combiners, each input to the manifold combiner requires a band-pass filter tuned for the input frequency. This filter rejects all other frequencies in the manifold.
fax 207-655-7120

Mixing console
Audioarts Engineering
Booth N1815
D-75N: This digital audio mixing console can be modified with the Net-75 panel to provide a fully integrated network system with the option of autonomous console operation when needed. Four output buses along with eight digital inputs and outputs are provided within each panel. Six faders within the D-75N provide access to thousands of analog and digital system resources. Input modules are equipped with eight character LED displays, rotary source selectors and take buttons.
fax 252-635-48547

Automation system
OMT Technologies
Booth N2908
Imediatouch 2.6: This automation software has added new features. The Non-Stop Broadcasting Auto-Failover hardware safeguard covers the station when there is a server problem. The update also includes improved satellite show recording for delayed playback, auto trim to fine-tune recordings quickly, auto resume to start the backup machine where the main server left off, a project editor to create shows quickly from multiple cuts, expanded Cart Chunk tag support to improve content ingest and new production features. In addition, the on-screen display has been updated with a new look.
fax 204-783-5805

All-hazards digital alert system
Global Security Systems
Booth N4208
GSSNet: This alert and notification system uses the existing nationwide FM broadcast infrastructure to provide messaging coverage and a proprietary messaging system that allows secured and encrypted data with layered and targeted messaging to personnel. Command and control centers are installed with full redundancy. Messages are transmitted from an FM radio tower to multiple receivers in the coverage area. Fixed-wireless substation receivers and wireless receivers are made available to be distributed to all counties and other jurisdictions throughout the state as defined by the authorities.

Audio editing software
Adobe Systems
Booths SL3732, SL186-MR
Audition 2.0: In Adobe Audition 2.0, a new low-latency mixing engine with ASIO hardware support allows greater creative flexibility, with real-time effects and input monitoring. Automatic delay compensation keeps everything in sync while you mix an unlimited number of tracks, including as many as 80 simultaneous input and output devices. The revamped mixer panel lets users set up the routing, using inputs, outputs, sends and buses. Parameter automation can be recorded and adjusted in the mixer itself, or in the new automation lanes in the timeline. Users can also add 16 sends per channel, providing techniques for mixing and monitoring sessions. Use CPU power more efficiently by creating sends on several tracks that go to a bus with a reverb or other effects applied. Or use sends and buses to create mixes for specific purposes, such as a mix-minus feed for a remote session.
fax 408-537-6000

AES/EBU surround format
Booth N3034
RF-64: D.A.V.I.D. has implemented the newly standardized RF-64 surround sound format. In cooperation with broadcasters, the IRT and EBU staff, D.A.V.I.D. engineers developed this new specification. It is available as an upgrade to all customers. The file format is designed to meet the requirements for multichannel sound in broadcasting and audio archiving. It is based on the Microsoft RIFF/WAV format and WAV Format Extensible for multichannel parameters. Additions are made to the basic specification to allow for more than 4GB file sizes when needed. The format is transparent to the BWF and all its chunks.

Low power bandpass filters
Shively Labs
Booth N1517
Model 2914-2, 2914-3, 2914-4: Specs of the 2914-2 filter are as follows: power handling is 1,000W; VSR at ±100kHz is 1.03:1; typical insertion loss is -0.65dB; typical frequency response at ±100kHz is -0.01dB; and inputs and outputs are Type N female. Specs of the 2914-3 filter are: VSR at ±100kHz is 1.06:1; typical insertion loss is -1.15dB; and typical frequency response at ±100kHz is -0.05dB; Specs of the 2914-4 include VSR at ±100kHz is 1.06.1; typical insertion loss is -1.65dB; and typical frequency response at ±100kHz is -0.08dB.
fax 207-647-8273

FM/HD Radio mod monitor
Booth N3206
Model 532: The company's first product manufactured under license for Ibiquity's HD Radio digital transmission system, the 532 measures parameters of the analog FM and the digital HD program channels, and includes a display of the occupied spectrum.
fax 831-458-0554

15kHz stereo codecs
Tieline America
Booth N3215
I-mix G3: Tieline Technology now offers IP-based connections with its G3 Commander and I-mix G3 platforms. The audio over IP capability allows stations to connect reliably over the Internet and deliver FM-quality mono and stereo audio for remote broadcasts. The new IP software has been integrated into the Tieline Commander G3 field codec and the I-mix G3 codec. Broadcasters can even go wireless over 802.11 Wi-fi.
fax 317-913-9615

Portable recorder
Booth N3518
PAW 120: Built on the success of the DR 100, which received a Pick Hit Award from Radio magazine at NAB2005, the PAW 120 will replace the DR 100 next year. The recorder features a built-in speaker, aluminum case and a dual-color LED display. The unit operates on two AA batteries batteries. The recorder appears as a USB removable external device for Windows and Mac. It records and edits linear PCM and MPEG compressed audio, supports the BWF file format, and stores audio to an internal 512MB flash memory. It features a built-in microphone and accepts a mono or stereo external microphone while providing phantom power. An AGC and voice-activated recording can be switched on or off.
fax 954-581-7733

USB Extender
Booth SL541
Wireless USB Extender: This prototype sends USB 2.0 signals as far as 30 feet with no cables. The sender and receiver eschew the traditional connector cable, instead tapping into ultra-wideband technology that requires no cables to transmit data.
fax 818-884-3108

Color analyzer
DK Technologies
Booth C2044, C2507A
PM5639/06: Designed to provide accurate alignment, this analyzer checks color temperature and luminance levels of LCD monitors. The system measures the x and y values in the CIE diagram, luminance in candela per sq.m. or footlamberts, and correlated color temperature of the monitor. A RGB bar graph display with zoom function makes white balance alignment easy and intuitive. The PM5639 family of color alignment products has its roots in the design of the original Philips color analyzer.
+45 4485 0255
fax +45 4485 0250

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