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Translator remote control
Crown Broadcast
Booth N3912
Airsis TM2000: This system offers full command and control of the translator and transmitter fleet via the Internet. No phone lines or satellite dishes are required -- just a whip antenna. The system comes standard with a two-way RS-232 data port for connection to a satellite receiver, tower light controller or other on-site equipment. Data retrieved can be e-mailed or displayed on the Airsis Vision website. Log on to the Airsis Vision secure website to calibrate, monitor and control the translator. The online database stores translator readings and other site information providing logs.

Low-power FM transmitter
ZX: Based on Harris' Z-Series of transmitters, the ZX low-power transmitter is available in 500W, 1,000W and 2,000W power levels for analog broadcasting. Upgrades to HD Radio are achieved when driven by the Flexstar HDX-FM exciter, as a hybrid analog/digital system or in digital-only mode.
fax 513-459-3890

DT12 connectors
Gepco International
Booth C5733
G37: These 12-channel DT12 connectors feature an anodized aluminum backshell that locks in place with two set-screws into a series of castellations. The set screws and castellation prevent accidental loosening of the connector shell thereby extending the operating life. The male connector shell is constructed from stainless steel to prevent damage and wear. The crack-proof neoprene insulator features a bonded and scalloped design that prevents rotation. The pins and sockets feature a three-micron, mil-spec gold plating for improved solder and tarnish resistance. For strain relief, the connectors feature an oversized nut and rubber gland seal with an optional kellem cord grip and heat shrink.
fax 847-795-8770

DVD/CD duplicators
Disc Makers
Booth SL4385
Reflex 2, Reflex 10: The two-drive Reflex 2 and the 10-drive Reflex 10 are 16x DVD/48x CD writers, each with a new controller that offers 128MG buffer. The two systems feature the ability to rename files stored within the hard disk and separate user accounts with password protection. The Reflex duplicator line now features duplicators with one, two, four, seven and 10 drives, and duplicate as many as 80 DVDs or 150 CDs per hour.
fax 856-661-3455

PAD management system
Enco Systems
Booth N617, C2507F
Padapult: This system enables real-time manual sending of data to HD Radio, RDS, websites (up to six locations) from a control room, while also integrating data output from the automation system or satellite provider. A stand-alone application, it can be used with any radio automation system. There's also a text stream embedded in the carrier wave. Text scrolls across the front of the receiver's LCD panel.
fax 248-827-4441

Signal processor
Booth N1815
AP-1000: This multiband, dual path FM plus HD processor features an interactive user interface that provides remote monitoring and control. The unit simultaneously provides outputs to FM or AM transmitter and HD Radio signal chain. Other features include multi-band processing, embedded graphic control, Ethernet interface, front panel USB ports and remote monitoring using interactive GUI software.
fax 252-635-4857

DJ headphones
Denon Electronics
Booth N600
DN-HP1000: Using a closed-back design for isolation, these headphones employ a large speaker driver (53mm) and feature rich bass with a frequency response from 5kHz to 33kHz. The headphones' soft padded ear cups swivel 180°. They use a folding design, dual nickel-plated adapter (1/8" and 1/4") and semi-coiled soft insulated cord with reinforced cable strain.
fax 973-396-7459

Telephone hybrid remote interface
JK Audio
Booth N4215
RIU-IP: This remote control interface for the company's Innkeeper 2 and Innkeeper 4 digital hybrids contains a Web server that allows the user to send and receive control data through his Web browser. The unit features a RJ-45 Ethernet port along with several remote control capabillities such as indication of incoming rings per line; the phone line can be taken off-hook or on-hook; users can set it for auto-answer and ring count; start and stop conference (Innkeeper 2); and adjustment of transmission and receive level per line. The unit always provides test tone start and stop per line and address book upload and download. RS-232 remote control port uses ASCII protocol and no external power is required.
fax 815-786-8502

Three-phase UPS
Staco Energy Products
Booth C107
Firstline UPS: This online, double-conversion UPS provides computer-grade power with a standard battery run-time of more than eight minutes. A user-friendly control panel located on the front of the freestanding NEMA 1 enclosure includes an alarm and remote monitoring through an RS-232 connection. Firstline models are available for 10, 15 and 20kVA applications with input voltage of 208, 220 and 480Vac and a range of +10/- 20 percent (166 to 229Vac). Input frequency is 60Hz ±5 percent. Full load walk-in from 25 percent to 100 percent of rated load in 10 seconds. Inverter ouptut distortion is equal to five percent THD for non-linear loads and equal to two percent THD for linear loads. Output voltage is regulated to ±1 percent of nominal at full load.
fax 937-253-1723

TCP/IP codec
Audio Processing Technology
Booth N1217
Worldnet Chicago Lite: The Worldnet Chicago Lite features Enhanced Apt-x to provide a low-delay audio path via IP for AM, FM, DAB and HD Radio. It is scalable in bandwidth, with contact and optocouple closures for remote status and alarms. The unit occupies 1RU. A GUI is provided to adjust all parameters.
fax 323-463-8878

APW Mayville
Booth SL2132
Stantron Broadcast Rack: Available in a variety of heights and depths, this rack offers a low profile with a powder coat finish. Horizontal lacing brackets simplify the management of cables by spreading them from front to back. The integrator can tie cables in strategic areas to accommodate a narrower space. Thin profile power strips provide space savings in high-density wiring applications. Top and rear mountable fan panels assist airflow through the rack system and keep terminal gear within its proper operating temperature range.
fax 920-387-7196

Booth N1522, C807, SU2929
Flexstar HDX-FM: This exciter provides real-time adaptive correction technology, which offers noise reduction and transmitter and antenna linearity to provide a clear, crisp signal to the end user's receiver. The unit also features adaptive group delay equalization; secondary auto-switching of AES-3 and composite inputs; and hybrid/straight FM outputs for the split-level combining method, which enables a power-efficient implementation of FM HD Radio using a station's existing FM transmitter and antenna and offers a 10 percent reduction in operational costs over high-level combining.
fax 513-459-3890

Mini console
Sierra Automated Systems
Booth N907
Rubi-T: This mini Rubicon broadcast console is 6" high and features any number of input modules, monitor modules and talkback modules. This console is useful for news Booths, edit Booths, voice Booths, voice tracking and mini secondary effects mixer in on-air studios. Features include full-length 100mm P&G fader and four programmable source select or bus assignment buttons.
fax 818-840-6751

Broadcast Electronics
Big Pipe LT: This series offers a data capacity starting at 10Mb/s for transporting AES and analog audio as well as multiple channels of HD Radio audio and data. This version has been optimized for point-to-point connectivity between a studio and a transmitter site. It is capable of transporting main channel audio at 32kHz, 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling rate, plus several channels of HD Radio coded audio for HD2 Multicasting, as well as channels of advanced data services-while still providing Ethernet connectivity and RS232 serial data to the studio or remote site.
fax 217-224-9607

Audio processor, controller
Junger Audio Studiotechnik
Booth N3200
Level Magic, Level Magic Surround: Level Magic uses an adaptive level control algorithm to equalize audio levels from any source at any time. The range incorporates automated gain control, plus transient processing and peak limiting for continuous unattended control of any program material. Level Magic Surround is designed to support eight-channel audio processing.
+49 30 677 7210
fax +49 30 677 72146

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