New Products from the 2008 NAB Show

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Sonifex RB-PD2

Stereo Profanity Delay


RB-PD2: The Redbox RB-PD2 is a stereo audio profanity delay used for live broadcast programs to prevent unwanted or obscene material from being transmitted. It features both analog and digital I/O and an automatic audio stretch algorithm that allows between two and 55 seconds of delay to be built up live on-air while maintaining the correct pitch. When the program is complete, the audio stretch algorithm seamlessly reduces the delay to zero. The delay can also be acquired while playing a preselected audio file on a Compact Flash memory card, and because playback from a Compact Flash card can be triggered remotely, the RB-PD2 can also be used at transmitter sites to play an emergency audio file via GPI in the event of silence detection.

Microwave frequency searching tool

V-Soft Communications

Microwave Pro: Microwave Pro uses the FCC's ULS database to identify usable microwave frequencies and examine paths over terrain elevation plots while acknowledging interference to and from other microwave links. The program uses terrain-based analysis in conjunction with methodology found in TIA-EIA Telecommunications System Bulletin TSB10-F. When supplied with the parameters for a proposed path, Microwave Pro can quickly load all stations that have a potential interference relationship and calculate Carrier to Interference (C/I) ratios. A list of contact information for paths within the keyhole radius from the proposed path can be generated to be used in the prior notification process. Microwave-Pro also has a built-in link budget system analysis tool that can be used to generate complete link budget report. The wizard-based interface allows the user to enter path information, transmitter power, antenna gains, and other system gains and losses. The program will calculate the EIRP, path loss, fade margin and provide a minimum recommended fade margin.

Digital surround audio processor

Orban Optimod 8585


Optimod 8585: Starting with the technology of Orban's Optimod 6300 two-channel processor for digital transmission media, the 8585 incorporates multichannel processing that reflects the latest psychoacoustic research into loudness perception. The 8585 features Optimod-quality two- and five-band audio processing for surround sound broadcasting, netcasting and mastering. Thanks to versatile compression ratio controls and a mastering-quality look-ahead peak limiter, the 8585 is ideal for mastering audio in broadcast productions. The 8585 is built on Orban's flagship hardware platform. This features a GUI displayed on a quarter-VGA active matrix color LCD, making it easy to do all setup and adjustment from the 8585's front panel. A new third-generation CBS Loudness Controller helps retain audiences by controlling both subjective loudness and annoyance. The multichannel and 2.0 processors can operate with separate audio processing parameters like release times.

Klotz Digital Venice

Audio router

Klotz Digital

Venice: Designed for complex applications where an enormous number of channels need to be routed and a comprehensive router system is required, Venice offers a capacity of up to 2624 x 2624 channels. An almost unlimited router size can be achieved by cascading multiple Venice units. It offers full implementation and support of optical and coax MADI standard protocols as well as Klotz Digital's Vadis fibre optic network. The unique Studionet Octo-Bus is also supported as well as the new and future-proof IT standard for audio platforms: Ethernet AV. All principal functions are controlled via LEDs, status display and an Ethernet port, allowing Venice to be fully integrated into Klotz Digital's Vadis control network. In addition to Octo-Bus and Vadis, Venice is compatible to all other Klotz Digital components, such as Routing Control Panels, Vadis D.C.II and Decennium.

AEQ BC-2000 D Multiplexer

Audio and data multiplexer


BC-2000 D Multiplexer: The BC-2000 D Multiplexer inserts and extracts digital or analog, mono or stereo audio channels in E1/T1/J1 or Ethernet data transmissions. The audio channels can be linear or compressed. The link capacities that are not used for audio can be employed for data transport. The BC-2000 D Multiplexer is a part of the BC-2000 D router digital audio platform that routes, mixes, processes and distributes audio. Other applications of the multiplexer are: studio to transmitter links (STL) and networks of transmission for radio with different simultaneous centers of production and emission.

Master clock time code generator


ES-160U: This crystal-based master clock/time code generator employs a temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), which provides the ES-160U with an accuracy of one second per month. Six 0.56" yellow LEDs display real-time while the unit simultaneously generates several types of time code. The ES-160U features ESE, SMPTE/EBU and ASCII time code outputs; one PPS (pulse-per-second) output; 12 or 24 hour display; automatic Daylight Saving Time correction; battery backup; external time sync input; and a 1RU enclosure.

Pristine Systems Blackbox Logger

Digital audio logger

Pristine Systems

Blackbox Logger: This is a digital audio logger, monitor and alert system that is designed to meet compliance, proof, audit, programming, management and engineering needs. Up to 16 stereo (or 32 virtual mono) channels of logging are available. Choose from a variety of WAV audio devices, and AM, FM and TV tuner boards. Most popular audio storage formats are supported. Advanced tools provide the program eirector or consultant with everything needed for quick review or detailed analysis of the entire market. A virtual radio-style player allows switching between multiple stations during playback as though listening to a radio in real-time. Real-time monitoring of audio level and RF signal strength (when equipped with ASI tuner boards) with an extensive alarm system provides quick alerts to help avoid lost air time.

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