Nautel HD Power Boost: How it Works 

Nautel has developed a technology called HD Power Boost that uses an intelligent peak to average power ratio (PAPR) technique to address this issue.

HD Radio Ad Substitution 

Not every listener is going to want to participate in targeted advertising. Our society has raised suspicions about privacy to paranoia proportions. However, there will be those who are unconcerned. There will be those who prefer to hear commercials that match their lifestyle. There will be listeners that desire certain free-but-protected programming and are willing to opt-in to receive premium content.

Top 10: HD Radio penetration 

It seems the 2,000-station mark is in sight, but the rate at which stations are activating HD Radio signals has slowed.

The Studio Shuffle 

Sandusky Radio's stations had outgrown their outdated Tempe, AZ, facilities and wanted state-of-the-art studios for their AM talk station, AM 1060 The Fan, and their FM rock station, KUPD.

Tips, tricks, hints and more on finding a cable break 

A simple way to find a cable break is to use the regular telephone tone generator and the inductive amplifier.

Locked Up 

Padlocks and gates no longer deter a thief. Either thieves are getting bolder (maybe desperate) or we have not yet done our job, or both.

Tips, tricks, hints and more 

Many times important supplies go bad on the shelf, especially adhesives and sealants. Cutting and drilling tools dull quickly with heavy use.

Friday Night Delivery 

Paramount Broadcasting stations KFLP-AM/FM broadcast country music and agricultural news from their studios in Floydada, TX.

Great ideas in studio design 

Sometimes when confronting design problems it is helpful to have access to other engineers' approaches to the same or similar problems.

Towering Over Wyoming 

Legend Communications, which operates 14 radio stations in Wyoming, recently added two new stations to its Basin Radio Network in Gillette: KAML-FM, upgraded from a C1 station at 96.9 to a C0 at 97.3, and KDDV-FM.

Sample and Hold: Raised Awareness 

A September 2008 research effort by Mark Kassof and Co. reveals that 67 percent of 18-64 year olds have heard of HD Radio - compared to a similar study from 2006, which showed that 38 percent of people had heard of HD Radio.

IBOC Around the World 

While HD Radio gains acceptance in the U.S., it is also making waves in other countries around the world.

Eye on Radio 

What does one do when asked to design and build a TV studio right in the middle of his radio station? Run with it. That's exactly what Cumulus Media-owned WQKC-FM did.

Tips on reducing, reusing, and recycling at your station 

There are a lot of useful things thrown out as trash every day. While much of it really is garbage, even a slight glance at another man's trash can yield an unexpected treasure.

Tips, tricks, hints and more for Oct, 2008 

The Dremel handheld rotary drill kit, conversion calculators and more tools for your toolbox.

A Clear Consolidation 

Bringing together five New York City FM radio stations with long histories of being in their own studio space is no simple task.

Salary Survey 

While salaries are up this year and seminar attendance is stable, engineers may find themselves fighting to keep up with the demands of engineer and IT manager.

Advancement in Radio Technology 

The Radio magazine Advancement in Radio Technology Awards were created to recognize the best available products introduced over the last year with a practical

Reaching Millennials 

There is a new generation that needs to be spoken to. Millennials (also called Generation Y or Generation M), will possibly be one of the most influential generations in terms of how communication works. What this generation has in common is the ubiquitousness of the use of technology in their lives.

The Other Antenna 

It's worthwhile upon occasion to look at more common technologies to see what the most up-to-date products are and how they relate to common applications. This article is about antennas we don't commonly think of for broadcast transmission.

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