Control over IP 

Several years ago, I was setting up a remote access server for our employees to dial into our company LAN. I was amazed at how easy the setup was. Just

Remotes: Radio On Center Stage 

Leaving the comforts of the studio allows radio to shine in the limelight. Audio quality is important, but so is the physical presence of the station.

Perceptual audio coding 

Chances are very good that you have been exposed to the artifacts of perceptual audio coding without even knowing it. Perceptual audio coding, in a general

Codecs: The Lifesaver of Many Remotes 

Remote broadcasts for radio stations have always been challenging.

Streaming Media West Wrapup 2000 

The new transmission medium for radio is the Internet. This is no surprise, as there are thousands of stations and Internet-only broadcasters online already.

Planning the Digital Facility 

The move to a digital facility involves a mix of traditional ideas and innovative methods. A facility sync generator is a necessity for most installations

Entercom Buffalo Rebuilds: Building Today for a Digital Tomorrow 

Efficiency in facility consolidation Any facility construction project requires time and personnel to do the job right.

Are Dynamic Mics Dead? 

Condensors are popular, but dynamic mics are still a viablle choice.

Phantom Powering 

Condenser microphones require a power source to operate. Sometimes, this power can be provided internally with a battery, but an external supply is more common.

Radio Online 

Exploring the New Horizon The Internet is graphically based. Radio has never before enjoyed the possibilities of visual elements. While access via a handheld

Establishing a multimedia presence on the Web 

There are a number of decisions you need to make when establishing a streaming audio presence on the Web.

What are the Readers' Picks? 

The top products of 2000 based on information requests from reader service cards.

Clear Channel Denver 

A big job a mile high Moving seven stations into a new facility is no small task. When Jacor decided to move KOA-AM, KHOW-AM, KTLK-AM, KHIH-FM, KRFX-FM,

New Century Media Installs Telos TWOx12 

New Century Media, part of the Ackerley Group, purchased and installed five Telos Systems' TWOx12 Multi-line Talkshow Systems for its four-station group

Satellites and Radio: Always something new and exciting 

So much is happening in the way of satellite communications that it's hard to keep track of it all.In the beginning, there was analog. It was just plain

Audio Codecs 

Sending audio from remote locations has never been easierAt one time, all remote broadcasts involved a long wait from the phone company while an expensive

Are you ready for a Digital Console? 

The technology has matured so that it is economically sensible to install a digital console - and also take a step toward the future.When you enter an

Signals from the sky 

Many of us have experienced the effects of consolidation. Owners are squeezing as many stations as they can into as little space as possible. Six, seven,

Intraplex SynchroCast at Big City Radio 

In the past, competing for listeners and revenue in major markets has demanded a major investment in the purchase of a station with a high-power signal.

Transmitter Control: Regulation and Implementation 

The technology continues to evolve - and so do the FCC Rules.I'd like to see a show of hands: How many of you have ever had the Commission call you and

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