Web 2.0 

Technologists busily reinventing the Web say radio stations can look forward to an Internet where it's much easier to collaborate, innovate, and manipulate data and software on a wide variety of Net-friendly devices.

The World's First 

As the vision of Mixon Hall was being realized, CIM recognized the necessity of having a recording, production and broadcast studio, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, to match Mixon Hall and its many gifted performers.

Martha Quinn's RadioBu 

Having a custom-built personal studio was once a luxury on-air radio talent could not experience. With the move toward computer-based digital recording technologies, more and more on-air talent are finding that owning their own personal studio is now within reach.

The 2008 NAB Radio Show Sessions 

Selected sessions of interest to RADIO magazine readers at the 2008 NAB Radio Show. Selected sessions of interest to Radio magazine readers at the 2008 NAB Radio Show.

Tips, tricks, hints and more 

Changes to make for the fall season, the Extech Mini IR thermometer, steel letters and numbers, BNC extractor, and automatic changeovers for backup generators.

Clean up the Audio 

Advancement of codec design has allowed lower bit-rates to be employed, and most codecs sound decent at these rates, but they are much more fragile with regards to distortion and susceptible to artifacts.

Open Mic: A Boost for Itunes Tagging 

Jeff Littlejohn shares his insight about Clear Channel's announcement that all of its HD Radio stations were transmitting Itunes tags on the primary channel.

Streaming Audio 

If you aren't already streaming audio from your radio station, you probably will be soon. Streaming is a natural alternative to program delivery for radio

Reviving NASCAR Radio 

By 2006, PRN needed additional studio space. At first, the plan was to move into an existing office space, utilizing as much of the original structure as possible. As the project progressed, it became clear the existing space was going to need a good bit of work

Tips on RS-232, serial data, and satellite dish tune-up 

Serial data explained Even though there are faster and easier ways to connect data devices, many older protocols, particularly RS-232, live on. I have

Considerations for Elevated IBOC Sidebands 

The first difficulty in accommodating increased IBOC sideband levels is that, because of the higher peak-to-average AM component of the IBOC carriers, the transmitter must be derated from Class C saturated FM operation.

The Broadcaster Traffic Consortium 

The Broadcaster Traffic Consortium, an alliance of several broadcast groups, is working with Navteq to provide real-time traffic and other location-based information for portable navigation devices and automobile in-dash systems via HD Radio technology.

Sample and Hold: Youth Interest in HD Radio 

Paragon Media Strategies Second Annual Youth Radio and New Media Study, Spring 2008.

Feel the Power 

From generator and UPS back-up to alternative sources, facility power is often-overlooked but mission-critical.

Tips on alternative power supply, road rack wiring, and rubber belts 

Alternative power supplies, road rack wiring and rubber belts.

Upbeat Digs 

Today, WNYZ, which covers Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Northern New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut, brings a new beat to the tri-state area.

Building the New Guild 

In 2007 plans were enacted to redesign the equipment layout and improve sound quality in the Ralph Guild Studio, built inside the Paley Center in 1992.

Tips, tricks, hints and more 

Big buttons, mic flags and free software.

The 2008 NAB Show, a Review 

Because of the size of the convention, it's likely you did not make it to every corner of the exhibits. That's where Radio magazine can help. Through our product wrap-up you can catch up on some of the items you missed.

The Pick Hits of the 2008 NAB Show 

The Radio magazine Pick Hits of the 2008 NAB Show are the top 15 new products of the convention as selected by the magazine's Pick Hits panel.

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