FCC considers low-power AM 

Some of the promoters of LPFM have now returned to the Commission with LPAM--a service that would not be shackled with the restrictions that apply to LPFM.

Relaxed tribal notification standards 

Tower construction projects on tribal lands must be coordinated with local tribes. To prevent non-responses from keeping tower projects on hold, the Commission recently announced a new policy for dealing with tribal and native Hawaiian organizations.

FM Auction 62 postponed 

The last-minute postponement of FM Auction 62 has chilled the enthusiasm of many would-be bidders.

XM plans terrestrial wireless operation 

XM now has applied for FCC consent to acquire terrestrial WCS frequencies, but there are those who strongly oppose the idea.

FM auction fast approaching 

Auction No. 62 is being adapted to resemble a wireless auction in that 100 percent engagement will not be required in each round.

FCC to streamline allotment process 

If the FCC adopts these proposals, abuses of the system would be curtailed and the process of changing a city of license (for AM or FM stations) would be significantly simplified and improved.

New radio market definitions tested 

As expected, now the Commission has put local market rules into place, they are immediately put to the test by license applicants. Despite this, the FCC maintains that the Arbitron-based market definition will stand and that there is a heavy burden on a petitioner to show that an alternative definition is appropriate.

FCC to auction 173 more FM CPs 

The Commission plans another simultaneous, multiple-round auction.

Big changes for LPFM, FM translators 

The Commission has adopted changes in its rules that will immediately benefit LPFM operators and applicants.

New rules for tower locations 

These new requirements immediately affect the contents of FCC applications for construction permits.

Possible changes to expanded-band rules 

Three expanded-band pioneers have filed a petition for rulemaking asking the FCC to amend its rules and afford Class B status for stations operating in the AM expanded band.

Market sizes under new rules 

The new market definition does not rely solely on determinations by Arbitron. Arbitron merely defines the market.

Denver Waiver policy rescinded 

The Denver Waiver reflects an effort by the FCC to adjust its general FM allotment standards--developed for universal application to all situations across the country--in acknowledgment of the fact that some circumstances don't fit conveniently into a universal mold.

FCC streamlines preservation review 

Under the agreement, the Commission's streamlined process will provide certainty and ease burdens on everyone involved in the historic preservation review process.

FCC gets tough on debts 

By comparing the FCC Registration Number (FRN) of the entity seeking the benefit with its roster of reprobate FRNs, the FCC can put a “red light” on the processing of any application by such entities.

FCC Looks to Overhaul EAS 

The FCC is asking whether broadcasters should be required to participate in state and local alerts by making their facilities available to local emergency managers.

Displacement Relief for FM Translators? 

Under the existing FM translator rules, a displaced FM translator may immediately apply to move only to adjacent channels, none of which may be available.

FCC revising RF radiation rules 

The FCC is considering modifications to some of its RF evaluation and measurement procedures, addition of more specific definitions regarding occupational exposure, and elimination of inconsistencies in the RF radiation rules.

The NAB attacks satellite localism 

The NAB wants the FCC to stop XM and Sirius from doing what they do now—nationwide distribution of major-market traffic and weather to all subscribers—and prohibit them from developing or implementing new technology to deliver such information in a more sophisticated way.

290 FM channels on the auction block 

The FM auction initially announced almost four years ago, but postponed four times, is now back on the calendar for Nov. 3, 2004.

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