Digital Radio Update – October 11, 2006

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  • HD Radio Networking Tips Added To Ibiquity Reference Library
  • ABI: Consumer Audio Connections Going Wi-fi
  • Analysts: U.S. Satellite Radio Growth Slowing
  • Ibiquity Licenses First Offshore Broadcast Vendor
  • Worldspace Inks Cricket Deal with ESPN Star Sports
  • LG Innotek Launches HD Receiver Module Line
  • IBOC by State: Indiana
  • An Introduction to the New Language Surrounding HD Radio

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    HD Radio Networking Tips Added To Ibiquity Reference Library
    Ibiquity Digital has introduced a free-for-download white paper designed to "aid the station engineer in the successful integration and connection of various networked components necessary for the implementation of HD Radio Advanced Application Services, specifically Multicasting." The paper outlines techniques for minimizing or eliminating dropouts in broadcaster's HD Radio network infrastructure. The new paper represents a summary of current research and experience among Ibiquity engineers and consultants, as well as broadcast engineers in the field.

    This latest work is an addition to a number of other works available via Ibiquity's free, Web-published technical library of papers covering various aspects of successful HD Radio implementation at the station level.

    Available documents and their abstracts on the Ibiquity website can be viewed at

    ABI: Consumer Audio Connections Going Wi-fi
    New York-based ABI Research says that the consumer electronics media market is now in the midst of a major shift from physical media and broadcasts to a greater reliance on network-based delivery, with Wi-fi networking expected to become a key enabler for delivery and redistribution of content in the home. According to the company's most recent study, Wi-Fi in Consumer Electronics, the total number of Wi-fi-enabled consumer electronics devices will likely grow from just 40 million shipped in 2006 to nearly 249 million in 2011.

    Though the market today is led by portable gaming consoles, the new Zune from Microsoft signals the beginning of a large scale movement towards embedded Wi-fi in portable media players. Line-powered devices such as gaming consoles, DVD players and audio receivers are all expected to see high attach rates for Wi-fi during the forecast period.

    "The development of a market for Wi-fi-enabled consumer electronics has been hampered by technology limitations such as power consumption, but it has also been delayed by consumer electronics vendors' hesitation as they waited to see what would happen with 802.11n," said ABI senior analyst Philip Solis. "With the 802.11n standard set to be ratified in a little over a year, the Wi-fi Alliance's decision to certify solutions based on a draft 2.0 for 802.11n, and vendors' intentions to release products based on the current Wi-fi protocols, this market is set for growth."

    A summary of the report can be viewed at Wi-Fi in Consumer Electronics.

    Analysts: U.S. Satellite Radio Growth Slowing
    Satellite Radio providers Sirius and XM may be slower to reach orbit than many industry observers had previously predicted, if recent study data and comments by media and financial analysts are to be believed. According to observers, a flattening of the "Howard Stern Effect" for Sirius, overall industry problems with FCC compliance, and instability on XM Satellite Radio's Board of Directors are just some of the signs that profitability for Sirius or XM may be further down the road than previously assumed.

    One source reflecting this new, more conservative forecast for satellite radio is Bridge Ratings, a radio audience research firm based in Glendale, CA. According to the latest trends in that company's research data, XM and Sirius will continue to show subscriber growth through the close of 2006, but at a less vigorous rate than predicted early in the year. Based on current estimate, Bridge believes that XM is poised to reach 8.2 million subscribers by the end of 2006, while Sirius should achieve a subscriber base of 6.5 million during the same period. Both numbers are significantly below where experts had pegged them a year ago.

    Bridge Ratings has also noted that persons 18 to 34 are citing concerns about the cost of satellite radio subscriptions as one reason more haven't followed Howard Stern or Opie and Anthony to satellite, and a substantial percentage indicate that they may not renew existing subscriptions when they expire.

    Other problems are blamed for the slowdown by Wall Street investment analysts, including slowdowns in the delivery of aftermarket receivers due to issues with FCC Part 15 emission requirements and lower than anticipated sales of new satellite-equipped American car brands.


    Ibiquity Licenses First Offshore Broadcast Vendor
    Ibiquity Digital has entered into a licensing agreement with Continental Lensa to develop, manufacture and market HD Radio exciters for sale in the AM and FM broadcast equipment marketplace. Ibiquity claims that the company is the first HD Radio broadcast equipment manufacturer to be licensed outside of North America.

    Continental Lensa will develop, manufacture and market HD Radio exciters for AM and FM broadcasters who are converting to digital broadcasting. Continental Lensa is based in Santiago, Chile, with an additional facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    SES Americom Surveys AMC-8 Receive Sites
    Trenton, NJ - Oct 10, 2006 - SES Americom is surveying all radio network users of AMC-8 to determine the condition of all AMC-8 satellite dishes in use. The survey is prompted by problems that the satellite experienced several months ago. Read that story in the archived Radio Currents at this link.

    A letter with a URL, code and password has been sent to all radio stations who are listed as affiliates of Premiere, ABC, WW1 or Jones to gather the information. The networks are working together for the benefit of all the users.

    It is important for stations to complete the survey so that appropriate actions can be taken to minimize disruption of service when any changes are made. Stations that did not receive the survey should contact the appropriate network.

    The AMC-8 radio neighborhood survey can be accessed at Use the station's five-digit Zip code for the ID and 9999 as the password.

    Worldspace Inks Cricket Deal with ESPN Star Sports
    Worldspace Satellite Radio has announced a broadcast license agreement with ESPN Star Sports to provide subscribers with live coverage of one of southern Asia's most popular sports--cricket. ESPN Star Sports is a "half and half" joint venture between Disney's ESPN and Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Star satellite network.

    Under terms of the agreement, the Worldspace-branded, all-sports channel (Play) for South Asia and the Middle East will have exclusive broadcasting rights throughout South Asia for 12 tours and more than 200 days of cricket. Three of the 12 tours include India, a primary market for Worldspace in the Asia region. Coverage begins Nov. 19, 2006, with India's tour of South Africa, and runs through February 2008, with conclusion of the India-Sri Lanka-Australia Triangular Series in Australia.

    Broadcasts can be received in countries covered by the Worldspace Asia Star satellite and include: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE.


    LG Innotek Launches HD Receiver Module Line
    LG Innotek has released two new HD Radio modules designed for integration in tabletop and component HD Radio receivers. The TMHA-H001T and TMHA-H501T module designs have been certified by Ibiquity Digital for compliance with that company's 1181 Reference Design and are configurable to operate vertically or horizontally mounted in master or slave modes.

    The company claims the new designs are aimed at providing a fast-track solution for OEM Consumer Electronics manufacturers looking to integrate HD Radio technology into current and future AM and FM radio product lines in a relatively short time frame.

    LG Innotek is also planning to release a series of next generation HD Radio modules intended to simplify the task of adding basic HD Radio capabilities along with new HD Radio data features to existing receiver lines or new products.

    IBOC Across America

    IBOC by State: Indiana
    Ibiquity has a list of stations that have licensed HD Radio technology. IBOC by state will look at various states and list the stations that are making the transition.

    MarketStationMain FormatHD2 FormatHD3 FormatOwner


    WFIU-FM 103.7




    Indiana University


    WPSR-FM 90.7




    Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation


    WILO-AM 1570

    Adlt Stndrd



    Kaspar Broadcasting

    Ft. Wayne

    WBOI-FM 89.1


    Classical from WBNI 


    Northeast Indiana Public Radio, Inc.

    Ft. Wayne

    WOWO-AM 1190




    Federated Media


    WBDC-FM 100.9




    Dubois County Broadcasting, Inc.


    WFBQ-FM 94.7


    Deep Tracks & Live Rock 


    Clear Channel Radio


    WFMS-FM 95.5




    Cumulus Media Partners




    Local Progam Showcase 


    Metropolitan Indianapolis Public Broadcasting


    WHHH-FM 96.3




    Radio One Inc.


    WIBC-AM 1070






    WICR-FM 88.7




    University of Indianapolis


    WISG-FM 93.9




    Cumulus Media Partners



    Adult Hits



    Cumulus Media Partners


    WKLU-FM 101.9

    Clsc Rock

    HD2 Gold 

    The Club 

    Indy Radio LLC


    WLHK-FM 97.1


    Bubba Country 




    WNDE-AM 1260




    Clear Channel Radio


    WNOU-FM 93.1






    WNTR-FM 107.9

    Adult Hits



    Entercom Communications


    WRDZ-FM 98.3

    Top 40



    ABC Radio


    WRZX-FM 103.3


    Classic Alternative 


    Clear Channel Radio


    WYJZ-FM 100.9

    Smooth Jazz



    Radio One Inc.


    WZPL-FM 99.5




    Entercom Communications


    WSHW-FM 99.7




    Kaspar Broadcasting

    South Bend

    WAOR-FM 95.3




    Federated Media

    HD Radio Terminology

    The language surrounding HD Radio
    spectral noise and emissions limit: A specification limiting the maximum level of out-of-band components of the transmitted signal.

    spectral mapping: The association of specific logical channels with specific subcarriers or groups of subcarriers.

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