Much Ado About HD Radio 

I happened to flip through the 148-page Crutchfield catalog when it opened to page 23 and I saw a JVC car stereo with an LED readout that says HD RADIO. Could it be that this was the moment that so many people have dreamed about?

Maximized effort 

Many readers have shared their varied opinions on HD Radio and the Digital Radio Alliance.

Tuning in with the Recepter 

David Saviet reports on his experience with the Boston Acoustics Recepter HD receiver.

Missing something 

CES was a chance to show people that terrestrial radio was just as important today as it ever was. Unfortunately, digital terrestrial radio missed a major opportunity to shine.

Steady growth for digital audio 

While terrestrial radio continues to develop and market a digital transmission system, other digital audio services are competing for the same listeners.

Open Mic: Inside the HD Digital Radio Alliance 

After the CES convention, Radio magazine talked to Peter Ferrara, president of the HD Digital Radio Alliance, about the new group's plans. Radio: The

IBOC Installations 

Radio magazine asked several stations about the options they chose and why.

The Art of Surround 

With the latest product announcements for the consumer, it looks like surround-sound broadcasting and HD Radio are making more headway in the radio broadcasting arena.

Better late than never 

While the reasons for establishing the HD Digital Radio Alliance are valid, the Alliance should have been launched at least two years ago when the first digital receiver was sold.

Idea for AM OBOC2 and/or AM EV-DO 

Larry Ray's idea on how to use the existing AM band as redirect to an FM multicast station.

Keep the HD Radio Rollout Simple 

While radio waits for the mass rollout of receivers with HD Radio capability, personal electronics devices are bypassing terrestrial radio completely.

Effective surround monitoring 

The topic of surround sound has grow from a small topic to one of prominence at radio and audio engineering conferences.

The current view 

The various flavors of IBOC were common topics at the recent fall conventions. While many choose to deny it, the HD Radio rollout is here.

Applied Technology: MPEG Surround for HD Radio 

Stations are experimenting with a variety of ways to broadcast surround sound over the air, which could be a significant driver for the acceptance of HD Radio.

HD Radio News - Nov 2005 

Recent headlines about HD Radio and IBOC from the Radio magazine IBOC Update.

Getting it 

While there are still many opponents to the Ibiquity system, even these people are beginning to acknowledge that the system is here and is seeing acceptance.

Respectfully yours 

Radio magazine's editorial coverage has sparked various responses from its readers, from the late-summer hurricanes to IBOC. Find out what people have to say.

Yet another step closer to HD Radio 

Tuning in HD Radio 

The menu of available receivers continues to grow.

Case Study: Installing multicast 

Broadcasters have sought the killer application for FM HD Radio, and at first glance it looked like program-service data was going to be it.

IBOC and data 

The real return of migrating to IBOC comes down to the simple fact that it levels the playing field.

Digital radio? What's that? 

Radio has its work cut out for it because HD Radio is the best-kept secret.

Open Mic 

Every radio engineer has his favorite songs that he uses to adjust a station's processing or evaluate performance.

Slow and Steady HD Radio Rollout 

This graph shows that consumers will increase their investment in HD Radio-capable receivers over the next decade.

Practicalities of surround 

While the standard defines the basic operation of the trasnmission system, the enhanced functions of data, surround sound and multicast operation have yet to be fully defined.

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