One is Good, Two are Better 

Prepare for multichannel IBOC

Open Mic 

Radio industry professionals share their thoughts on IBOC SAC.

How Tomorrow Radio Works 

Supplemental audio is poised to be one of the first data services used in HD Radio and is a key differentiator from the current analog service.

Digital alternatives 

While a single digital transmission standard has not yet been adopted by the FCC, the industry has already begun moving to IBOC. Despite this, HD Radio isn't the only game in town.

Sound all around 

IBOC in Surround Sound: A look at the technologies in development.

10 years of progress 

The debate over IBOC is as strong as ever.

What's in a name? 

I'm hearing a frequent misuse of the most basic term dealing with IBOC.

Tomorrow (radio) the World! 

Conceived by NPR in 2002 and nurtured by Harris and Kenwood USA, National Public Radio's multicasting system has just been proved perfectly suited to

The IBOC FM waveform 

The IBOC system for FM as developed by Ibiquity is a fascinating engineering feat.

The data dilemma 

IBOC has been officially launched, but what do we do with the data capacity?

IBOC antennas 

Despite the hiatus in nighttime operation for AM IBOC, antenna research is continuing in an effort to comply with the FCC's existing requirements of two antennas for FM IBOC, and develop a system using one antenna that will satisfy the FCC's requirements.

A great save 

It appears the Ibiquity team has found a good solution to the audio encoding problem.

The killer app for IBOC 

With the FM implementation of IBOC, standard broadcast stations will need to deal with a number of technical problems related to making IBOC work with RF propagation issues.

IBOC end to end 

10 steps to determining the best digital migration path.

Radio's friend or foe? 

New technology can be described as either emerging or breakthrough. IBOC is hardly breakthrough.

An IBOC roadblock 

In the middle of May, the road to IBOC took a major detour. What has been an ongoing work in progress with a predictable slow and steady pace has been

Running interference 

WOR has encountered many positive results during its transition to IBOC. These tests were used to gather data on nighttime interference.

The IBOC rollout begins 

The FCC has selected in-band on-channel (IBOC) as the digital radio broadcast technology of choice for AM and FM--what does this mean to you?

IBOC transmission 

The introduction of Ibiquity IBOC-capable radios is slated for the January 2003 CES, so let's review the information at hand so that you know how IBOC works.

Shively and Entercom Seattle Partner on IBOC Tests 

Entercom, Shively and Broadcast Electronics work together on an alternate method of hybrid IBOC generation.

Stunted growth 

Already 10 years in the making, in-band on-channel digital audio broadcasting has promised to be the next evolution of terrestrial radio; an evolution that would carry the radio industry through the next 100 years.

IBOC and combiners 

Some transmitter manufacturers have already announced the availability of FM IBOC transmitting equipment, and offered actual equipment at the NAB show. FM IBOC requires considerably more equipment than the AM version, and it is more expensive.

DAB update 

The Commission is on the verge of approving the Ibiquity standard, but serious questions still exist as to the value of the system to broadcasters and whether a full-time AM system will ever work.

Thoughts about IBOC 

Many engineers anxiously awaited the release of the National Radio Systems Committee's AM IBOC Report, in hopes that the report would reveal good news about AM IBOC.

Ibiquity Launches AM, FM IBOC with Full Support 

IBOC has been designed to occur simultaneously with the station's existing analog transmission and within the existing spectrum allocation.

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