The Arguments Against HD Radio

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"The signals don't penetrate buildings or travel far."
Yes, and there's a major push with the FCC to rectify that, although it is also being opposed by those protecting the analog signal outside the protected contour.

Out of all the arguments, there are two items that have some basis in engineering. It just burns me up when the only arguments most people can come up with are the same ones that were used for FM, television, the automobile, and the telephone. Protecting the status quo has never been the successful position. But the arguments of HD Radio opponents do nothing but point at how the new technology threatens the status quo. The whole reason we're in the HD Radio mess we're in is because of the status quo! When the NAB supported Eureka 147, what became the European and Canadian DAB systems, they were soundly shouted down because:

  • It provided the potential of new owners and competitors.
  • Existing owners would be required to buy new transmitters to remain competitive.
  • A cell-site arrangement would require more towers, even if they would be lower power and lower cost.
  • If a migration plan that moved existing broadcasters to DAB channels, then all broadcasters would be operating from (gasp) a level signal field. Differences in signal, pattern, etc. would go away. 100kW FMs and 50kW clear channel AM's would no longer have an advantage.
  • See why we're here?

    HD Radio has many problems. HD Radio has many drawbacks. We can either work through them or try and get the industry behind something better; fast! Standing still or pushing against it is not the answer.

    Stop telling us why this won't work and help us make it work. We're here because of our own design.

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