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Audio level processing system


Pod Blaster: This entry-level digital audio processor is designed for podcasters, broadcast studios and program production applications, but can also be used for dual-microphone level control. It features analog and digital inputs and outputs, GUI set-up via USB and nine pre-set audio profiles. The Pod Blaster produces smooth sound, ends listener annoyance and tune-out due to sloppy levels, allows presenters to concentrate on the content, improves audibility and clarity of the program and eliminates overload distortion.
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Portable Wi-fi Internet radio

C. Crane Company

Revo Pico: This portable Wi-fi radio runs nearly eight hours on just two hours of charging. The splash-resistant radio has good audio for its size (2.1 pounds), and also features a built-in FM radio, stereo headphone jack and an audio-in/HP jack. Choose between several equalizer settings to adjust the audio tone to personal preference. Includes user manual, remote control and power/charging cord.

AM broadcast processor

BW Broadcast

DSPX Mini-AM: BW Broadcast has developed an AM version of its exceedingly popular entry-level DSPX Mini processor. The DSPX Mini-AM packs four bands of AGC, four bands of limiting and an anti-aliased clipper into 1RU. Other features include adjustable low-pass filtering, high-frequency equalization, asymmetrical clipping, low-frequency transmitter tilt compensation and a tone generator.

Relay changeover system

Broadcast Devices

8/16 Channel A/B Switcher: This product allows for A-B switching of multiple audio, AC/DC control or logic functions. The 8/16 has 16 sets of form C contacts that can switch multiple stereo audio pairs, control signals or just about any signal desired. The 8/16 can handle studio or facility changeover providing complete backup redundancy. The unit features front panel control and logic and simple momentary remote control and remote position status. There are additional remote control outputs that can be connected to additional units to create a larger switcher if desired. The 8/16 series switchers are housed in an all-steel chassis and use a switching power supply for minimal hum pickup. All connections to and from the 8/16 series are made via standard DB-25 connectors. Commonly available break out cables can be used to connect between DB-25 and XLR connectors. Cable assemblies are also available from BDI.

Analog telephone hybrid

Axel Technology

Boxtel: Boxtel is a very small analog telephone hybrid that provides automatic line compensation, transformer-balanced audio connections and local and remote control capabilities. Boxtel does not require ac main voltage; power comes directly from the telephone line.
+39 51 736555

Multi-screenvideo extenders

Adder Technology

Adder Link X50-MS: The Adder Link X50-MS is a link-transparent USB and high performance video extender that delivers industry leading video quality at up to 1920x1200 together with 44.1kHz digital stereo audio over a single CATx cable. It enables USB peripherals such as keyboards, mice and graphics tablets to be extended up to 165' from the computer. The Adder Link X50-MS adds a second video and transparent, high speed RS232 connection, up to baud rates of 19200. The extra functionality allows for the extension of computers with dual monitors commonly used in a variety of KVM extension scenarios including industrial applications.

RF mapping application


Radio Path Analysis: Softwright, developers of the Terrain Analysis Package Software (TAP) now provide the capability to visually see the details of a radio path analysis or RF coverage map using Google Earth. The application can be used to visualize virtually all types of radio system paths. Softwright has developed a way of graphically modeling not only the portion of the Fresnel zone that lies below the actual line-of-sight path, but also on both sides of the exact path, where additional path losses are created. Up to now this degradation would have been undetected. With this newly designed RF modeling tool, the engineer can fly an entire path and look at the areas that would cause signal deterioration down the entire path including the side lobes of the protected Fresnel zone. Only when one knows precisely where these obstructed locations are, can an engineer proceed with strategic solutions to seek to eliminate locations where the signal is unreliable.

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