Gigabit Ethernet 

In 1998, the IEEE adopted the standard defining one Gigabit (1Gb) Ethernet over fiber optic cabling. In June of 1999, the standard defining 1 Gigabit Ethernet, or 1000BaseT, over copper pairs was ratified.

Top loading, part 2 of 2 

Part One described the events leading to the development of top loading of broadcast AM antennas. This part continues with details of the types of top loading and discusses the use of the FCC's Rules in planning a top-loaded antenna system.

Manager's Perspective: Keeping Digital Clean 

A quality digital installation requires more than good equipment.

Top loading, part 1 of 2 

Engineers charged with the job of designing a new AM transmitter facility nearly always try to plan for the tallest tower possible. This is not just an ego trip; it's because the taller the AM radiator, the higher the field strength developed in the listening area with a given power.

Balancing your workload 

With all the hats contract engineers have to wear (and bear), it sometimes feels as if juggling is our primary occupation.

Class of service 

When radio technologists think of signal quality, the first things that come to mind are frequency response, noise and distortion.

New Products (Nov 2001) 

Fluke Networks NetTool | Yamaha MSP3 | TC Electronic DB-8 | Sonic Sense Sonicorder | Wheatstone D-5000 | Omnia Omnia-6 | Middle Atlantic MultiDesk | Statmon Technologies Statmon EMS | Netia

Dispatcher, Web Dispatcher, Autofill | PreSonus DEQ624 | RFS Broadcast 828DA | AEQ Ranger

Mass Media Bureau out 

As part of Chairman Powell's efforts to reform the FCC, the Mass Media Bureau, which handles all radio and television matters, will be merged into the Cable Services Bureau, which handles all cable matters, to form a new Media Bureau.

License-free facility interconnection 

Simple point-to-point audio paths have become complex networks joining multiple studio facilities and transmitter sites, sometimes spread over a large area.

The Web for profit 

As the economy continues its downturn, and radio revenue continues to decrease, station managers must use all their powers and all the tools at their disposal to increase the bottom line. Unfortunately, it now appears that the worst case is a reality, with even greater downside potential if future events cause greater disruption to the economy.

The show might go on 

Last month I wrote about the role that traditional broadcasting played in relaying information when many newer technologies could not keep up with the events of September 11. Just days before that event, I was putting some thoughts together about another event that took place earlier that same month: the NAB Radio Show.

Service provided 

When a major historical event takes place, we often remember, and are usually asked repeatedly, “Where were you at that time, and what were you doing?” September 11 is one of those days.

Network diagnostic tools 

Remember when creating a PC-based network was relatively simple (except for spending countless hours fighting with the operating system software)? Thankfully, most of those problems have been eliminated. Of course, we're not just transferring files or sharing printers anymore.

Webcasters must pay royalties 

In another victory for the record companies, the United States District Court in Philadelphia has affirmed the Copyright Office's December 2000 ruling holding that AM/FM broadcasters simultaneously streaming their signals on the Internet are responsible for royalty payments to ACSAP, BMI, and SESAC, and to record companies.

Management and engineering as allies 

The old joke goes: How do you make sure that you never get trapped in management? The punch line follows: become an engineer! Not long ago, this joke was dead-on accurate. Even today, while many engineers have risen in the ranks of broadcast radio, many in our field still hold on to the sentiment that engineers are generally ill-suited to working amiably with senior management.

Field Report: Broadcast Electronics AM-1A 

When Northwestern College Radio acquired WMAD, one of the first priorities was to replace the transmitter. Mark Croom reviews the AM-1A.

Impedance matching 

We have all been taught that the load impedance must match the generator impedance in the case of non-DC voltages in order to obtain the most efficient transfer of power. In DC work it seems that loads with an improper resistance fail to work because the supply voltage is too low, or else burn out because their resistance is too low for the applied voltage, and simple Ohm's law applies.

Let your light shine 

The events of recent days have brought much attention to the broadcast media, as is often the case in periods of crisis. It is times like these when the true value of broadcasting shows through, and the routine, day-to-day priorities of the business fade in importance. The nation huddles to stay informed via news broadcasts, or to discuss issues on talk radio, and eventually to escape and return to normal with sports and entertainment programs.

New Products (Oct 2001) 

RFS Broadcast Rapid Fit | AETA Audio Mix2000 | Yellowtec IP/Digital | AudioScience ASI4113 | Neutrik EtherCon | Samson S phone | Broadcast Software International TimeShift | TC Electronic DBMAX 2.60 | RCS Tracker | APW Enclosures RackMaxSM | Broadcast Tools DAS 12.4 | Henry Engineering MoniSwitch

Noncommercial applicants to avoid auctions 

Concluding that “inartful drafting is not the same as ambiguity,” the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit found in favor of National Public Radio in an appeal from the Commission's prior determination that noncommercial educational (NCE) stations would be required to take part in an auction if they decided to file for non-reserved (commercial) frequencies.

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