Problems and solutions 

In the eyes of broadcasters, December was a busy month for the FCC. Broadcasting is just one small part of the FCC’s concerns, so when several significant rulings are made at once, broadcasters naturally take notice. Two recent actions deal with broadcast ownership while another deals with programming localism. Now that the FCC has acted, there are more questions raised than answers provided.

FCC Adopts Protections for LPFM 

In a move designed to enhance the long-term viability of low-power FM stations and encourage new voices, the FCC has adopted and proposed additional rules, which will afford LPFM stations quasi-primary service status and provide other benefits.

A reel shock 

I was shocked at your story on Otari. Shocked. Almost fell out of the chair. You mean to tell me that 20 years have gone by and I still have three of

Sign Off 

A Collins 12H console at WFMS Indianapolis, Pete Fornatale at WFUV and America's techiest cities.

New Products 

New products from Asentria, Behringer, Broadcast Electronics, Calrec Audio, Centrance, D.A.V.I.D., Digital Alert Systems, DM Engineering, Falcon Electric, Golden Acoustics, HHB, Hosa Technology, Kaltman Creations, Ledtronics, Marantz, Meyer Sound, MGE UPS Systems, MXL Microphones, NTI, OMT Technologies, Orban, Rane and Turnkey Media Systems.

Engineered for business 

Why do radio engineers choose their career in radio engineering? We obviously have the aptitude and the skills for the job, but there are other reasons. I think many engineers will tell you that they do their job because it's not really like work. It's like getting paid to practice a hobby.

Project management 

The project management professional (PMP) has only recently become a specialized credential recognized in a wide variety of businesses. In fact, many companies now consider formal project manager training and certification for new hires or employees seeking to grow within an organization.

FCC issues surface in presidential race 

Only a month or two before the 2008 presidential nominees face off in primaries, and less than a year before the general election, top candidates from both major parties are discussing key issues affecting communications policy.

New Products (Dec 2007) 

New products from HHB, Mackie, LEA International, Avlex, LAN International, Audioquest, Dielectric, DM Engineering, Disc Makers, Neutrik, Crown Broadcast, Coaxial Dynamics, Ledtronics, Winmedia Software, Axia Audio, New Avionics, MXL Microphones, Nott, Editshare, Adobe Systems, Audio Precision, Wireworks, Newer Technology, Lavry Engineering and Belden.

Sign Off 

WXVW studios in 1968, a Texar ad from 1988 and current vs. future mobile phone usage.

KRK VXT Series 

For KRK groupies, these are a home run. Their brand ancestry is definitely audible. The company has retained the good from their previous mid-level lines, while improving other facets of their design. However, for broadcasters these boxes pack a lot of punch for a modest price. And the limiting circuit and ready-to-mount abilities make them good candidates for the control or production room.

Field Report: Mackie 642-VLZ3 

The big differences with the 1642-VLZ3 are the mic preamps and the EQ sections on the console. Mackie totally redesigned the mic preamps for this line.

New Products from the NAB Radio Show and AES 

New products from Belden, HHB, Ecreso, Studio Technologies, DACS, Canford Audio, ATC, Wegener, Steinberg, Day Sequerra, Genelec, Adam Professional Audio, Gepco, Riedel, Globalstor, Jampro, Blue Microphones, Sennheiser Electronic, Izotope, Lexicon, Wireworks, OK Radio Group and Neutrik.

Sign Off 

Remembering the RCA BTF 20E, WBT's cold war-era studio bunker in a North Carolina bomb shelter and how radio compares to other media on its influence in auto purchases.

Field Report: Unlimi-Tech File Catalyst 2.0 

File Catalyst 2.0 is a software-based application that uses UDP to transfer files and data more reliably than basic FTP. The File Catalyst server and client system compresses data to reduce payloads and maximize bandwidth.

RF filters 

Radio-engineering work is very involved with filters of one kind or another. The science of broadcasting depends on the correct passage of various frequencies through differing pieces of equipment. Some frequencies are in the audio range and others are in the RF domain.

Out of mind, but not out of sight 

"Why do you listen to radio?" Depending on how listeners are asked this question, the replies can be wildly different, as was shown in a recent study. The results go beyond the actual question to reveal other important aspects of radio.

FCC continues active enforcement of radio rules 

Reports from the FCC violation list including handling of filing fees, proper tower fencing and EAS compliance.

Omega Engineering PX319 and PX219 

Remote and accurate line pressure monitoring is just one important aspect of remote facility maintenance. Omega Engineering has a range of products to fit this need, and the PX319 and PX219 are used at the Cox Radio Orlando facilities.

The high cost of HD Radio receivers 

Radio magazine readers speak up on HD Radio receiver availability, the RIAA's financial tactics, the right way to plan a project and a simple thanks for our Find the Mic Sweepstakes.

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