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Old General Electric FM radio ads, staff photos from WTOA-FM and HD Radio's role in new automobiles.

Commission stepping up rule enforcement 

A Texas AM station was fined $8,800 for failing to maintain a main studio and power down at sunset. An FCC inspector, after checking on four successive days, could not find the station's main studio. While conducting this search the agent took signal measurements and determined that the station was not powering down at night as its license required.

The gains for HD Radio 

One reader writes, "I don't know how far HD Radio-equipped stations blanket analog AM stations but I can provide you with a very educated guess that the actual receiver has a lot to do with rejecting that interference or permitting it."

2008 NAB Extra! 

New Products at the 2008 NAB Show from APW, Audioarts Engineering, Avlex, Avocent, Axia Audio, Barix Technology, Broadcast Software International, Burk Technology, Dialight, Dielectric, DK Technologies, Enco Systems, Harris, Heil Sound, Hosa, JK Audio, Klotz Digital., LEA International/Transtector, Mayah Communications, Neutrik, Power Module Technology, Propagation Systems, RCS, RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten, Samson Technologies, Sennheiser Electronic, Sonifex, Soundfield Research, Staco Energy Products, Stream Guys, Switchcraft, Tascam, Telos Systems, Vorsis, Wirecad, Yamaha and Zaxcom.

New Products 

New products from Sony, Arco, K-Sun, Henry Engineering, RF Signs, Allen and Heath, Yellowtec, Tapco, Panamax, Schmart Board, Audio Science, Rapcohorizon, Harrison by GLW, MXL Microphones, Liquid Compass, Audix, Wirecad, Blue Sky International and Netia.

The new digital radio 

The big news from CES for HD Radio was that a portable chipset was finally unveiled – at least for FM. This is one significant part of the HD Radio rollout that has been noticeably absent. Once implemented, it will provide a necessary element for HD Radio acceptance, putting a digital radio receiver in just about any portable device.

Field Report: Adobe Audition 3.0 

Obviously, Audition 3 is far from lacking when it comes to creating top-quality audio. Whether a musician, voice-over artist or radio producer, Audition 3 is pushing the envelope by expanding creative possibilities, making affordable features efficient and available.

Reaching Parity with Satellite Radio 

Satellite radio has the edge over HD Radio. It's been available longer, and it had a huge marketing push across multiple types of media since its inception.

Radio broadcasting and 700MHz 

The FCC is auctioning what may be the most important spectrum allocations of our time. This portion of spectrum will be available as a result of the FCC mandate for traditional analog broadcast television to migrate to the new digital HDTV system by Feb. 17, 2009, specifically the portion previously occupied by channels 60-69.

Field Report: Denon DN-C640 

The Denon DN-C640 is a true professional CD player and the network functionality adds to the experience. The response on playback is tremendous. It took less than a half-hour to have the unit up and running on the network and most configurations were done without using the manual. Intuitive design and user functionality make this CD player a useful tool in any broadcast facility.

LPFM rules and proposals released 

The news is generally good if you are an LPFM licensee, but bad for FM licensees who plan to make facilities changes that threaten displacement of an existing LPFM station.

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Hurricane Camille, KPO San Francisco and cell phone ownership.

Field Report: Enco Systems DAD 

Southern California Public Radio operates both KPCC in Pasadena, CA, and KUOR in Redlands, CA. The two stations broadcast throughout Los Angeles County,

Field Report: Burk Watchband 

Watchband more than exceeded the expectations of Nasau Vermont: Not only can all 14 stations be monitored from one location, but the group can also monitor all the stations plus its competition from any location that has network access.

Problems and solutions 

In the eyes of broadcasters, December was a busy month for the FCC. Broadcasting is just one small part of the FCC’s concerns, so when several significant rulings are made at once, broadcasters naturally take notice. Two recent actions deal with broadcast ownership while another deals with programming localism. Now that the FCC has acted, there are more questions raised than answers provided.

FCC Adopts Protections for LPFM 

In a move designed to enhance the long-term viability of low-power FM stations and encourage new voices, the FCC has adopted and proposed additional rules, which will afford LPFM stations quasi-primary service status and provide other benefits.

A reel shock 

I was shocked at your story on Otari. Shocked. Almost fell out of the chair. You mean to tell me that 20 years have gone by and I still have three of

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A Collins 12H console at WFMS Indianapolis, Pete Fornatale at WFUV and America's techiest cities.

New Products 

New products from Asentria, Behringer, Broadcast Electronics, Calrec Audio, Centrance, D.A.V.I.D., Digital Alert Systems, DM Engineering, Falcon Electric, Golden Acoustics, HHB, Hosa Technology, Kaltman Creations, Ledtronics, Marantz, Meyer Sound, MGE UPS Systems, MXL Microphones, NTI, OMT Technologies, Orban, Rane and Turnkey Media Systems.

Don't become a statistic 

There are many lists extant of precautions to take before working with high voltage pieces of equipment. Lethal incidents may be more often caused by completely unexpected circumstances than from pure, careless accidents.

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