New Products 

New products from NTI, Falcon Electric, Mayah Communications, Sonifex, Audix, Barix, Samson Technologies, Kaltman Creations, Allen and Heath, Tugicom RF Design, DM Engineering, Fifty Thousand Watt Software, Loopmasters, Broadcast Tools, Furman Sound, Behringer, Farlight, Tapco, Harris, Olympus, Caig Laboratories and Corsair

NAB Show New Products 

More new product peeks from the 2008 NAB Show.

A day in the life 

What's you typical day at the NAB Show? Everyone's agenda is different during the convention. I am often asked what my day is like at the convention

Content delivery options 

As a stand-alone medium, traditional broadcasting is subject to a multitude of restrictions as compared with other Internet-driven delivery platforms

Field Report: Sony PCM-D50 

We chose the Sony PCM-D50, which is capable of recording WAV files and MP3 playback. The device itself has two built-in microphones; an external handheld microphone can also be used, and there are connections to attach a line-level device

Field Report: JK Audio Remote Mix 4 

With the Remote Mix 4, JK Audio has introduced 21st century cell phone and Bluetooth technology to the remote broadcast clique. In this age of wireless-ness, it’s a timely introduction

Sign Off 

More old General Electric FM radio ads for Color Radio.

The gains for HD Radio 

One reader writes, "I don't know how far HD Radio-equipped stations blanket analog AM stations but I can provide you with a very educated guess that the actual receiver has a lot to do with rejecting that interference or permitting it."

2008 NAB Extra! 

New Products at the 2008 NAB Show from APW, Audioarts Engineering, Avlex, Avocent, Axia Audio, Barix Technology, Broadcast Software International, Burk Technology, Dialight, Dielectric, DK Technologies, Enco Systems, Harris, Heil Sound, Hosa, JK Audio, Klotz Digital., LEA International/Transtector, Mayah Communications, Neutrik, Power Module Technology, Propagation Systems, RCS, RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten, Samson Technologies, Sennheiser Electronic, Sonifex, Soundfield Research, Staco Energy Products, Stream Guys, Switchcraft, Tascam, Telos Systems, Vorsis, Wirecad, Yamaha and Zaxcom.

Forgotten modulation methods 

Early in the 1930s French engineer Henri Chireix devised an ingenious method of modulation that he named most appropriately out phasing. It was based on the result of combining two out-of-phase voltages. This produces a fluctuating signal voltage that varies in amplitude as the audio signals change. This voltage, after amplification, drives a power amplifier stage with properly amplitude-modulated RF.

Field Report: Kowa PX-10 

Some devices have a front panel that demands attention. Such is the Kowa PX-10 flash memory audio player. This box simply belongs in the studio; but is the PX-10 more than just eye candy for the control room?

Convention time 

All attention turns to the NAB Show this time of year. It is the biggest industry event of the year after all. Even if you don't go or have never gone, it still has some relevance, since this is where the latest product developments and technology introductions specific to broadcasting are unveiled.

Field Report: Day Sequerra M2.2R 

Day Sequerra has updated its M2.0 HD modulation monitor, adding some nice and very useful features. I first reviewed the original M2.0 in Radio magazine in May 2006, and the new M2.2R model is an attractive piece of test equipment that will likely go in your facility where it can be seen by you and others.

Sign Off 

Old General Electric FM radio ads, staff photos from WTOA-FM and HD Radio's role in new automobiles.

Commission stepping up rule enforcement 

A Texas AM station was fined $8,800 for failing to maintain a main studio and power down at sunset. An FCC inspector, after checking on four successive days, could not find the station's main studio. While conducting this search the agent took signal measurements and determined that the station was not powering down at night as its license required.

LPFM rules and proposals released 

The news is generally good if you are an LPFM licensee, but bad for FM licensees who plan to make facilities changes that threaten displacement of an existing LPFM station.

Sign Off 

Hurricane Camille, KPO San Francisco and cell phone ownership.

New Products 

New products from Sony, Arco, K-Sun, Henry Engineering, RF Signs, Allen and Heath, Yellowtec, Tapco, Panamax, Schmart Board, Audio Science, Rapcohorizon, Harrison by GLW, MXL Microphones, Liquid Compass, Audix, Wirecad, Blue Sky International and Netia.

The new digital radio 

The big news from CES for HD Radio was that a portable chipset was finally unveiled – at least for FM. This is one significant part of the HD Radio rollout that has been noticeably absent. Once implemented, it will provide a necessary element for HD Radio acceptance, putting a digital radio receiver in just about any portable device.

Field Report: Adobe Audition 3.0 

Obviously, Audition 3 is far from lacking when it comes to creating top-quality audio. Whether a musician, voice-over artist or radio producer, Audition 3 is pushing the envelope by expanding creative possibilities, making affordable features efficient and available.

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