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Industry Events Cancelled Due to Events of September 11
Sep 11, 2001 - Due to the tragic events that took place the morning of September 11, 2001, in New York City and Washington, DC, several broadcast-industry events have been cancelled or rescheduled.

RTNDA: Nashville - Due to the national emergency, the Board of Directors of the Radio-Television News Directors Association has canceled the 2001 RTNDA International Conference & Exhibition scheduled to begin September 12, 2001, in Nashville. The RTNDA board resolution reads as follows:
"Whereas a national emergency has been caused by multiple acts of violence involving public and private entities, and
Whereas the members of RTNDA feel a deep obligation to serve the public in this time of national crisis, and
Whereas the shutdown of the nation's air traffic system renders it impossible for thousands of potential attendees to reach the convention site, and
Whereas the exhibitors at the meeting have informed the board they are unable to conduct business under these circumstances because of the crisis,
Therefore, the Board of Directors of the Radio-Television News Directors Association hereby cancels the 2001 RTNDA International Conference & Exhibition."

As many as 4,000 attendees had been expected at the Nashville convention.

The Radio-Television News Directors Association is the world's largest professional organization devoted exclusively to electronic journalism. RTNDA represents local and network news executives in broadcasting, cable and other electronic media in more than 30 countries.

SBE 22 Regional Convention and SBE National Meeting: Verona, NY - SBE President Andy Butler and President-Elect Troy Pennington announced that the SBE National Meetings scheduled for this week in Verona, NY, have been cancelled. This decision was made out of respect for the loss of life as a result of the attacks on New York City and Washington DC.

The SBE National Meeting has not yet been rescheduled.

A message was sent from the SBE Chapter 22 Convention office stating that the convention has been postponed until November 28.

XM Satellite Service Launch: Washington, DC, San Diego and Dallas - Due to today's national tragedy, XM Satellite Radio has postponed the launch of its commercial service in San Diego and Dallas scheduled for September 12, as well as events in those cities and Washington, DC, related to the service launch. The thoughts and prayers of all XM employees go out to those affected by these horrible events.

111th AES Convention: New York City - Official Statement of the Audio Engineering Society:

In view of the tragic events that took place yesterday there has been a lot of speculation as to whether the AES 111th Convention would proceed next week, as planned. There were several factors to be taken into consideration and a necessity to have discussions with other parties. For this reason we did not make a hasty statement.

We have just returned from the Javits Center where we had a meeting with its top management. We learned that the New York City Mayor's Office of Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have taken over large portions of the Javits Center for use in coordinating emergency services. We also learned that FEMA will have complete control of these spaces and any others that they need, for an undetermined period. This obviously makes holding the event as planned impossible. However, we were able to reschedule the convention, rather than just cancel it. Most of the people who contacted us hoped that this would be the solution.

The new dates will be Friday, November 30 to Monday, December 3, 2001, with the same exhibit, demo and conference space as {were originally scheduled].

We at the Audio Engineering Society would like to thank those of you who took the time and trouble to inquire about the safety of the staff here in the New York Office and to wish us well and give us your support. This was much appreciated.

Lastly at this sad time, we would like to spare a thought for those who have had their lives so much more severely disrupted than any of us. We were, and are, very sensitive to their feelings. Let us hope that we can look forward to better times ahead.

SBE Establishes Trust Fund for Tragedy Victims
Indianapolis - Sep 14, 2001 - The Board of Directors of the Society of Broadcast Engineers held a telephone conference to discuss, among other things, the creation of a trust for the broadcast engineering victims of the tragedy of September 11. The following message is from Troy Pennington, CSRE, SBE president.

My fellow SBE members,
We are saddened to hear that a number of our colleagues in the broadcast engineering profession are presently listed as missing as a result of the September 11th attack on our nation. We understand there is not an accounting for at least three New York broadcast technicians and possibly one SBE member. Words cannot describe our feelings of hurt and shock.

Let us take some comfort in knowing that we as Americans and members of a great professional organization are united at this time of trial and remain unwavering in resolve to help each other.

Today, the SBE has established a trust fund to assist the affected families of our broadcast engineers. I ask that you join me in contributing to this fund. Private as well as corporate donations are being solicited and can be made through the SBE charitable arm, the ENNES Trust. Make your checks payable to the "Ennes Educational Foundation Trust Fund" and mail to:
The Society of Broadcast Engineers, Inc.
Attention: Broadcast Engineer Relief Fund
9247 North Meridian Street, Suite 305
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Let us show these families of our SBE family how much we care and honor their loved ones. Please continue to pray for the victims of this terrorist act as we proceed with a sense of conviction in knowing that we remain united during this period of mourning.
Thank you.

Troy Pennington, CSRE
Society of Broadcast Engineers

NY Tragedy Affects Radio Stations

The second jet moments before it struck the second tower. Image from ABC News.

New York City - Sep 11 and 12, 2001 - The World Trade Center housed an extensive array of broadcast signals. Four FM stations and nine TV stations had antennas located on one of the 110-story buildings. WPAT-FM (93.1, Spanish Broadcasting System) and WKTU-FM (103.5, Clear Channel) are the two commercial stations that had facilities there. Both stations are reported to have alternate transmission facilities available to them elsewhere in the metro.

Two noncommercial stations, WNYC-FM (93.9, WNYC Broadcasting Foundation) and WRKC-FM (89.9, Columbia University) also had their main towers there, but it appears that these stations do not have alternate transmission facilities available and both are believed to be off the air.

The Empire State Building is the preferred site for most of the FM signals in New York City.

The TV stations with transmitters on the World Trade Center include WCBS (2), WNBC (4), WNYW (5), WABC (7), WWOR (9), WPIX (11), WNET (13), WPXN (31) and WNJU (47).

When the tragedy occurred, three of the FM stations made arrangements to receive new transmitters and antennas. WNYC, WPAT and WKCR ordered Harris Quest transmitters and ERI two-bay, half-wave spaced antennas. Cablewave has also supplied coaxial cable. Modulation Sciences is sending a pair of Sidekick subcarrier generators to WKCR so that stations can resume its Chinese-language program and a reading service for the blind.

WKTU has backup facilities located at 4 Times Square.

The transmitters for WNYC and WKCR left Quincy, IL, the evening of September 11. The transmitter for WPAT departed Quincy on the morning of September 12. Both truck deliveries stopped in Chandler, IN, to pick up the ERI antennas before continuing on to New York City.

The deliveries for WNYC and WPAT will meet FEMA officials in New Jersey before being escorted into the city. Possible locations for the temporary facilities include the Empire State Building, which has a port available on the master antenna system, the WQXR tower or the muicipal building on Cetner Street. WKCR will install its replacement transmitter on the roof of its new studio building, using a coaxial cable originally installed for a microwave dish.

Harris is also supplying transmitters to six of the TV stations. New transmitters for WABC, WNBC, WNYW and WWOR were shipped on September 11. A transmitter for WPIX was shipped on September 12. A transmitter for WCBS is in the process of being built.

FCC Allows Early Payment of 2001 Regulatory Fees
The FCC has begun mailing public notices to licensees and permittees informing them that FY 2001 regulatory fee payments may be submitted through September 21, 2001. As in previous years, there will be a formal window between September 10, 2001 and September 21,2001 for the acceptance of regulatory fees. Payments that are received after 11:59 p.m. on September 21,2001 will be assessed a 25% late payment fee. Further information for NAB members can be found at The public notices can also be viewed on the FCC's website at For general information about payment of fees, please call (888) 225-5322. For specific fee questions, please contact Terry Johnson (202) 418-0445 or Roland Helvajian at (202) 418-0444.

New FCC Forms Available
Washington, DC - Sep 6, 2001 - The following forms have been approved for use by the Office of Management and Budget and are now available for filing:
  • FCC 301-CA, Application for Authority to Make Changes in a Class A Television Broadcast Station, (June 2000 Edition)
  • FCC 346, Application for Authority to Construct or Make Changes in a Low Power TV, TV Translator, or TV Booster Station, (June 2000 Edition)
  • FCC 349, Application for Authority to Construct or Make Changes in a FM Translator or FM Booster Station, (March 2001 Edition)
  • FCC 350, Application for a FM Translator or FM Booster Station License, (April 2001 Edition)

    These revised forms are effective immediately and should be used by all broadcast station permittees and licensees. All previous editions of the FCC 301-CA, 346, 349, and 350 are obsolete and may not be used.

    These forms are available for print-out via the Internet. To retrieve the new form, access the FCC’s home page,, and click on the Forms link. Printed copies of the revised forms are available in the Forms Distribution Room TW-B200.

    The FCC 301-CA, 346, 349 and 350 forms may also be filed electronically using the Mass Media Bureau’s Consolidated Database System (CDBS). This system enables the public to complete and file these forms via the Internet from the Mass Media Bureau’s Web Site, Internet access to the CDBS requires a user to have, at a minimum, a browser such as Netscape version 3.04 or Internet Explorer version 3.51.

    For further information, please contact Jackie Swank at (202) 418-2621.

    Local Consolidated Operations Account for 40% of All Stations in Local Markets
    Chantilly, VA - Sep 4, 2001 - Five years after the passage of the Telecom Act of 1996, more than four out of ten stations (42%) in local markets are part of consolidated operations, according to a new study by BIA Financial Network. At the same time, there has been a 20% increase in both the percentage of stations owned and revenue generated by the top 50 radio groups. Moreover, in 2000, the top 10 groups generated almost 50% of industry revenues, but own only 18% of all commercial radio stations. The BIAfn study, State of the Radio Industry: Ownership and Consolidation 2001, chronicles the recent changes in ownership control and consolidation within the radio industry.

    The study also chronicles the emergence of the several large radio corporations and the different strategies these companies have taken to reach their present levels. The study can be obtained by contacting Cary Gray at (703) 802-2977 or Download a copy at

    IBiquity Digital Announces First Digital Radio Wireless Data Conference
    New Orleans – Sep 6, 2001 – IBiquity Digital Corporation, developer and licenser of digital In-Band On Channel (IBOC) AM and FM radio broadcast technology in the U.S., announced plans to hold its first Digital Radio Wireless Data Conference on October 18 at the Pontchartrain Hotel in Detroit. The Conference is being held in Detroit at the same time as the Digital Car Show attended by major automotive electronics and telematics suppliers.

    The Digital Radio Wireless Data Conference launches iBiquity’s efforts to work with industry participants to define the standards for formatting and presenting wireless data using iBiquity’s technology. The standardization effort will enable automakers, broadcasters, radio manufacturers, retailers, and wireless applications developers to design and deploy data applications that can reach a wide variety of digital radio receiving devices.

    Automakers, broadcasters, radio manufacturers and wireless applications developers interested in attending the Digital Radio Wireless Data Conference should contact iBiquity at 908-580-7004 to obtain additional information.

    Silent Key: Ronald H. Culver
    From the AFCCE website - Sep 9, 2001 - I am sad to report the loss of the last living charter member of the AFCCE, Ronald H. Culver. Ronald H. Culver passed away on Sunday morning, September 9, 2001.

    Culver was born in Milan, MI, and received his bachelor of scinece in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. After graduating, he went to work for the consulting firm of Jansky and Bailey where he started in 1936. In June of 1944, Culver left Jansky and Bailey and with George Lohnes formed the broadcast communications consulting firm of Lohnes and Culver. Culver was the president of the AFCCE during the 1965-1966 term. Both Culver and Lohnes retired in August of 1977.

    There will be a viewing for Ronald H. Culver on Wednesday, September 12, 2001, from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM and again at 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM that evening at the DeVol Funeral Home in Gaithersburg, MD. The funeral home is located at #10 East Deer Park Drive in Gaithersburg, MD. The phone number of the DeVol Funeral Home is 301-948-6800.

    Memorial contributions may be made to the Scholarship Fund of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers.

    Tom Silliman
    AFCCE Secretary


    Arbitron Signs R&D Agreement With John Hopkins
    Columbia, MD - Sep 10, 2001 – Arbitron has signed a multi-year research technology development and licensing agreement with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), in Laurel, MD. Under this agreement, APL will provide research and development expertise to enhance Arbitron’s audience measurement capabilities and services, including its Portable People Meter audience measurement system.

    APL is applying its expertise in acoustics, radio frequency technologies, as well as electronics packaging, fabrication processes and reliability testing gained from its Department of Defense- and NASA-related projects to extend the capabilities of the Portable People Meter, which is currently undergoing U.S. market trials.

    Nautel To License IBiquity’s IBOC
    New Orleans - Sep 5, 2001 - iBiquity Digital, the sole developer and licenser of digital AM and FM radio broadcast technology in the U.S., and Nautel Limited, a developer and manufacturer of high-power, solid-state radio transmitters, announced that they have agreed on business terms to permit Nautel to license iBiquity Digital’s IBOC (In-Band On-Channel) AM and FM digital broadcast technology. Nautel will integrate iBiquity Digital’s technology into a new line of IBOC transmitters and exciters, scheduled for launch at NAB 2002. IBOC transmission equipment will enable AM and FM radio stations to transform themselves from providers of analog audio to providers of high quality digital audio and wireless data services.

    Nautel has worked with iBiquity for years in the development and testing of the iDAB IBOC digital broadcast system. Nautel stated that is very focused on developing high quality, IBOC-compatible transmission equipment for its customers. This announcement will allow Nautel to introduce IBOC transmission equipment just as the first wave of broadcasters are preparing to implement digital broadcasting at their AM and FM stations.

    Cox and American Tower Turn to Dielectric
    Tampa - Cox Radio and American Tower came to Dielectric needing a Master antenna for a number of stations. This antenna was to be stacked atop another antenna on a candelabra tower. The problem is that Tampa is in a high wind zone, with 110mph basic wind speed. The tower was already heavily loaded and could not support a panel antenna. Other antennas being considered could not offer the omnidirectional pattern demanded by the situation. Dielectric responded with the TDM antenna. This antenna delivers a near-perfect omnidirectional pattern and offers low windload that minimizes the structural requirement of the supporting tower. This TDM antenna is complimented by Dielectric transmission line, constant impedance combiner and protection system.

    Symetrix Selects a Group of Broadcast Audio Dealers to Sell AirTools Line
    Lynwood, WA - Sep 11, 2001 - Chris Crump, director of broadcast sales Symetrix, has recently appointed a distinguished list of broadcast dealers who will represent the new AirTools line of audio-for-broadcast products. Recently introduced by Symetrix to address the rapidly growing needs of broadcasters coping with streaming web media, direct satellite broadcasting, and increased complexity even in traditional radio and TV broadcasting, AirTools builds on Symetrix's 25 years of audio engineering experience.

    The following dealers will represent AirTools
  • Bradley Broadcast - Frederick, MD
  • Broadcast Supply Worldwide - Tacoma, WA
  • Broadcasters General Store - Ocala, FL
  • Crouse-Kimzey Company - Dallas, TX
  • Dale Pro Audio - New York, NY
  • Giesler Broadcast Supply - Houston, TX
  • Harris Corporation - Mason, OH
  • RF Specialties of Missouri - Kearney, MO
  • SCMS - Pineville, NC

    AirTools has scheduled its first product, the 6100 Broadcast Audio Delay for profanity policing, to ship this fall. Dealers are now taking orders.

    Enco to Expand Market Opportunities for News Boss
    Sydney, Australia - Sep 7, 2001 - Desktop Technologies, Australian developer and manufacturer of the radio newsroom management software system NewsBoss, announced an agreement to make NewsBoss available through ENCO Systems, Inc. USA and ENCO Systems Ltd, UK.

    ENCO Systems is a worldwide provider of Digital Audio Delivery Systems. The agreement is effective immediately and establishes ENCO Systems as a dealer and support facility for the NewsBoss product, providing worldwide sales and support.

    The NewsBoss system is exported to the global market, which has been developed by Desktop Technologies since 1995 through an exclusive distribution agreement with Broadcast Electronics of Quincy, IL. However, NewsBoss is currently in use at more than 230 radio station sites in 33 countries. Broadcast Elelctronics has managed the sale and installation of the NewsBoss system into all markets outside Australia and New Zealand.

    A general increase in the number of radio stations and networks combined with an international interest in convergent radio and web based technologies is opening new doors for Desktop Technologies and driving new applications for automated newsroom systems. Shifts in the industry create a need to take advantage of new trends, making it critical for Desktop Technologies to further develop its global markets.

    In reaching an agreement with ENCO, the NewsBoss brand will be further supported by an organization with a complementary position to Broadcast Electronics in the market. Both organizations are recognized as leaders in their fields, and the high levels of exclusivity between client bases will strengthen the already strong base for the NewsBoss brand. ENCO Systems expands the potential reach for the NewsBoss brand by providing access to a significant existing ENCO user base in North America as well as creating a solid presence for the NewsBoss brand in the United Kingdom and Europe.

    KFMB Chooses Dielectric
    San Diego - KFMB in San Diego turned to Dielectric with a unique antenna request. Their goal was a side-mounted FM master antenna designed to broadcast nine FM stations. Most FM master antennas are panel antennas that wrap around three or four sides of a tower. This antenna was designed to take advantage of the natural pattern distortion imparted by the tower. Since San Diego is a coastal city bordered on the other side by aggressive mountains, the pattern distortion of the side-mounted antenna design provides better signal strength in the areas where it is needed. This new DCR-Q, nicknamed the "Quadzilla" due to its quadrapole design and massive size, is complemented by a complete Dielectric RF system fed with dual feedlines for redundancy and a nine station constant impedance combiner that is hung from the ceiling of the transmitter building.

    TOKO to Develop IBOC Digital Capable Tuner Modules
    New Orleans – Sep 6, 2001 - IBiquity Digital Corporation and TOKO, a multinational manufacturer of electronic components, assemblies and systems, announced at the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Show in New Orleans that the two companies have agreed for TOKO to develop IBOC-capable tuner modules for digital radios.

    The Toko Group is a multinational manufacturer of electronic components, subassemblies, and systems with worldwide operations encompassing 18 sales and service centers and 12 manufacturing and R and D facilities. Employing 14,000 people, over 7.8 billion individual components are produced annually. With sales over $550 million annually, Toko is one of the world's largest manufacturers of miniature RF/IF inductor and filter products.

    Sony Writes Swan Song for Radio Service
    Sep 5, 2001 - Sony, which last week pulled the plug on its eVilla Internet appliance, now plans to discontinue a device that helped identify songs playing on the radio.

    The consumer-electronics giant plans to offer a $25 refund to those who purchased the key-chain attachment, which is basically a digital stopwatch that can connect to a PC. By pressing the lone button on the device and then connecting to a computer, eMarker owners could find out information about the song they had bookmarked.

    Sony said it had sold about 40,000 of the devices since its introduction last year, mostly over the Internet. The units sold for between $20 and $30, although Sony spokesman Mack Araki said most were purchased at the lower price.

    Sony plans to discontinue the Web service that allows consumers to use the device at the end of the month, according to its website. As a result of the move, 17 jobs are being eliminated, and employees will be given 60 days to find jobs within Sony or elsewhere.

    Music bookmarking rival Xenote shut its doors a year ago, shortly after eMarker was announced. With the discontinuation of eVilla and eMarker, Sony plans to concentrate efforts on devices that take advantage of high-speed Internet connections.

    Crutchfield and IBiquity Form Alliance
    New Orleans - Sep 7, 2001) - In his speech at the National Association of Broadcasters luncheon today, Bob Struble, CEO of iBiquity Digital, announced a strategic alliance with Crutchfield of Charlottesville, VA, to support the introduction and sale of IBOC-equipped receivers into the consumer market. Crutchfield is the leading direct marketer of car audio, home audio & video and accessories.

    Digigram Powers BBC World Service
    London - Sep 7, 2001 — Digigram will supply more than 1,000 high-quality PCX sound cards for a BBC World Service project that will create the largest digital radio production and broadcast system in the world.

    IBM Global Services, in collaboration with Finnish software house Jutel, will deliver Jutel’s RadioMan Software combined with hardware and systems integration expertise for the analog to digital transformation of BBC World Service’s 43 language sections which are broadcast out of BBC headquarters in London.

    Currently, the language programs of the BBC World Service are edited by splicing tapes. The new system will be a completely digial storage and playback system.

    The two-year project will use 908 PCX924 sound cards, 174 PCX822np cards and 82 PCX440np cards. The Digigram range of PCX sound cards are the basis for more than 100 partner-developed applications. Significant on-board digital signal processing power is provided by the cards which are available in stereo and multichannel versions for both desktop and laptop computers.

    The current project is the second time in a year the BBC has chosen the Jutel-IBM-Digigram digital combination. The previous project, kicked off in December 2000, will install the RadioMan software in 26 BBC English Region local radio stations. More than 950 Digigram sound cards are part of that project, bringing Digigram’s involvement in the BBC projects to more than 2,100 sound cards.

    Philips Semiconductors To Develop And Market ASIC Solution
    New Orleans – Sep 5, 2001 – IBiquity Digital and Philips Semiconductors, a division of Royal Philips Electronics, announced that Philips Semiconductors will bring to market an ASIC semiconductor for iBiquity Digital’s In-Band On-Channel (IBOC) digital broadcast technology. As part of the agreement, Philips Semiconductors will use its infrastructure and combine its IC technology with iBiquity’s IBOC technology to realize an ASIC product, enabling receiver manufacturers to produce IBOC-capable AM and FM radios.

    Sirius and XM Sign Agreements With Porsche Cars North America
    Washington and New York - Sep 6, 2001 - XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio announced distribution agreements with Porsche Cars North America to offer Porsche customers a choice between the two satellite radio services. Sirius and XM are each building a satellite radio service, offering up to 100 channels of digital audio entertainment coast to coast for a low monthly fee. Satellite radio is expected to be offered in 2003 as an option for the Porsche 2004 model year vehicle line.

    BIAfn and SiteSafe Release FM Auction Allocation Area CD-ROM
    Chantilly, VA - Jun 12, 2001 - BIA Financial Network (BIAfn), in conjunction with SiteSafe, has developed the FM Auction Allocation Area CD-ROM to assist people in the decision-making process for the FCC's first public auction of FM stations.

    BIAfn's and SiteSafe's new product FM Auction Allocation Area CD-ROM will provide potential bidders with pertinent information needed to make informed decisions about the stations on the auction block. The CD-ROM presents two color maps on each of the 351 domestic allocations. The first map shows the current coverage of the allocation and the potential moveable area for that allocation without any change to the allocated power or antenna height. The second map shows the larger moveable area for that allocation if the power and/or antenna height was adjusted. With this information, participants can determine the potential for expanding their coverage or assessing the competitive impact other bids might have on their existing facilities and coverage areas.

    Data for the FM Auction products is derived from BIAfn's broadcasting database software, MEDIA Access Pro, and BIAfn's ability to analyze the market along with SiteSafe's powerful GIS mapping solutions and site analysis techniques.

    Myat Buys Lowpass Prototype
    Norwood, NJ - Aug 31, 2001 - Myat announced today the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Lowpass Prototype, of Raymond, ME. The sale will close in early September. Lowpass Prototype designs and manufactures custom filters, multiplexers, power combiners/dividers, and couplers for the broadcast television, radio, and wireless marketplace.

    Myat, a privately held corporation, is a supplier of rigid coaxial transmission systems, components and accessories to the broadcast industry, and to the industrial and scientific communities. Founded in 1951, this year the company is celebrating its 50th anniversary in business.


    APT Boosts Sales Team
    Audio Processing Technology has appointed two key staff members with the objective of building sales in Europe and the U.S. The Belfast-based company, which specializes in the development and manufacture of high-quality data compression algorithms, has appointed Alan Doherty as European sales manager. He joins the company from McMillan UK, where he spent the last four years as Northern Ireland sales manager.

    Also joining the APT team is Simon Factor, who has been appointed to the position of sales manager - North America, reporting to APT, Inc., the company's U.S. arm. A qualified and experienced audio engineer, Factor's previous positions have included divisional sales executive with Roland in Ireland, where he managed Hi-Tech musical and audio technology products. in recent years, he has also been involved in eBusiness and online marketing.

    Sirius Names Ledford to Senior VP Engineering
    New York - Sep 5, 2001 - Sirius Satellite Radio, the satellite radio broadcaster, announced that it has named Michael S. Ledford as senior vice president, engineering. Ledford, formerly the head of Automotive Strategy at Wingcast (the joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Qualcomm developing advanced wireless vehicle applications), will oversee all engineering operations, including receiver manufacturing programs, effective October 1.

    Prior to Wingcast, Ledford was the executive director of telematics at Ford, with global responsibility for the development of advanced communications and information services. Prior to this, he was corporate executive director for process engineering responsible for overseeing Ford's worldwide introduction of new technologies.

    Harris Hires Williams
    Cincinntati - Jun 2001 - Virginia Lee Williams joined Harris in June of 2001 as director, radio and systems sales with more than 15 years of sales experience, and will be responsible for leading and directing Harris' 40-person sales department for radio transmission equipment, radio and television systems and integration services and the toll-free Broadcast Sales Center.

    Williams rejoins the broadcasting world after a tenure in the retail and business software solutions industry with CommercialWare, Natick, MA, and Baan Company, Reston, VA. She was responsible for rebuilding and expanding the regional and national sales offices for each of these organizations.

    A graduate of St. Olaf College, Northfield, MA, Williams began her broadcasting career at KDUZ/KKFR, Hutchison, MN, as a news reporter. She joined KIRX/KRXL in Kirksville, MO, as news director. She later joined Learfield Communications as an anchor/reporter for its MissouriNet Radio News Network. Williams eventually assumed the role of general manager of Learfiled's satellite division, where she helped launch a company-owned newswire service and direct its affiliate relations program. Williams joined Scientific-Atlanta as an account manager in 1990. While at the company, she sold the company's line of satellite digital audio and data products to ABC Radio Networks, CBS Radio Networks and the Associated Press.

    In August 1994, Williams moved to International Datacasting Corporation, Ottawa, Canada as director of sales and marketing. While at IDC, Williams was instrumental in Clear Channel Commuicaitons' purchase of IDC's satellite digital audio system for their radio networks and stations. She also worked with many other state and regional radio networks. Williams joined General Electric Capital Spacenet Service, McLean, VA, as senior account manager in August 1997, where she assumed leadership of the Process Improvement Team focsing on sales lead qualifications.

    McCarthy Joins ABC Radio Networks
    Dallas - Sep 4, 2001 - Scott McCarthy, most recently senior vice president of the ABC Broadcast Group, has been appointed executive vice president ABC Radio Networks with responsibilities for new media and international programming. This was announced by Traug Keller, president of ABC Radio Networks. McCarthy will replace Geoff Rich, who has decided to retire from Radio Broadcasting to pursue teaching, writing and theater. Rich has a degree in theater from Princeton University.

    In his new position, McCarthy will be responsible for overseeing all Internet-related aspects of ABC Radio Networks including programming, sales, marketing and research of its leading product and personality Web sites, as well as working closely with all ABC-Owned Radio Station websites. Additionally, he will be responsible for managing and growing ABC Radio Networks’ International Programming business.

    In addition to his position as SVP ABC Broadcast Group, McCarthy also served as entrepreneur in residence at Sequel Venture Partners, a venture capital firm and senior manager with PrivaSeek, an Internet startup where he led the company’s strategic planning and development efforts. No stranger to the radio business, he served as general manager of Radio Disney from its inception in 1996 to 1999 with overall responsibility for all aspects of the national radio network for children. Earlier in his career, McCarthy served as director of programming for ABC Radio Networks where he managed its Contemporary (Pop) Music Department. He also had been an analyst in mergers and acquisitions for Wasserstein Perella and Co., and an analyst in corporate finance for Kidder Peabody and Co.

    Internet Watch

    Harris Relaunches E-Commerce Site
    Cincinnati - Aug 30, 2001 - Harris announced that it has streamlined and improved its broadcast equipment e-commerce site,, initially launched in January of 2001. The upgraded site enables radio customers to do product research and place and track equipment orders online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week via a secure connection.

    The site now features an intuitive interface with straightforward directions for placing orders. At login, customers are assigned a password that allows site access and also ties them to their company ordering information. The web order center offers the same shipping options that are available through the Harris Broadcast Center. Internet users can also tap into expanded technical information and customer support via e-mail. The site can be accessed at and at

    Internet Radio Program for Engineers Launched
    St. Louis – Sep 10, 2001 - As announced at the NAB Radio Show in New Orleans, has launched Systems Store Radio, a new 24/7 Internet radio service for radio, television and pro-audio engineers.

    Consisting of a Classic Rock music format, and containing commercial spots for technical products and services, Systems Store Radio (SSR) is available on the Internet at

    Wanting to create a Classic Rock program for a primarily ‘baby boomer’ audience of engineers, the staff at SSR created a unique personal format. To do this, they retained the services of nationally known announcer Radio Rich Dalton to host the music program. Listeners will find the format similar to a Album Oriented Rock format with an extra touch: Dalton provides three-song specialty sets throughout the format that put the listener in touch with seldom-heard music and unique information about various artists.

    Behind the scenes, SSR is powered by the AudioVault system, from Broadcast Electronics. The single mono 20k stream processed by the AudioVault E-Stream processing card makes the format easily listenable on both 56k dial-up modems, and broadband broadband connections. SSR will soon be adding industry news and information that will be updated on a daily basis.

    Listen to the service by going to the SystemStore website at

    SurferNetwork Chooses ST3
    Chattanooga, TN - Aug 30, 2001 - ST3, the full-service streaming media provider, announced that it was selected by SurferNetwork to provide streaming radio services for the entire lineup of SurferNetwork radio stations.

    SurferNetwork is a provider of radio station broadcasts online. With more than 1,000 radio stations under contract in North America, SurferNetwork's patent-pending technologies provide FM-quality sound and "instant on" radio station listening over the Internet. SurferNetwork's technology virtually eliminates problems common to streaming audio including buffering lag and audio dropouts. Their patent-pending technology also enables replacing the on-air audible radio ads with targeted audio ads, accompanied by a synchronized clickable banner type ad.

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