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Conference Draws Momentum For National Warning Organization

McLean, VA - Nov 30, 2001 - More than 120 leaders from the emergency warning community met on November 29 and unanimously called for the creation of a public-private partnership aimed at improving the delivery of timely and accurate emergency information to people at risk.

The group came together at a special conference arranged by the National Warning Organizing Committee, a group of emergency warning advocates representing the public and private sectors. Conferees included federal, state and local government officials, not-for-profit organizations, and representatives from the private sector.

The mission of the new organization is to improve the delivery of warnings and emergency information to the public through better education, research, standards creation and policy recommendations.

Committee Chair David Liebersbach, director of the Alaska division of Emergency Services, appointed Peter Ward, formerly of the U.S. Geological Survey and chair of a White House-appointed working group on natural disaster information systems, to head up a committee to determine the new organization's structure and governance.

The conference was hosted by The Mitre Corporation in McLean, VA. Mitre is a not-for-profit national technology resource that provides systems engineering, research and development, and information technology support to the government.

NRSC Endorses IBiquity's FM IBOC

Columbia, MD and Warren, NJ - Nov 29, 2001 - IBiquity Digital Corporation, the sole developer and licenser of digital AM and FM radio broadcast technology in the United States, announced that the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) today completed its evaluation of iBiquity's IBOC (In-Band, On-Channel) FM technology and recommended that the FCC authorize the technology as an enhancement to the current analog FM broadcasting system in the US. The committee, which is jointly sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), wrote that the FCC by approving the system would be "charting the course for an efficient transition to digital broadcasting with minimal impact on existing analog FM operation and no new spectrum requirements."

The NRSC's recommendation to the FCC is the result of a comprehensive test program devised and executed by the committee to determine the viability of iBiquity's FM IBOC technology and its ability to smoothly transition today's analog radio to digital. The test program included field tests of the system conducted at eight different FM radio stations across the country, in addition to laboratory tests and subjective sound quality evaluations by 480 listeners who evaluated thousands of audio samples recorded during the field tests. Specifically, in its report, the NRSC stated that the iBiquity FM IBOC (In-Band, On-Channel) system provides "greatly reduced impact of multipath interference (for mobile, portable and fixed receivers alike); superior resistance to co-channel and adjacent channel interference; support for enhanced data services; improved audio quality." IBiquity plans to rollout its technology in the U.S. next year with the launch of IBOC transmission equipment at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference in April 2002.

Milford Smith, the NRSC DAB subcommittee Chairperson, applauded the efforts of his fellow subcommittee members and those involved in the testing efforts. "The testing and evaluation of the FM IBOC system was extremely thorough. We reviewed data to determine the improvement in audio quality and reception, as well as the impact on today's analog FM and our evaluation confirmed the viability of the technology. IBiquity's FM IBOC technology has many advantages for broadcasters, manufacturers and consumers alike, and the transition will require relatively little inconvenience or expense. Radio will not remain the only analog medium in a digital world, and this system offers today's FM radio an excellent opportunity to smoothly transition to digital."

The complete report is available at the NAB's Science and Technology website at
This link (

About the NRSC
The NRSC is jointly sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters and the Consumer Electronics Association. Its purpose is to study and make recommendations for technical standards that relate to radio broadcasting and the reception of radio broadcast signals. The NRSC is a vehicle by which broadcasters and receiver manufacturers can work together towards solutions to common problems in radio broadcast systems. The DAB subcommittee, which was established to evaluate the IBOC DAB technology, includes participants from over 50 companies involved in the radio broadcasting and consumer electronics industries.

ITU Endorses IBiquity's FM DAB

Columbia, MD and Warren, NJ - Nov 29, 2001 - IBiquity Digital Corporation, the sole developer and licenser of digital AM and FM radio broadcast technology in the U.S., today announced that the Geneva-based International Telecommunication Union (ITU) endorsed the company's technology as meeting the ITU's international standards for digital broadcasting on the FM radio band. The recent announcement follows the ITU's approval of iBiquity Digital's technology for the AM radio band, and provides assurances for countries evaluating the implementation of digital FM broadcast systems that iBiquity Digital Corporation's IBOC (In-Band On-Channel) technology is in full compliance with the ITU's existing broadcast standards. iBiquity Digital's IBOC DAB system is unique in its ability to broadcast digital signals simultaneously with today's analog in the existing AM and FM bands; as such, it does not require the allocation of additional spectrum.

Before issuing its draft recommendation, the ITU performed an extensive evaluation of iBiquity Digital's system. The ITU examined results from field tests conducted by eight FM stations across the U.S., as well as laboratory tests and subjective sound quality evaluations by 480 listeners who evaluated thousands of audio samples recorded during the field tests. The draft recommendation will now be circulated to the ITU membership of 189 countries for a consultation and review period that is expected to culminate in the draft being ratified within approximately six months.

SBE Relief Fund Disburses Funds

Indianapolis - Nov 14, 2001 - The Broadcast Engineer Relief Fund, established by the Society of Broadcast Engineers and the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust, has been a success beyond the Society's expectations. Through November 13, a total of 158 donations from individuals, companies, SBE chapters and other organizations have been received. Several companies have agreed to match their employees' donations, and the McCormick Tribune Foundation has agreed to match 50% of the first $100,000 of donations for a potential donation of up to $50,000.

The current dollar amount received to date is $54,090. Add to that the McCormick Tribune match of 50% and the total comes to $81,135.

By October 31, each of the immediate families of the six broadcast engineers lost at the World Trade Center received a check for $5,000. All the families will receive additional checks as the fund continues to grow. All donations are going to the families of the victims. None of the collected money goes to administrative costs.

RTNDA Moves to New Offices

Washington, DC - Nov 17, 2001 - The Radio-Television News Directors Association has moved into its new offices. The new address is 1600 K St. NW; Suite 700; Washington, DC 20006-2838. The phone numbers have not changed. The main number is (202) 659-6510.


Digital SkyNet chooses Radio-Assist 7 software products

The Digital Skynet Technicians received their training at Netia's headquaters in Claret, France.

Claret, France, and Ansan, Korea - Dec 5, 2001 - The Korean company Hanyang Satellite Broadcasting has recently chosen Netia Radio-Assist 7 software products to broadcast its range of 30 music channels via satellite including a highly effective set of digital audio tools for scheduling and broadcast. The new structure of the Radio-Assist 7 database Netia launched in April 2001 is well-designed for the development of grouped radio channels.

This project involves the networking of eight playout stations, each of which broadcasts four different programs simultaneously. Fully synchronised with a master clock, most of the broadcasting is automatic. For this Digital SkyNet digital bouquet Netia's Air-Playlist manages the multicasting. Every day, the broadcast preparation program generates all the playlists from the broadcast templates defined for each channel. The music programs are thus automatically designed and inserted into the playlists. The automatic music scheduling program Music All is a powerful calculator that can handle thousands of tracks.

This automatic scheduling system complies with the format of each individual radio: broadcasting frequency; forbidden or mandatory sequences, etc. Though the process is automatic, it allows for the scheduler to intervene at any moment to add a personal touch. Once the schedule is integrated, presenters can mix their voices to be heard in between two tracks using the program's Voice-Over function, which is both a production and recording tool. To complete its automatic scheduling system, Digital SkyNet wants to enhance its radio programs by the presence of a live DJ. To meet this requirement, Netia is providing two workstations dedicated to live broadcast via the Air-Cartstack program. The presenter can instantly access all the sounds already prepared for a program. As each sound has a full data card linked to it, the program is easy for the presenter to use during broadcast.

For the new Radio-Assist 7 range, Netia has designed a database that can be fully customised for each user or sub-user group. The system is based on filtering management within a single database. For the Digital SkyNet multiple broadcast objective, Netia will set up a fully dynamic database with the creation of thirty sub-databases. Each sub-database is a subset of the global database and its contents are linked to the format of one of the themed channels. So each channel has its own database whose structure (type, categories, criteria, etc.) is defined by its users. Such modelling of the database for each user group gives much quicker and better targeted access to data. In addition, Netia will provide high security for data preservation with the installation of a mirrored server technique.

Some twenty production and preparation workstations will provide all the sounds required for multiple broadcast, including Netia's jukebox of 100 CDs designed to import all the tracks automatically into the database. The sound and the data linked to it (title, author, image, etc.) are automatically integrated into the database. Also included is the Netia Air-Push program, where broadcast is combined with a DAB system, automatically linking all the data on the broadcast track.

Hanyang Satellite Broadcasting has decided to launch the Digital SkyNet musical range by the end of this year. This is an initial step in a cultural and commercial project of international dimensions that is expected to take five years to complete.

XM Radio Announces Financing Deal; Closes Financing Package with Boeing

Washington - Dec 6, 2001 - XM Satellite Radio announced that it placed 10 million shares of its common stock in a public offering underwritten by Morgan Stanley, resulting in gross proceeds of $112.5 million to the company. In addition, XM has granted the underwriter an over-allotment option to purchase an additional 1.5 million shares of common stock. The offering is expected to close early next week.

Separately, XM also announced that it has closed a $66 million funding package with Boeing announced in October. The financing package included $35 million in new debt financing with Boeing Capital Services and $31 million in restructured obligations with Boeing Satellite Systems International.

Sennheiser and Volkswagon Team

Old Lyme, CT - Dec 5, 2001 - In a fusion of state-of-the-art audio technology and revolutionary automotive design, Volkswagen's 2002 EuroVan Caravelle Business Edition will offer Sennheiser HDC 451-1 NoiseGard noise-cancellation headphones as a key element in its new Rear Seat Entertainment Package. This optional package will allow minivan passengers to enjoy an array of audio/visual entertainment while ensuring virtually noise-free performance thanks to Sennheiser's noise cancellation technology that reduces cabin noise by 10dB.

Four Sennheiser HDC 451-1 headphones will ship as part of the package that includes a DVD drive, two TFT screens and a connector for video gaming systems. Users will control volume levels within the headphones via Sennheiser HZR6 in-line volume control with mono or stereo functionality and separate left/right tuning. Two AA alkaline or environmentally friendly NiCd batteries power the open-air headphones, while ergonomic, form-fitting design maximizes user comfort during long trips.

Klotz Digital Moves Deutsche Welle

Munich, Germany - Dec 3, 2001 - Klotz Digital AG was recently awarded an additional contract from Deutsche Welle. In the spring of 2002, Germany’s International Broadcast Service will move from its present location in Cologne to its new premises in Bonn. Seven broadcast studios will be networked with Klotz Digital’s VADIS Platform technology including fourteen VADIS D.C.II consoles. Each broadcast studio, which includes producer and talent work stations, one central performance studio and one central rack room, will be equipped with an on-air console as well as a second mixing console.

Three years ago Klotz Digital began the installation of two first generation VADIS D.C.I consoles in the Deutsche Welle facility in Cologne. In order to maintain familiar operator interfaces and working practices at the new studios in Bonn, Klotz Digital has combined the control surface of VADIS D.C.I with the new technology of VADIS D.C.II , thereby expanding their product range. Deutsche Welle will bring the seven new studios into operation in stages completed by January 2003.

Westlake Audio Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Newbury Park, CA - Nov 30, 2001 - From the cold south side streets of Chicago to the sunny rolling hills of the Hollywood Valley, president and founder of Westlake Audio Glenn Phoenix has stood at the epicenter of the modern audio industry, witness to some of its most influential technological innovations of the last half-century, from the creation of the multi-track recorder to the digital revolution. Phoenix reflects upon personal history, the impact of the company's contributions to the audio industry and the future, as Westlake Audio celebrates its 30th Anniversary. Westlake currently has three divisions: speaker production, studio design and sales group.

Sadie Celebrates 10 years

Cambridge, England - Nov 30, 2001 - Ten years and a handful of months ago, a new company appeared on the professional audio landscape. This company grew from humble beginnings in an old school near Cambridge, England, and has since grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of digital audio workstations, supporting virtually every application from broadcast, CD mastering and post to the latest high quality audio delivery formats, Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio. This company is Sadie.

The name itself comes from the company’s original digital audio editing system, the Studio Audio Disc Editor, which was one of the first audio editing software package for Windows-based computers. Sadies’s founders, Mike Kemp, David Mortimer, Steve Penn and Joe Bull - the latter being the organization’s managing director - came from a recording studio and video software background to form the operation, which had its first major audio industry trade show, the 1991 APRS Exhibition in London, just days after the company had been incorporated. The fledgling company showed its digital processing card system to wide acclaim, resulting in a number of OEM orders. Next on the agenda was a full fledged editing system.

Based in Nashville, TN, Sadie Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sadie U.K., designer of the critically acclaimed Sadie Disk Editor. Sadie also has an office in Germany.

SiteShell Corporation Transfers Business

Shelton, CT - Nov 27, 2001 - SiteShell Corporation announced that its business and all of its assets have been transferred to Cavalry Finance Corporation, a company owned by several of SiteShell’s stockholders including top management. The transfer was made in satisfaction of indebtedness owed by SiteShell to Cavalry and followed an uneventful physical transfer of possession of the assets and operations that was completed before Thanksgiving.

Cavalry also received all rights to the SiteShell name, all of SiteShell’s service marks, and other intellectual property. Cavalry is now operating the BlueDot WebSite NetWork and doing business under the SiteShell name. The SiteShell phone numbers and the address of operations for the business remain the same. A spokesman for Cavalry said that it hopes to determine a course of action for SiteShell’s business within the next week.

Ibiquity Demonstrates Technology at CES

Columbia, MD, and Warren, NJ - Nov 26, 2001 - The Consumer Electronics show is an annual convention displaying the latest in technology for consumer use. Manufacturers often use this to unveil new products or introduce new technology for consumer use. At CES 2002, iBiquity will showcase a functioning pre-production implementations of its IBOC (In-Band On-Channel) AM and FM digital broadcasting technology using a recently developed IBOC DSP from Texas Instruments integrated with prototype receivers from leading manufacturers, including Delphi, Kenwood, Visteon, and others. These receiver demonstrations in iBiquity's and its partners' booths will enable visitors to hear IBOC broadcasts and view program-related data, such as song title, artist name and station information. This event will serve as the final CES preview for the IBOC technology as a number of leading receiver manufacturers are planning to launch commercial IBOC receivers at CES 2003.

Other demonstrations in iBiquity's booth will enable visitors to hear a live digital broadcast from KLUC-FM Las Vegas and view a radio of the future with advanced wireless data services, such as interactive commerce and on-demand traffic and weather updates.

All the audio used for the iBiquity exhibit will be played from DAPro32 stsyems from Enco.

Ibiquity will exhibit in booth 7627 at the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall. IBiquity partner booths include Alpine (LVCC Meeting Rooms N115 - 116), Delphi (North Hall #7113), Kenwood (Central Hall #341) and Texas Instruments (South Hall #13737).

The Consumer Electronics show will be held in Las Vegas from January 8 to January 11, 2002.

SAW Manufacturer Shuts Down

Nov 14, 2001 - After serving the audio industry for ten years, Innovative Quality Software has closed its doors for business. IQS president, Bob Lentini, who made the announcement, also stated that he has made a personal decision to accept offers which will allow him to expand his profession as an independent designer/consultant/audio engineer.

The main reason for the company’s closing is due to the changing dynamics of the Windows environment in combination with hardware and driver technology factors. It was felt that SAWStudio was no longer a viable product for the generic PC. SAWStudio is no longer available to the general public as stand-alone software.

It was noted that the product’s development will continue to advance and expand, and will be sold exclusively as a complete turnkey package through approved, qualified system designers. SAWStudio registered users will be contacted in the near future with complete information regarding a new update policy. As a courtesy to users of older SAW products, temporary access to the registered user download area will remain available for the purpose of obtaining the last update to registered products. Logon requests can be sent to


Summit Audio Names Papp as President

Watsonville, CA - Dec 5, 2001 — Summit Audio has appointed Erik Papp as its new president. Papp’s primary focus will be on managing Summit's day-to-day operations, as well as exploring new ways to grow the business, through strategic planning, financial management and continual evaluation of new opportunities. Additionally, he will work closely with the company's sales force, dealing directly with distributors and customers.

Maintaining Summit Audio's vision, Papp intends to maximize the expertise and knowledge of the current Summit team to further strengthen the company's position in pro audio.

Papp holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree in Finance from Santa Clara University.

Established in 1979, Summit Audio manufactures tube equipment for the recording, post-production, broadcast and live sound industries. In addition to its full line of vacuum-tube-based, high-end equipment, Summit Audio manufactures the Element 78 line of Solid State signal processing units.

Mack Appointed Tascam GM

Montebello, CA - Dec 4, 2001 - Tascam has announced the appointment of Jim Mack to the position of general manager. Mack, a respected music and audio products industry veteran, will be charged with managing all of Tascam's U.S. business operations in sales, marketing, product development and other key areas.

Previous to joining Tascam, Mack spent six years holding management positions at Alesis Corporation, most recently as vice-president of sales and marketing. Mack also has years of experience as a multi-line sales representative for music/audio manufacturers as well as managing audio retail locations. In addition to overseeing Tascam's daily business operations, Mack will work closely with Tascam's product development team to oversee the evolution of the next generation of Tascam products.

QSC Audio Names Gallegos Account Specialist

Costa Mesa, CA - Dec 5, 2001 - QSC Audio Products announced the appointment of Daniel Gallegos as the account specialist for the Central region. He joins QSC's inside sales team, headed by Inside Sales Manager Derek Covin.

Gallegos is responsible for processing all sales orders and information requests for the central territory. Further, he will serve as a key point-person for a wide variety of inquiries interfacing with the company's field sales force, dealers, and end-users.

Gallegos comes to QSC with a 7-year background in sales operations. Previously, he handled a number of sales functions for Formaan architectural landscape design firm.

QSC Audio Products is a manufacturer of power amplifiers, professional loudspeakers, signal processing, digital signal transport, and computer control systems for professional audio markets worldwide.

Endara to Direct Worldwide Sales for Orban/CRL

Tempe, AZ and San Leandro, CA - Dec 4, 2001 – Orban/CRL Systems has promoted Luis C. Endara Jr. to the position of director of worldwide sales. He will supervise the sales of all product lines through Orban/CRL’s dealer networks in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Endara joined Orban in 1997 as sales manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, advancing three years later to manage the Asia and Pacific territories as well. Before coming to Orban, he worked for the Panamanian government as advisor to the President of Panama on broadcast and telecommunication matters and as director of the Panama National Broadcast Network. Prior to that, he worked for 17 years as an Orban international dealer representative in Miami and Central America.

Mackie Designs Hires Toates

Woodinville, WA - Dec 3, 2001 – Mackie Designs announced that Nigel Toates has joined Mackie as director of sales, broadcast market. In this position, Toates will report directly to Keith Olsen, corporate director, global recording product and market development. Toates' primary responsibility will be to establish a closer working relationship with Mackie’s high-end, post production and broadcast customers.

Toates has extensive experience in the professional audio business, specifically the high-end post production and broadcast markets. Before joining Mackie, he worked as vice president of business development for Seattle-based Wide View Technologies, developers of copyright protection technology for the film industry. Prior to that, Toates spent 20 years with professional audio manufacturer AMS Neve where he held numerous positions including worldwide service engineer, national service manager for North America and most recently, vice president of sales and service for North and South America.

This appointment makes Toates the newest member of Mackie's newly formed recording market development team, under the direction of Keith Olsen. This team brings market management and product development resources from the Company’s many brands together in order to improve customer communication and better facilitate the sharing of ideas and technologies between all Mackie Design Inc. brands.

Toates will work from his office in Los Angeles.

ChainCast Networks Appoints Mandelbaum

San Jose, CA - Dec 3, 2001 - ChainCast Networks announced Jeff Mandelbaum, president of Software Growth Services, as a strategic advisor to the company. In this role, Mandelbaum will provide management consulting and strategic planning to expand the company’s Internet streaming service.

An accomplished high technology executive, Mandelbaum has held key roles for more than 16 years in industry sectors of streaming media, relational database, and business-to-business commerce. In October 2001, Mandelbaum formed Software Growth Services to assist high potential software and Internet companies increase their businesses by leveraging his experience and network. Prior to founding Software Growth Services, Mandelbaum was vice president of Software, Internet and New Media at Broadmark Capital Corporation in Seattle. Prior to joining Broadmark Capital, Mandelbaum was chairman and CEO of GlobalMedia in Vancouver B.C. Mandelbaum also held executive management positions at Real Networks in Seattle; Commerce One in Pleasanton, CA; and Sybase in Emeryville, CA.

Onan Joins Technet Systems Group

Nov 26, 2001 - Technet Systems Group announces the appointment of Criss Onan as broadcast equipment sales manager. Onan's duties at Technet Systems Group will be to coordinate sales of leading broadcast manufacturer’s equipment to clients throughout the United States. This includes representation of the Broadcast Electronics transmitter line in 13 states.

Onan has held previous sales manager positions with Broadcast Electronics, Radio Computing Services (RCS) and the former Northeast Broadcast Labs. He is a graduate of the State University of New York and resides in Rochester, NY.

Sirius Names New CEO

New York - No 27, 2001 - Sirius Satellite Radio announced that it has hired consumer electronics and telecommunications veteran Joseph P. Clayton as president and chief executive officer. Clayton joins Sirius from Global Crossing, a global Internet and long distance services provider, where he was vice chairman. Clayton previously served as chief executive officer of Frontier Corporation, a Rochester-based national provider of local telephone, long distance, data, conferencing and wireless communications services, until its acquisition by Global Crossing in October 1999. Clayton succeeds David Margolese, Sirius' founder and chairman, who stepped down as chief executive officer in October.

In addition to his leadership in the telecommunications industry, Clayton brings years of experience in the consumer electronics field, having held senior management positions at Thomson MultiMedia, GE's Consumer Electronics Division and RCA Corporation. At Thomson MultiMedia, Clayton was instrumental in the development and launch of the consumer equipment for DirecTV, the nation's largest satellite-to-home television provider.

Clayton currently serves on the Dean's Advisory Board for Indiana University School of Business, and as trustees of Bellarmine College, Louisville, KY, and the Rochester Institute of Technology. He also serves on the board of directors of Global Crossing Ltd, a global Internet and long distance services provider, the E.W. Scripps Company, the operator of 21 newspapers, 10 television stations and three national cable and satellite television networks, and Good Guys Inc., the west coast-based consumer electronics retailer with 79 stores. Clayton formerly acted as chairman of the Consumer Electronics Association.

He earned an M.B.A. in Marketing and Management from Indiana University and is a magna cum laude graduate of Bellarmine College with a B.A. in Business Administration.

Streaming21 Appoints Silver to President and CEO

Los Gatos, CA - Nov 12, 2001 - Streaming21, a provider of streaming media solutions for the broadband market, announced the appointment of David Silver to the position of president and chief executive officer. Silver brings a strong management track record, and a proven expertise in growing small companies into fast growing market leaders.

Silver brings more than 20 years of high-tech management and industry experience to the CEO position, including 15 years as president and chief executive officer of Kofax, a worldwide leader in the document imaging hardware and application software market. As co-founder and CEO, he is credited for making Kofax’s solutions a part of nearly every major document imaging solution deployed today, as well as for guiding the company through a successful public offering. The company was acquired by the Swiss headquartered DICOM Group in 2000.

Before co-founding Kofax, Silver was a member of the founding development team of FileNet Corporation, a leader in the workflow and document management market. Silver is currently on the board of directors of DICOM Group plc., a London Stock Exchange company, and MicroVault Corporation, a private software company. In addition, he serves on advisory boards for the UC Irvine’s School of Engineering and Department of Information and Computer Science.

Mackie Promotes Olsen

Woodinville, WA - Nov 27, 2001 - Mackie Designs announced that Keith Olsen has been promoted to the position of corporate director, global recording product and market development. This new position gives Olsen authority over a new international market development team that focuses exclusively on the recording, post production and broadcast markets. Olsen's team will have members located all over the world who will together develop and market products for all Mackie Designs brands including Mackie, Soundscape and Acuma.

Olsen joined Mackie in 1999 after 25 years as a producer and recording engineer. One of the top five producers of all time in numbers of albums sold at retail, Olsen is responsible for more than 39 gold or better albums, 24 platinum or better and 14 multiplatinum or better. He has sold more than 100 million albums with revenues totaling more than 1 billion dollars. His credits include albums by Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Santana, Ozzy Osborne, Sammy Hagar and many more. His film credits include Flashdance, Footloose, Vision Quest, Tron and Top Gun.

Since joining Mackie as director of recording product development, Olsen has played an integral role in the development of Mackie's new family of hard disk recorders (HDR24/96, MDR24/96), as well as the implementation of industry standards such as synchronization and file formats. Olsen was also involved in the third-party plug-in strategy for the Digital 8*Bus.

Adelstein Recommended for FCC Seat

Washington, DC - Nov 18, 2001 - The FCC currently has one open commissioner's seat, which was held by Gloria Tristani. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle has recommended his legislative assistant, Jonathan Adelstein, to the White House for consideration as a nominee as FCC commissioner. If confirmed, he would serve the remainder of Tristani's term, which ends in mid-2003.

Several professional organizations and lobbying groups endorse the Adelstein recommendation, including the CTIA and the NAB.

Soundcraft and BSS Begin Marketing Initiative

Herfordshire, England - Nov 2001 - Soundcraft and BSS Audio have announced the creation of a new centralized communications strategy under the direction of Dave Neal. Neal assumes the new position of marketing and communications manager at the two companies' Hertfordshire, England headquarters and heads a team that sees Elizabeth Gates and Paul Bass focusing on the Soundcraft and BSS Audio brands respectively.

The new department, which carries a wealth of experience, will take responsibility for all communications functions, including PR, advertising, brochures and technical publications, website development and exhibitions. Neal aims to introduce a new dynamic to the marketing initiative. Soundcraft, a British manufacturer of high-end mixing consoles serving live, broadcast, theater and recording markets, is distributed in the US by Harman Pro North America, a subsidiary of Harman International.

Internet Watch

SiteShell Transforms Into Platform Licensing Company

Shelton, CT - Dec 2, 2001 – Cavalry Finance Corporation has set a new course for SiteShell. SiteShell's website network business was transferred to Cavalry last week. Cavalry's new SiteShell division will provide SiteShell’s network technology, as a complete package, to larger group broadcasters and companies in other industries. As a result, Cavalry's SiteShell division will no longer provide websites with network-created, content presentations for individual radio stations. However, a new company, formed by former SiteShell employees, will be licensed to maintain individual sites for SiteShell affiliates. Because of the license to use SiteShell designs and other intellectual property, the new company will provide sites that will appear visually similar to the WebSites provided by the BlueDot WebSite NetWork. They will also feature updated content presentations. SiteShell affiliates were notified of the pending changes on November 30, 2001.

Cavalry concluded that any chance for a near-term increase in the investment flow into this sector ended with last week’s official declaration of a recession, the financial collapse of Enron, and the bankruptcy court order allowing Excite@Home Corp. to take down its high speed Internet network. The @Home network, which provided high-speed access through a number of cable companies to 3.7 million homes, suspended service to nearly a million AT&T customers.

In its new configuration, the SiteShell division will license its network platform to larger companies. That will permit them to establish and maintain a complete, in-house, web site network without having to design and create a new technology platform. Marketing for the new SiteShell will be directed by SiteShell vice president, Susan Dingethal, and technology will be the responsibility of vice president and CTO, Peter Schay. Dingethal served as SiteShell’s vice president of marketing and affiliate relations from the time it commenced operations. Schay was responsible for the development of all of SiteShell's technology as its original CTO.

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