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Ibiquity Rebrands IBOC; Now called HD Radio
By Chriss Scherer, editor
Columbia, MD and Warren, NJ - Aug 12, 2002 - Ibquity Digital has unveiled a trademarked brand name for its IBOC digital AM/FM technology: HD Radio. Ibiquity expects to have IBOC-capable radios ready for display at CES 2003 in January. To do so, the company has reached agreements with Texas Instruments to develop the necessary chipsets. Consumer electronics manufacturer-Kenwood is also developing receivers to be shown at the winter convention.

A recent Yankee Group study shows that half of all consumers shopping for a car or home receiver in the next year are interested in buying a digital AM/FM radio, a statistic that has been heavily debated during recent months. The Yankee Group study cites consumers are most interested in the improved sound quality of digital radio. Ibiquity and the Yankee Group also feel that Interactive digital features, such as radio recording and on-screen information, will help fuel consumer demand.

Ibiquity Digital’s HD Radio technology, known as IBOC to most broadcasters, has been in development for several years. IBOC, an acronym for in-band on-channel, is a term whose use has also been debated. The Ibiquity signal occupies the outer spectrum of a station's RF carrier. Because of this, some have debated that the technology should be called IBAC for in-band adjacent-channel. The new trademarked term helps Ibiquity avoid the IBOC/IBAC debate while attaching a brand identity to the technology.

Exhibitors, Attendees Call Klotz RoadShowCase a Success
By Chriss Scherer, editor
Los Angeles - Aug 5, 2002 - On August 2, Klotz Digital held its first RoadShowCase in conjunction with SBE chapter 47 in Los Angeles. Many vendors and manufacturers participated in the event, including Studio Technology, Wohler Technologies, 360 Systems, Thales, Klotz Digital, Omnia, Moseley, ERI, Henry Engineering, Telos, Graham-Patten Systems, Orban, Gepco, Broadcasters General Store, Symetrix, Auralex, Radio Systems and RF Engineers. The day-long event hosted radio and TV broadcast engineers and programming personnel from the Southern California area.

About 75 people attended the event from companies including Infinity, DirecTV, Liberman Broadcasting, ABC Radio, Clear Channel, Big City Radio, Armed Forces Radio and TV Networks, Hispanic Broadcasting, Lotus Communications and Cumulus Media. Each attendee received an SBE Chapter 47/Klotz Digital America RoadShowCase t-shirt.

The show provided a smaller, more private setting for attendees to see the products and receive demonstrations. Regional shows such as these have been held throughout the country for many years and have proven to be successful. Vendors at the event were pleased and surprised by the attendance.

Hank Landsberg from Henry Engineering said, "It was a well-attended show, and attendees were the heavy-hitters of LA area radio. They didn't just come for a free lunch." Other exhibitors commented that the show was a great opportunity for them to meet and talk engineering with the core group from the area.

One of the key session presentations was provided by Jeff Detweiler of Ibiquity Digital. Detweiler discussed stations' needs to implement IBOC with their facilities.

Klotz Digital has announced that it plans to have its next RoadShowCase in Dallas during the first week of December. Several key vendors have already committed to attending.
Amber Alert Sounder Available from TM Century
FCC's Fee Filer Available for FY2002 Regulatory Fees

Washington - Aug 5, 2002 - The FCC is again providing the Fee Filer online system for the submission of Regulatory Fees and related data. Fee Filer ( will be available during the fiscal year 2002 regulatory fee filing period, Aug. 5, 2002 until 11:59 p.m. ET, Sept. 25, 2002. Fee Filer assists filers in submitting remittance advice information and paying FY2002 regulatory fees and is available to any FCC client via the Internet using Netscape Navigator 4.05 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher with SSL and JavaScript enabled.

FY2002 Changes
FCC Registration Number (FRN): The Remittance Advice Form 159 has been revised to require the payer and applicant FRN. Use of the FRN has been mandatory since Dec. 3, 2001. Payments received without an FRN will be retained by the Commission, which will notify the filer that the payment was received without an FRN and that proper credit will not occur until the FRN is provided. If you do not yet have an FRN, you can obtain one through the FCC Commission Registration System (CORES) website at

Exact Amount Due: Beginning in FY 2002, all payees are directed to pay the exact dollar and cents amount due for each entry on FCC Form 159 and when filing the Regulatory Fee electronically using the Fee Filer program. The use of exact dollar and cents for each entry will ensure that a payment is credited properly. While in the past, the Commission has permitted the rounding of fee payments to the nearest whole dollar, differences between the amount paid and the sum of fees for associated licenses have resulted in delayed payment processing.

The new Form 159 Batch Selection screen allows filers to create multiple 159 Forms. The filer can repeat the process as many times as desired. Those paying fees by credit card can now use Discover, American Express, Visa and Mastercard.


Listen Up Donates Sennheiser MKH 800s to KUVO Denver
Denver - Aug 13, 2002 - Denver-based audio dealer Listen Up has donated three Sennheiser MKH 800 variable-pattern condenser microphones to local public radio station KUVO-FM. They will be used on KUVO's regular live broadcasts from its performance studio as well as remote locations.

The new additions, which bring the total number of MKH 800 microphones at the station to five, will allow KUVO to use an identical set of microphones for any surround projects. The station regularly records in the Direct Stream Digital format when recording live jazz performances for broadcast and 5.1-channel Super Audio CD releases. KUVO's microphone complement also includes pairs of Neumann U 87ai, M 147, TLM 103, KM 184 and multiple KMS 105 microphones, as well as Sennheiser MKH 20s MKH 40s MKH 70s and MKH 800s.
Sound Lounge to Launch into Radio Production
New York - Aug 12, 2002 - Sound Lounge, an audio post-production provider for TV commercials, is expanding its services to include radio advertising production. The company is constructing a radio production facility and adding creative, technical and support staff dedicated to the new operation. The company will offer concept development, writing, casting, original music, stock music, sound design, recording and mixing services on an a la carte basis or as full production packages. Sound Lounge plans to have staff in place and to launch the facility in September.

Sound Lounge's work credits include seven spots that debuted on this year’s Super Bowl broadcast. In addition, it has mixed four spots over the last 10 years that were voted "Best Liked" among Super Bowl ads in polls conducted by USA Today. The company intends to bring the same level of creativity and technical expertise to radio production. Sound Lounge is located at 149 5th Ave. New York, N.Y., 10010. For additional information or sales, contact April Jaffe at (212) 388-1212.
International Datacasting Acquires Datacast Communications
Ottawa, ON - Aug 12, 2002 - International Datacasting has successfully concluded the acquisition of the technology and assets of Datacast Communications (DCI). DCI, which was previously owned by Cachestream, designs and manufactures datacasting software suites that drive streaming media applications.

Since 1994 DCI has been developing standard products and customized systems for the data broadcast industry, and to date has a global install base of more than 100 networks. Typical user applications include remote print shops (Axel Springer), distance learning (Etnetworks) and weather information distribution (Accuweather).

IDC’s new line of Datacast XD products will be officially unveiled on Sept. 13, at the IBC trade show in Amsterdam. The terms of the deal were undisclosed but involved a combination of cash and shares.

Harris and Ibiquity to Launch IBOC Roadshow
Cincinnati and Columbia, MD - Aug 9, 2002 - Kicking off at the NAB Radio Show in September, Harris will sponsor the Extreme Digital Roadshow, an informative session on IBOC designed to educate general managers, radio executives and engineers in the six cities that Ibiquity has designated as IBOC roll-out cities. Attendees will cover various IBOC implementation topics such as business models, IBOC engineering and IBOC receivers. Representives from Harris, Impulse and Ibiquity will lead the presentations and discussions. The sessions will also include hand-ons demonstrations for studio datacasting and provide audio demonstrations on actual receivers.

The event will be sponsored by Harris Broadcast with participation from Ibiquity and Impulse Radio.

The one-day seminars will be held from 8:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the following cities:
  • Seattle, 9/10 Grand Hyatt, downtown Seattle
  • New York, 9/16
  • Miami, 9/18
  • San Francisco, 9/24
  • Los Angeles, 9/25
  • Chicago, 9/27

    Ibiquity has targeted these cities to have radio stations broadcasting IBOC signals by January 2003. Additional sites will be announced soon. To register, go to and complete the entry form.
    Turbosound Appoints Sennheiser as U.S. Distributor
    Old Lyme, CT – Aug 7, 2002 - Turbosound has appointed Sennheiser Electronic Corporation (SEC) as its exclusive distributor for the United States. The appointment reflects the two companies' closely aligned market strategies, with the Turbosound product ranges complementing Sennheiser's existing distributed lines, which include Innova SON digital mixing consoles. The distribution agreement also covers selected Latin American territories including Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

    Turbosound's Paul Giansante, who until recently managed the company's U.S. office, has been appointed Turbosound product manager at Sennheiser. Giansante will be responsible for all aspects of the Turbosound brand's sales and marketing in the United States, reporting to Jeff Alexander, Sennheiser's director of distributed brands.

    Sennheiser will distribute all of Turbosound's product ranges into the U.S. market.
    Ibiquity Acquires License to On-Demand Interactive Audio Technology
    Columbia, MD and Redwood City, CA - Aug 6, 2002 - Ibiquity has acquired an exclusive worldwide license to Command Audio’s intellectual property and technology in the field of digital radio and Command Audio’s other digital radio-related assets. The acquisition has set the stage for radio broadcasters to provide consumers content on-demand, including program selection via an electronic guide, scanning content and pausing or saving audio for later listening. Advertisers will be able to develop new messages, which appeal to and connect with consumers, and content providers will have new tools with which to design innovative programming. Ibiquity has established a Redwood City, CA, office and has hired the former software engineering employees of Command Audio. Both companies are privately held and terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

    Ibiquity hopes that radio manufacturers will be positioned to fully use the additional storage and multimedia capabilities in their products to differentiate the digital radio experience from today’s analog. In acquiring the digital radio assets of Command Audio, Ibiquity Digital has secured exclusive licensing rights to all Command Audio intellectual property for all radio systems and products including digital AM and FM radio, satellite digital radio and other digital radio systems worldwide. Command Audio’s business is now focused entirely on licensing its on-demand media intellectual property in non-radio fields, such as the fast-growing market for personal video recorders in terrestrial and satellite television applications.
    Inside Radio to Merge with M Street Publications
    San Antonio - Aug 2, 2002 - Clear Channel Worldwide and Inside Radio have agreed to merge the operations of Inside Radio into M Street Publications, a partially owned and independently run subsidiary of Clear Channel. The deal includes the acquisition of Inside Radio's Daily Fax, daily e-mails, website and the weekly publication Who Owns What. The price was not disclosed.

    Clear Channel and Inside Radio additionally announced they have reached an agreement to settle their long-standing lawsuits. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.


    Terrasonde Hires O'Neal to Direct Sales and Marketing
    Boulder, CO - Sept 9, 2002 -­ Terrasonde, creators of professional audio testing hardware, has hired Patrick O'Neal to head its sales and marketing department. He will be responsible for sales and marketing for all of Terrasonde's product lines.

    O'Neil's background includes experience with several advertising agencies, interactive and traditional. Before joining Terrasonde, he was vice president of sales and marketing for Mango Graphic Communications, a marketing communications agency, in Boulder, CO. Prior to that he headed the new business department for an interactive East Coast advertising agency called Beyond Media. His background in marketing is augmented by his knowledge of digital recording and music. He has been a home enthusiast for many years and has played guitar since he was 18.
    Owen Joins Crown As EMEA Sales Director
    Elkhart, IN - Aug 12, 2002 - Crown International has hired Nick Owen as the manufacturer’s sales director for Europe/UK, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Owen is a familiar face to the pro audio industry, most notably from his nearly nine-year tenure as president of international sales and marketing for Soundscape Digital Technology Limited, a company he co-founded in 1993. In the year prior to joining Crown, Owen served as the managing director for Yello! Digital Production Tools UK Limited.

    In his new capacity, Owen will manage all sales activities pertaining to the EMEA markets. In addition to regularly visiting distributors, dealers, contractors and consultants throughout these territories, he will also act as a liaison between the field and Crown factory in regards to product development, large-scale sales opportunities and various marketing issues, such as international trade shows and advertising.

    QSC Appoints Senior Product Development Manager
    Costa Mesa, CA - Aug 8, 2002 - QSC Audio Products has promoted Barry Ferrell to the position of senior product development manager. Prior to this newly-created position, Ferrell served as the cinema market manager for the company. In his new capacity, he will oversee all product development initiatives and serve as the principal liaison between sales, marketing and engineering to ensure the smooth delivery of new products to the various markets served by QSC.

    Throughout his 12-year career with QSC, Ferrell has held a variety of positions including applications engineer, eastern regional sales manager, amplifier product manager and cinema market manager. This wide range of experiences made him the leading candidate to spearhead the company’s product planning efforts.
    Klotz Appoints New European Sales Director
    Munich - Aug 5, 2002 – Armin Woods tackles new challenges as the new Klotz Digital European sales director. Woods was previously a regional sales manager for Klotz in East Europe, Southeast Europe and the Middle East. This appointment brings relief for Joachim Rankenhohn, the vice president of the European Klotz subsidiary, who will now be additionally responsible for the buildup of the new P.A. section.

    Klaus Ramoser, formerly Klotz regional sales manager for Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland will now focus specifically on the Italian market and on technical engineering services for the entire European organization. With this action, the duties of Christian Bouchez (France) and Bob Campbell (UK) will also be expanded.

    Internet Watch

    Stardraw Announces Affiliate Program
    London - Aug 6, 2002 - has launched its affiliate program in a move that is designed add value to the websites of all affiliate members. The program, which is free to join and open to everyone, allows affiliates to earn income from all online purchases at that result from a click-through from their site. The process is simple; having registered to become an affiliate, Stardraw supplies a link that is unique to each affiliate to place on its website. Any customer that follows the link will be identified and logged, and any purchases they make will be attributed to the affiliate's account. Commissions will then be paid on a quarterly basis.

    For further information on the Stardraw affiliate program or on any of Stardraw's design and documentation products, please visit


    Stardraw Launches Web-based Application
    London - Aug 12, 2002 - Software provider is preparing to launch a Web-based CAD system, called, a tool that allows users to design and document integrated systems through a browser using an online library of more than 30,000 industry-specific symbols. The company states that the Web-based application has been written to provide comparable functionality to the existing Stardraw product line, but it is designed to run within a Web page through HTML pages. Tools are downloaded when they are needed. Program functions are executed on the client side for speed, and symbol libraries and pricing are stored in databases on the server.

    Telos Ships Profiler
    Cleveland - Aug 6, 2002 - The Telos Profiler, the automated program archiving system, is being shipped to customers this week. This software logger allows users to store as many as four stereo audio streams as time-stamped MP3 files for efficient storage, easy compilation of airchecks and quick sharing via e-mail or FTP.

    The Profiler can simultaneously record and encode audio and feed live audio to a LAN, WAN or the Internet (dependent on network bandwidth). Encoded program segments can also be set to upload automatically to a Web server via FTP. Users can select and export audio segments to WAV format for external editing. File size and quality can be adjusted using any standard MPEG bit-rate from 16kb/s to 320kb/s.

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