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AES Cincinnati Conducts HD Radio Critical Listening Test
Cincinnati - Oct 3, 2005 - The Cincinnati section of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) in coordination with Sonic Arts and the Corbett Studio, the audio recording and production facility of Cincinnati Public Radio, recently conducted a listening test for cross-compatibility of different surround-sound encoding and decoding systems proposed for HD Radio. The equipment used to encode and decode selected cross-genre audio samples was provided by Neural Audio, Dolby Laboratories and SRS Labs for the tests on Sept. 9 and 10.

The mission of the critical listening test was to objectively determine if any issues with cross-compatibility exist among the represented manufacturer's surround sound encoding/decoding systems. The specific systems under test were the Neural Audio 5225 Upmix and Downmix, Dolby DP563/564 using Dolby Pro Logic II, and SRS Labs Circle Surround Digital encoder and decoders.

To ensure objective results, the test was designed with the help of Dr. Ellyn Sheffield, Department of Psychology-Salisbury University. The test protocols adhered to strict audio testing requirements, including no visual or audio feedback among the participants and varied selection playback order, and was overseen by principals from NPR and the Cincinnati section of the AES. Audio selections were auditioned in calibrated 5.1 mix rooms at Sonic Arts.

Each listening test session lasted from 60 to 90 minutes with participants monitoring 16 music selections encoded as a reference sample, an A sample and a B sample--never knowing which encoder/decoder hardware was used to create them. As part of the test, the participants were asked to note overall satisfaction with the sound quality, audio imaging and sound field placement of each audio sample, as well as the observed difference between the Reference, A and B samples.

Alex Kosiorek from the Corbett Studio said, "The Cincinnati section of the Audio Engineering Society was requested to initiate this test to determine the cross compatibility of various surround sound encode/decode systems for broadcast applications. The results from this test will help further the understanding of the cross compatibility of composite surround sound systems proposed for digital and various analog broadcast methods. The results will also shape future testing if and when that is needed."

Feedback from test participants is being statistically summarized by Sheffield. The results will be be used to shape further research and testing of HD Radio surround.

AES Adds Tutorial Online
New York - Oct 3, 2005 - The Audio Engineering Society (AES) has added an online tutorial section to its website. Access the tutorials at .

The resource will gather articles and papers that cover introductory topics in audio. The AES plans to regularly add material from the AES Journal and presentations from AES conventions and conferences.

Proposals for the NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference Due Oct. 7
Washington, DC - Oct 3, 2005 - Held during NAB2006 April 22-27, the 60th NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference will highlight the most recent developments in broadcast technology and will focus on the opportunities and challenges that face broadcast engineering professionals. This is a highly technical conference where presenters deliver technical papers ranging over a variety of topics relevant to the broadcast and allied industries.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is Oct. 7, 2005. Presentations are limited to 30 minutes in length, including five or 10 minutes for questions from the audience. Proposals should be clearly written and be no more than 200 words in length. A proposal should explain what conference attendees might expect to learn from your paper. Sales oriented presentations and papers promoting company products or services will not be accepted. However, papers explaining the underlying technologies used in broadcast products or services will be considered. To submit a technical paper proposal, go to and select "Call for NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference Papers" to complete the electronic form. If you have questions regarding this conference, please contact John Marino, VP Science and Technology at 202-429-5346.

The selection process will begin shortly after Oct. 7. Expect to be notified if your paper proposal has been accepted by Nov. 18, 2005. After receiving acceptance, you will have until Jan. 20, 2006, to submit a completed written paper to us. After review, the paper will be published in the NAB2006 Broadcast Engineering Conference Proceedings and you will receive a complementary copy.


Blue Mic Celebrates its 10th Birthday
New York - Oct 7, 2005 - Blue Microphones turns 10 this year. Founded in 1995 by Skipper Wise and Martins Saulespurens, the company's first mics were used by a small circle of musicians and engineers. Then they began small-scale manufacturing in Saulespurens' home country of Latvia. As new mics were introduced and sales increased, the company opened a small office in Southern California. Today, Blue has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Riga, Latvia, and in Westlake Village, CA, complete with an industry-standard clean room for capsule assembly and a custom-built training and recording studio where all Blue products are put through their paces.

For more information on Blue Microphones visit

Harris Supplies HD Radio Transmitters to Brazil
Cincinnati - Oct 5, 2005 - Three Brazilian radio broadcasters have selected Harris as the exclusive digital transmission vendor for their HD Radio launches. The country's three largest radio broadcasters--Radio Bandeirantes, Radio Globo and RBS Group--have announced plans to launch HD Radio broadcasts on Sept. 26, commemorating the 70th anniversary of AESP, a radio and TV emissions association based in Sao Paolo, and Brazil's National Day of Radio.

A total of six stations--one FM and one AM from each group--are now transmitting HD Radio signals.

  • Radio Bandeirantes selected a Harris Z16HD FM transmitter for Band News FM, and an IBOC equipment rack to upgrade an existing Harris DXD100 AM transmitter to IBOC. Both stations are located in Sao Paulo.
  • Radio Globo purchased a Harris Mini-HD 600W FM transmitter for CBN Radio in Sao Paulo, and an IBOC equipment rack to upgrade an existing Harris 3DX-50 AM transmitter for Radio Tiradentes in Belo Horizonte.
  • RBS Group purchased a Harris Mini-HD 600W FM transmitter for Itapema FM, and an IBOC equipment rack to upgrade an existing Harris DXD100 AM transmitter for the Radio Gaucha AM station. Both stations are located in Porto Alegre, in the southern portion of Brazil.

    Radio Bandeirantes is using Harris' split-level combining method. Radio Globo and RBS Group use separate amplification.

    Promo Only, Mediabase Integrate Systems
    Orlando, FL - Oct 3, 2005 - Promo Only MPE and Mediabase 24/7 have integrated their systems as of Aug. 1. The partnership allows record labels immediate access to more than 5,000 installed radio and industry VIPs.

    Econco Signs Distribution Agreement With Richardson
    Woodland, CA - Oct 3, 2005 - Econco and Richardson Electronics have signed a worldwide distributorship agreement for power vacuum tube rebuilding. Under the terms of the agreement, Richardson Electronics will promote services and rebuilt products to all customers as Econco's exclusive distributor in Central America, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe, and as non-exclusive distributor in North America.

    Worldspace Moves to New HQ
    Silver Spring, MD - Oct 3, 2005 - Worldspace recently completed the move of its global corporate headquarters from Washington, DC, to Silver Spring, MD. The company's new office is housed in more than 52,000 square feet of space. The new address for the company is

    8515 Georgia Avenue
    Silver Spring, MD 20910
    Tel: 301-960-1200
    Fax: 301-960-2200

    Sales Call
  • Clear Channel WHTZ in New York, NY, has expanded its Sierra Automated Systems' Rubicon installation to one 32KD and four Rubicons.
  • Infinity Broadcasting's WOGL and WPHT in Philadelphia have completed a new facility using two SAS 32KD, eight Rubicons and 11 Riolinks.
  • People

    BE Appoints Niekamp As Product Manager
    Quincy, IL - Oct 3, 2005 - Broadcast Electronics has appointed Rex Niekamp to the new position of product manager for BE Transport Products, effective the week of the NAB Radio Show. In his new role, Niekamp has been tasked with product line expansion in light of the growing HD Radio market. He oversees market delivery of BE's Big Pipe broadband unit as well as the company's Marti RPU products and studio-to-transmitter links. Niekamp was previously in charge of tower and antenna products for Dielectric, and prior to that, worked for Harris for 19 years in various marketing and engineering positions.

    Tascam Promotes Bailey, Laity
    Montebello, CA - Sep 30, 2005 - Tascam has promoted Jeff Laity to pro audio product manager. His duties include igniting the sales, marketing and product specification of the Tascam product line, including creating marketing materials and meeting with accounts across the country to drive Tascam sales efforts. Jim Bailey has been promoted to the position of product development manager. Bailey's charge encompasses the future of Tascam's product offerings, specifying new designs and supervising engineering groups during the development phase of new products.


    Blue Ships Snowball USB Mic
    New York - Oct 7, 2005 - Blue Microphones' Snowball mic provides plug-and-play USB compatibility that makes recording into a laptop or DAW quick and easy, while its dual capsule design and three-position switch dial in the desired sound for many applications. One capsule is tailored for vocals and the other for instruments. The three position switch on the back of the mic lets the user change between the capsules. The first position activates the cardioid pattern capsule with a neutral sonic signature. The second position activates the cardioid capsule with a 10dB pad. The third position activates the omni-directional capsule with a brighter overall sound.

    APM Integrates Netmix Pro
    Philadelphia - Oct 7, 2005 - Creative Network Design's Netmix Pro sound library management system has been integrated into the Associated Production Music (APM) library.

    APM will provide its music library as BWF files with Netmix Pro-compatible metadata to its customers by the end of 2005. The APM library includes more than 200,000 tracks, which users will be able to search with APM’s proprietary search and recommended track methodology, which will be built into the Netmix Pro system. The integration with Netmix Pro enables cross-platform workflow integration with Avid, Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools, among others. Netmix Pro is also an open architecture search engine that allows users to search and manage their sound effects within Netmix Pro.

    Steinberg Updates Nuendo Software
    New York - Oct 7, 2005 - Steinberg Media Technologies has updated its Nuendo Media Production System software to provide a range of new control room features in software production environments. Nuendo 3.2 will be available as an update from for registered Nuendo 3 customers by the end of 2005.

    The control room section provides four studio outputs, extra mix, headphone and control room busses, as well as configurable input returns and user definable monitor setups. Each Nuendo audio, group, FX return and VSTI channel now includes studio sends, allowing each signal to be routed to any of the four studios. The integrated talkback functionality enables engineers and producers to speak directly to musicians, narrators or other performers in any of the studios. Automatic dimming and separate talkback levels are also provided.

    Whirlwind Products now Support Ethersound
    Rochester, NY - Oct 3, 2005 - Whirlwind is the first user of Lab X Technologies' ESX Network I/O module. Whirlwind has benefited from Lab X Technologies' experience in Cobranet and Ethersound systems, in addition to its hardware, firmware and GUI control application expertise.

    Eye on IBOC

    Harris Demos DRM for Voice of Vietnam
    Cincinnati and Dong Hoi, Vietnam - Oct 4, 2005 - Harris recently traveled to Vietnam to participate in a three-day DRM consortium held in Dong Hoi, the capital city of the Quang Binh province. Engineers at the Voice of Vietnam (VoV), the radio arm of the country's state broadcaster TNVN, initiated the conference to educate VoV officials and various government advisers for broadcasters about DRM.

    The consortium, held July 28 through July 30, was deemed successful by participants, including the VoV's engineering department. Harris provided a demonstration on the technology by converting an operational DX 200 medium-wave AM transmitter to broadcast at 40kW with the DRM signal. Various presentations, including a DRM overview by the Broadcast Engineering Department for VoV, and a discussion on coverage measurements by VT Communications, accompanied Harris' presentation on transmitter conversion. The DX 200 transmission could be heard 120km to the south using professional receivers and 65km to the north with weaker aerial and receiving devices.

    Radios and Digital Radio Express Launch FM Extra in Israel
    San Jose, CA - Oct 4, 2005 - Israeli broadcaster Radios will test Digital Radio Express' (DRE) FM Extra digital radio system in consideration for use in Israel.

    FM Extra enables an FM station to simultaneously broadcast 16 digital programs using existing equipment. Radios expects to convert one of its FM stations within the next few weeks, and based on those test results will petition the Israel broadcasting authorities for FM Extra digital conversion on all of Radios stations.

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