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AES Launches Katrina Relief Effort
New York - Sep 28, 2005 - The 119th AES Convention will launch an industry-wide charity effort to collect funds for audio professionals whose lives and businesses have been devastated by the recent hurricane disasters along the Gulf Coast. AES-Katrina Audio Relief Effort (AES-KAREs) will collect donations from exhibitors and show attendees throughout the convention from Oct. 7 to Oct. 10 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.

A special AES-KAREs desk has been established in the show registration area. Donations can also be made via the AES-KAREs website at The AES-KAREs effort has gained the support from several other industry associations, including NARAS, SPARS, NAPRS and PAMA.

Funds raised at the convention will be administered as a Katrina Victim Specific Account established by NERF (Nashville Engineer Relief Fund), a non-profit charitable corporation. A KARE committee is being established to collect applications for assistance and to disburse these funds to affected audio professionals.

Information will also be available at the AES-KAREs desk in the registration area at the Jacob Javits Center during the convention.

Yahoo, OMD Study: Youth Prefer the Internet over Radio
New York - Sep 27, 2005 - According to a study of 13 to 24-year-olds in 11 countries, Yahoo and OMD Worldwide find that younger people have become accustomed to personalizing their experiences with interactive media. This preference for personalization also shows a different attitude and response to advertising and marketing messages.

Today's youth can customize and personalize many parts of their lives, including individual playlists on MP3 players, personalized skins and wallpapers on programs and devices. The study shows that they will actively seek, modify or create their own tailored products and services.

The study showed that as advertising channels become more personal, receptivity to seeing or hearing advertising through that channel decreases. Advertising in traditional media is generally considered more acceptable to youth than advertising in new media channels. However, receptivity to advertising via "their" media (established media), vs. "our" media (the Web) vs. "my" medium (personal devices) varies considerably by country. In some countries, receptivity to advertising in new media is higher than receptivity to advertising in some traditional media outlets. Sixty-three percent of Indian youth agree that it is okay to see advertising on websites, while only 51 percent found advertising acceptable on outdoor signs, movie theaters or radio.

OMD notes that a key finding from this study is today's youth can fit as much as 44 hours of activities in one day through multitasking. Their ability to perform three tasks simultaneously allows them to potentially increase their media consumption during an average day.

Traditional media (TV, radio and print) are still heavily used by this group, serving vital but increasingly niche functions. Traditional media are often pushed to background status in the media-meshing hierarchy. In each country, the Internet or mobile phone ranked highest for the most essential media to youth.

There are two notable findings in the survey:

  • The Internet has surpassed radio as the preferred medium for music among youth in all countries. This preference is especially pronounced outside the United States. Specifically, among American youth, 47 percent prefer the Internet for music compared to 27 percent that prefer the radio. In many other countries, about 60 percent of youth prefer the Internet for music compared to 20 percent that prefer the radio.
  • Listening to music no longer means merely tuning in to the radio or buying CDs. Young people create music experiences for themselves that are highly personalized. Music downloading, custom playlists, and podcasting allow youth to listen to music on their own terms. And, they can continuously modify their playlists to suit their moods for the day or the activities in which they are participating.

    While young people are increasingly turning to the Internet for content and functions traditionally served by other media outlets, they are still active users of TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. TV serves as a mechanism for escape and entertainment. It is frequently on in the background, and must-see shows are popular topics of conversation. For comedy, TV is the most popular medium, cited by almost 50 percent of youth, while for fashion, magazines are the clear choice. Radio, given the importance of music to young people, is a popular outlet. It helps introduce youth to new artists and creates common bonds with peers around popular songs.

    The two-phased market research study included qualitative focus groups and in-home ethnographies, as well as a quantitative online survey. The qualitative phase, conducted by TRU (Teenage Research Unlimited) consisted of 16 focus groups and 15 in-home ethnographies in six countries. The research sessions were conducted in Chicago, Mexico City, London, Berlin, Seoul and Shanghai. Participants represented teens aged 15 to 18 and young adults aged 20 to 22. Focus group and ethnography discussions centered on youth values, attitudes toward and usage of different media, and the role of digital media in their lives.

    The quantitative online survey, conducted by Ipsos, included a total of 5,334 respondents aged 13 to 24. Surveys were collected in July and August 2005. The sample was drawn from the Ipsos online panel and partner global online panels. Respondents represented Internet users in urban markets around the world. The survey contained questions regarding technology ownership and usage, traditional and digital media usage, media choices, receptivity toward advertising channels, and overall attitudes and values.

    WWNO-FM of New Orleans Returns to the Air
    Atlanta - Sep 22, 2005 - WWNO-FM, New Orleans' National Public Radio affiliate owned by the University of New Orleans, is broadcasting from the studios of Georgia Public Radio in Atlanta, using the station's local transmitter and tower just outside New Orleans.

    The staff of WWNO evacuated the area Sunday, Aug. 28, as Hurricane Katrina approached New Orleans. During the storm, the WWNO transmitter facility suffered a loss of nearly 200 feet of transmission line delivering audio to the antenna. Once the WWNO staffers were located and accounted for, General Manager Chuck Miller and his team made calls to National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to seek support of WWNO's restoration.

    Greg Scherring of CPB suggested a satellite downlink to restore programming. Miller approached Georgia Public Broadcasting in Atlanta about using a radio studio and delivery of the signal via a PBS uplink from Atlanta to New Orleans. Georgia Public Radio officials agreed to welcome WWNO to their studios until the station is able to return to its location on the UNO campus.

    Several Radio Events Planned for AES
    New York - Sep 27, 2005 - There are several radio-specific events planned for the 119th AES convention in New York on Oct. 7-10. On Friday, Oct. 7 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. there will be a Digital Radio Broadcast Forum chaired by David Bialik (AES convention broadcast chair). This panel is comprised of: Kahn Communications Principal Leonard Kahn; David Wilson of CE; Mike Lyons of Ibiquity; David Layer of the NAB; Skip Pizzi of Microsoft; Tony Massielo of XM Radio; Mark Kalman, Sirius; Jan Andrews, NPR; Steve Fluker, Cox Radio, and representatives of the Digital Radio Mondia Consortium.

    There will also be a Surround Sound for Digital Radio panel, chaired by Herb Squire of DSI on Saturday Oct. 8 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The panel will examine station implementation of and listener reactions to this increasingly popular format. Participants include: Geir Skaadem of Neural Audio; Stephan Geyersberger of Fraunhaufer; SRS CTO Alan Kraemer; Frank Foti of Telos-Omnia; XM Radio's Tony Massielo; Noel McKenna of Audio Processing Technology; Steve Lyman of Dolby Labs and Mike Pappas from KUVO FM (Colorado). Demos are being coordinated.

    Two Tutorials are also scheduled for the convention: On Monday Oct. 10 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. is Mixing A Live Broadcast In Surround, demonstrated by Mike Pappas, and Designing A Broadcast Facility for 5.1, by Radio magazine Editor Chriss Scherer, Mike Pappas and other industry leaders is on Monday, Oct. 10 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

    Broadcast Symposium to be Held in October
    Washington, DC - Sep 26, 2005 - The 55th Annual IEEE Broadcast Symposium will be held Oct. 12-14, 2005, at its historic home, The Hotel Washington, in Washington, DC. Presented by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Broadcast Technology Society (BTS), the symposium lasts three days and includes technical papers, a joint luncheon with the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers (AFCCE) and the annual society awards luncheon.

    Wednesday, Oct. 12, will be a full day of Mobile and Multimedia Broadcasting papers, followed by an evening session on Technical Regulatory Issues. On Thursday Oct. 13, the technical program features sessions on Audio Broadcasting and DTV System Performance and Measurements. Friday, Oct. 14, features Satellite Broadcasting and Distributed DTV Transmission technical sessions, concluding with a panel discussion on Distributed Transmission. The Friday program also features the annual Broadcast Technology Society awards luncheon.

    For more information or to register for the broadcast symposium visit Early registration discounts are available through Oct. 1, 2005.

    Live Audio Drama to be Held During AES
    New York - Sep 27, 2005 - Himan Brown, a producer of such classic radio programs, will produce a recording session of a rare live audio drama at the 119th AES Convention at the Javits Center Friday, Oct. 7 5:00 p.m. -6:00 p.m. Based on the classic film Twelve Angry Men, Rockets Red Glare, is an hour-long drama focusing on the real life of George Voskovec, an actor and writer who escaped from the Nazis to a new life in America. The recorded performance will be made available on CD to AES members.

    Brown is one of the most influential producers in radio history. He has produced more than 30,000 shows over a span of 65 years. A member of the Radio Hall of Fame, he is also the recipient of The American Broadcast Pioneer and the Peabody Awards.

    Study Shows Need for On-air, Online Integration
    New York - Sep 21, 2005 - A Mediaspan study of nearly 35,000 radio listeners across all formats in major U.S. markets shows that local radio could grow its relationship with audiences if they further integrate their on-air and online programming and promotions. The results of the study show that more than a quarter (26 percent) of 18 to 29 year olds download ringtones monthly. Also, overall 11 percent of all respondents say they download podcasts on a monthly basis, 13 percent say they would use a radio station website to download podcasts if they were available. These two downloads are the only two music and radio-related categories where respondents' likelihood to use and download increases over current monthly use if new content is available.

    The study also found 28 percent of 18-29 year olds say they download music monthly. Only 14 percent say they are purchasing MP3 or electronic music files online on a monthly basis. Most likely file sharing makes up for the activity gap.

    The study also confirmed that listeners access radio station across multiple platforms with 40 percent of 18-29 year olds (vs. 28 percent of those 30 or older) listening to streaming music from radio station weekly.

    "This was a massive study that shows pretty clearly that while radio is still a primary medium for most consumers, other new media forms are changing the way that users, especially younger audiences, relate to radio," says Mark Zagorski, CMO of study sponsor Mediaspan.

    Marconi Award Winners Announced
    Philadelphia - Sep 26, 2005 - The winners of the 2005 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Marconi Radio Awards were announced at the annual NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show. The event was held in conjunction with the NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia. The NAB Marconi Radio Awards are presented to radio stations and on-air personalities to recognize excellence in radio. This year's recipients are:
    Legendary Station: WIBC-AM Indianapolis, IN
    Adult Standards Station of the Year: KJUL-FM Las Vegas, NV
    Network Syndicated Personality of the Year: Rush Limbaugh, Premiere Radio Networks CHR
    Station of the Year: WSTR-FM Atlanta, GA
    Major Market Station of the Year: WTOP-AM Washington, DC
    Classical Station of the Year: KDFC-FM San Francisco, CA
    Large Market Station of the Year: WSB-AM Atlanta, GA
    Country Station of the Year: WIVK-FM Knoxville, TN
    Medium Market Station of the Year: WDBO-AM Orlando, FL
    NAC/Jazz Station of the Year: KIFM-FM San Diego, CA
    Small Market Station of the Year: WJBC-AM Bloomington, IL
    News/Talk/Sports Station of the Year: WIBC-AM Indianapolis, IN
    Major Market Personality of the Year: Bill Handel, KFI-AM Los Angeles, CA
    Oldies Station of the Year: KCMO-FM Kansas City, MO
    Large Market Personality of the Year: Lanigan and Malone, WMJI-FM Cleveland, OH
    Religious Station of the Year: KLTY-FM Dallas, TX
    Medium Market Personality of the Year: Don Weeks, WGY-AM Albany, NY
    Rock Station of the Year: WFBQ-FM Indianapolis, IN
    Small Market Personality of the Year: Ward Jacobson and Cathy Blythe, KFOR-AM Lincoln, NE
    Spanish Station of the Year: KLVE-FM Los Angeles, CA
    AC Station of the Year: WBEB-FM Philadelphia, PA
    Urban Station of the Year: WBLS-FM New York, NY


    Promo Only, Destiny Media Partner
    Orlando, FL - Sep 29, 2005 - Promo Only and technology partner Destiny Media Technologies have announced that Musicmaster for Windows will be supported by the Promo Only MPE digital distribution system. Musicmaster for Windows is a music scheduling software system designed for radio stations. The software will now be incorporated into the Promo Only MPE Secure Media Delivery System.

    IDC Intends to Purchase Profline
    Ottawa, Canada - Sep 29, 2005 - International Datacasting Corporation has entered into a non-binding agreement to acquire 100 percent of the shares of Profline B.V., a privately-held company based in the Netherlands specializing in advanced network equipment and systems for the digital satellite and cable broadcast market. Profline has its own R&D and manufacturing capabilities providing products and integrated systems for radio networks, broadcasters, and satellite operators internationally. The transaction is expected to close Nov. 1 2005. The financial terms of the acquisition will include cash and IDC common shares, and a portion of the payment will be subject to certain earn-out provisions.

    APT to Demo 5.1/Stereo Wireless Link at AES
    New York - Sep 28, 2005 – APT will demonstrate its ability to transmit eight full bandwidth, near-zero-delay audio channels bi-directionally via wireless IP at the 119th AES Convention. Using its Worldnet Oslo multichannel codecs and a Redline Remotecaster system designed by APT Distributor DSI RF, APT will treat attendees to surround sound and a live broadcast feed from WPLJ-FM via the Empire State Building.

    The Worldnet Oslo can send as many as 24 low-latency audio channels over T1, E1 or IP networks. In this demonstration, APT will highlight the sonic quality, cascade resistance and low latency of its Enhanced Apt-x coding algorithm. The source of the surround sound will be a music surround sound DVD player equipped with six discrete audio outputs (left and right, surround left and right, center and LFE) located in the APT booth. The six discrete channels will be input to a Worldnet Oslo and then beamed from a rooftop antenna at the Javits Center to a receiving point at the top of the Empire State building. There, a second Worldnet Oslo will decode the discrete surround channels. The decoded audio will then be looped back into the second Oslo's inputs to be re-encoded and returned to the Javits Center. Listeners will then hear discrete surround after two encode/decode cycles and a round-trip from Javits to Empire and back.

    In addition to the surround sound demo, WPLJ-FM will feed its live broadcast audio from the primary transmitter site at Empire into additional inputs on the Oslo, and this audio will be available for monitoring at the APT booth.

    Promo Only Partners with OMT for Digital Distribution
    Orlando, FL - Sep 26, 2005 - Promo Only, a digital music distributor, has integrated its Promo Only MPE service into OMT's Imediatouch Software Suite. This addition allows radio stations using Imediatouch instant track delivery.

    Promo only is a secure media, digital delivery system created by technology partner Destiny Media Technologies. The system locks the distributed tracks and allows labels to specifically authorize their content to a unique user.

    Imediatouch is an integrated suit of software that provides radio stations and non-traditional audio broadcasters with a digital delivery and automation solution.

    Brazil Station Transmits an HD Radio Signal
    Quincy, IL - Sep 23, 2005 - KISS FM in São Paulo, Brazil broadcast with HD Radio technology during the Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia de Televisão e Telecomunicações (SET) convention last week. The signal was picked up at the Broadcast Electronics' booth at the convention, making KISS the first station to transmit HD Radio FM in Brazil. The station was using BE's FMI 73 transmitter package into a separate antenna installed prior to the broadcast convention.

    Anatel, the Brazilian communications regulation agency, is expected to announce on Sept. 26 that broadcasters in that country will be free to install digital radio broadcasting systems.

    Harris, Neural Host Live 5.1 Broadcast
    Cincinnati - Sep 22, 2005 - Harris Broadcast Communications Division provided a live 5.1 surround sound broadcast of two local Philadelphia FM stations during the NAB Radio show. Radio One produced live 5.1 transmissions of its Philadelphia stations WPPZ-FM and WRNB-FM using a Harris Z Series FM transmitter and the Harris Neustar 5225. The continuous broadcast, which was received live using an antenna attached to the Philadelphia Convention Center roof, demonstrated the impact that 5.1 can bring to radio production.

    Powered by Neural Audio, the Harris Neustar 5225 Downmix and Upmix is a platform-agnostic appliance employing Neural's proprietary 2-D downmixing and N-channel rendering technologies. The 5225 allows for capture, creation, storage, editing, mixing, monitoring and transmission of 5.1 and stereo content within a common stereo infrastructure. Its offers backward and forward compatibility to allow analog, digital, lossy, linear, stereo and 5.1 content to interoperate within the existing stereo broadcast environment.

    CPB Helps Stations Convert to HD Radio
    Philadelphia - Sep 26, 2005 - The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) will purchase a group license that will allow more than 400 CPB-funded public radio stations to acquire Ibiquity's digital HD Radio technology. This group license will also cover costs associated with the technology's advanced services such as multicasting and datacasting. Previously, CPB provided funding to about 400 local public radio stations for their digital conversions.

    CPB, a private, nonprofit corporation created by Congress in 1967, is the steward of the federal government's investment in public broadcasting. It helps support the operations of more than 1,000 locally owned and operated public TV and radio stations nationwide, and is the largest single source of funding for research, technology and program development for public radio, TV and related online services.

    Promo Only Hits 3,800 User Milestone
    Philadelphia - Sep 26, 2005 - Promo Only MPE has added its 3,800 user to its subscription-based music and music video services system. Not only that, the system has been posting record numbers of tracks delivered on the Hot AC, CHR Pop, Country and Christian music charts with over 93 precent of the top tracks delivered coming via Promo Only MPE. According to a recent study by Mediabase, Promo Only MPE is delivering 36 out of the Top 40 in Hot AC, 36 out of the Top 40 in CHR Pop, 39 out of the Top 40 in Country and 48 out of the Top 50 releases for Christian radio.

    Sales Call
  • Day Sequerra has delivered its first HD Radio Modulation Monitor to Clear Channel Radio in New York. Clear Channel received the first M4 Modulation Monitors for their radio stations WALK, WAXQ, WHTZ, WKTU, WLTW and WWPR. The M4 HD Radio Tuner is a Tomorrow Radio-ready, broadcast quality modulation monitor with built-in multicast capability.
  • Air America Radio in New York completed a new studio facility with a Sierra Automated System 32KD digital audiomixer/router, and three SAS Rubicon console control surfaces.
  • Infinity Broadcasting's KFWB and KNX all-news stations in Los Angeles have completed an integrated all-news operation using three SAS 32KD, 25 Rubicons, 16 Riolinks, and dozens of stand-alone and Rubicon-integrated intercoms.
  • Gencom Technology of Valley Stream, NY, has installed Soundcraft RM1ds digital on-air radio desks at two BBC News and World bureaus in Manhattan--one at the broadcaster's new midtown studios and the other at the headquarters of the United Nations.
  • WRVO, a National Public Radio affiliate located on the Oswego campus of the State University of New York, is moving into a new facility with two control rooms, two talk studios, and two news edit rooms equipped with custom Wheatstone Techline Studio Furniture. The broadcast equipment will include a Bridge Router system with two G5 control surfaces and two G3 control surfaces.
  • Backyard Broadcasting has purchased OMT's Imediatouch Digital Delivery Software for five of its radio stations located in Elmira/Corning, NY. Backyard Broadcasting owns and operates 27 radio stations throughout the central and eastern regions of the United States.
  • People

    ATI Group Promotes Reed to Sales and Marketing Manager
    W. Berlin, NJ - Sep 30, 2005 - ATI Group has promoted Linda Reed to sales and marketing manager. Reed began this assignment on Sept. 5, 2005. She reports directly to David Day, president of ATI.

    Reed, who joined ATI in January 2003, holds a degree in Business Administration. She has 15 years of experience in various multi-level sales and marketing administration. Reed's most recent post prior to joining ATI was as marketing manager for BPS Industries, a telecommunications supplier.

    In this new position, Reed will be responsible for all phases of sales and marketing administration, including monitoring and evaluating designated activity by the sales team, overseeing the development and delivery of goals and objectives by the sales team; coordinating operational issues to and from the sales team; coordination of marketing administration and new business development including annual advertising and tradeshow plans; identification of market opportunities for new customers and products; and, the continuous fostering of existing customer relationships at an executive level.


    Dice Unveils After-market HD Radio Integration
    Lake Tahoe, NV - Sep 20, 2005 - Dice Electronics unveiled its HD Radio integration solution for OEM head units during the NAB Radio show in Philadelphia.

    "Customers can now enjoy true CD quality digital broadcast in their existing vehicle's audio system," said Jim Lucas, vice president of sales for Dice.

    DK Displays New Software at AES
    Felton, CA - Sep 27, 2005 - DK Technologies will be showing its new Windows software, DK-Logging, at the 119th AES convention in New York Oct. 7-10. The software connects a PC over a serial interface directly to the audio meter. It can log levels on 16 audio channels simultaneously with logging intervals down to one second. The total logging time is only limited by available hard disk space in the PC. Tolerances on "overs" and "unders" can be entered into the set-up of the program enabling it to create alarms by exceeding these tolerances. Audible alarms allow automatic monitoring of the audio signal, creating attention only when the predetermined level is overloaded or one or more audio channels are missing. In the log all alarms are marked together with a time stamp from real time in the PC or an external timecode signal.

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