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NAB2006 Debuts First Web and Mobile Development Conference
Washington - Mar 9, 2006 - The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is launching a new conference at NAB2006. The Web and Mobile Development Conference is targeted toward professional Web designers, developers and content providers. In this two-day conference, sessions will focus on Web design and development, server-based media streaming and mobile content from industry experts. Topics will include Web technologies such as CSS, XML, RSS, Flash Video, Content Delivery Networks, Action Script and Flex.

NY Attorney General Sues Entercom for Payola Practices
New York - Mar 8, 2006 - Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has filed a lawsuit against Entercom Communications alleging that company illegally traded air time for payments. Last year, after an investigation by his office, the attorney general announced agreements under which two major record labels agreed to halt the practice, adopt sweeping reforms and pay fines. Entercom is the first company to be sued as part of the probe.

The lawsuit claims that Entercom traded air time for gifts and other payments; traded air time for promotional items and personal trips; solicited and accepted payments from record labels for air time; and solicited and accepted payments from record labels for air time. In various documents and e-mails cited in the complaint, Entercom executives discussed strategies for supplementing radio station budgets with payments from independent promoters and record companies. In an e-mail to an Entercom executive, a station manager described how he preferred to deal with record companies instead of independent promoters because the record companies were more generous. In another e-mail acquired by the Attorney General, the program director at one Entercom radio station complained about the practice of using a CD previews program to generate payola.

Entercom, based in Bala Cynwyd, PA, owns and operates 105 radio stations, 11 of which are in the state of New York. The lawsuit seeks a halt to these illegal practices, reforms to ensure that air play is determined by artistic merit and popularity, and appropriate fines and penalties.


Burk Technology Announces New Factory Training Session
Littleton, MA - Mar 9, 2006 - Burk Technology has scheduled its next all-day factory training session on June 5, 2006. The training is targeted to broadcast engineers, contractors and managers responsible for coordinating operations at transmitter plants, as well as to dealer representatives.

Training attendees receive expert knowledge on each of Burk Technology's transmitter remote control systems, software and accessories. Special attention is given using software tools and TCP/IP connectivity to complement the station's existing control, monitoring and logging procedures. Current and prospective users also gain insight into new system capabilities and helpful tips and tricks to save time and increase operating efficiency.

The event is free, and attendees earn factory certification credentials. Burk Technology will provide breakfast and lunch on the day of training. Contact Bonnie Christiansen at 800-255-8090 or e-mail for more information.

Axia Software now Available to D.A.V.I.D. Clients
Cleveland, OH - Mar 10, 2006 - Axia is providing its IP-Audio Driver software to D.A.V.I.D. Systems. Clients of D.A.V.I.D. can now purchase Axia IP-Audio networking components bundled with and customized for their delivery systems. The software allows any audio workstation PC running the Windows operating system to send studio-grade audio directly to an Axia audio network from its network interface card, bypassing PC soundcards.

Qualcomm Technology Now Supports AMBER Alerts
Washington - Mar 9, 2006 - Currently, the AMBER Alert Highway Network, through a partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), redistributes AMBER Alerts directly to truck drivers, significantly broadening the audience of those who can watch for abducted children. Qualcomm, a provider of wireless platforms, applications and services, is now providing its satellite-based mobile communications and location-based services also, significantly broadening the audience of those who can watch for abducted children.

A secondary method of distribution, Qualcomm's initiative delivers alerts through the Omnitracs mobile communications solution. For drivers to receive alerts through on-board communications solutions, transportation carriers must be enrolled in the AMBER Alert Highway Network. For more information about the AMBER Alert Highway Network and instructions to enroll, visit or call 1-800-348-7227.

Top 10 Radio Advertisers Maintain Efforts
White Plains, NY - Mar 9, 2006 - In 2005, many radio stations followed the commercial inventory reduction effort, labeled Less is More by Clear Channel Communications. Media Monitors retained Wall Street analyst James Boyle to explore the ad inventory database from the industry's major markets to evaluate the effects of the Less is More campaign.

The top radio advertisers were the same 10 companies in 2005 as they were in 2004. The Media Monitors Spot Ten chart data shows dominance in both years from three automobile manufacturers (Toyota, Ford Lincoln Mercury and Chrysler Jeep Dodge) and three TV Networks (ABC, CBS and Fox), but with a new leader, Geico automobile insurance.

In 2005, commercial radio spots declined by 3.6 percent compared to 2004. The largest radio advertisers dropped even more with a nearly 6.8 percent decline. Also, the three largest automobile advertisers purchased five percent fewer radio spots in 2005 compared to 2004, while the two largest domestic automobile advertisers purchased 14 percent less.

Boyle's analysis of the Media Monitors information affirmed that the radio industry made good on its strategic plan for 2005 being a transition year, as it intentionally reduced commercial inventory to improve its product for its listeners and advertising clients alike.

Prophet Renames Nexgen 101 as PSI 101
Ogallala, NE - Mar 8, 2006 - Prophet Systems' Nexgen 101 software has been renamed PSI 101. While the name is new, the software is unchanged. According to Prophet Systems, the rebranding gives the product its own identity.

Prophet added that Nexgen and PSI 101 are aimed at two entirely different markets. PSI 101 is suited for small market stations, college stations or Internet stations. Diana Stokey, marketing manager of Prophet, says that the initials remind users that the software is practical, simple and innovative.

PSI 101 is built on a core license, and additional modules are added, such as Voice Tracing and CD Extractor, as they are needed.

Sales Call
Netia is delivering a custom-made digital audio archiving system to the Sudanese Radio and Television (SRTC). Netia is joining forces with NOA, its archiving solutions partner, to build an audio archiving system specifically tailored to the needs of SRTC, which has historic recordings in its audio libraries spanning several decades.
Bicoastal Music has upgraded its studio's control room with Auralex Space Array Acoustical Diffusors. The Space Array, designed by Russ Berger for Auralex Acoustics, is part of the new Partscience line of the company's acoustical products.
Radio One's WERE in Cleveland, OH, has purchased an Omnia-5EX HD+AM audio processor from Omnia Audio.
Clear Channel Radio Atlanta, home to WGST, WLTM, WKLS, WWVA, WBZY WVWA and GNN, has upgraded its studios with a Wheatstone Generation digital audio network/control system. The system includes five G-4 control surfaces, one Bridge Router, five SAT cages, pre-wiring and one SR-9 5.1 Surround Sound console.


Audemat-Aztec Hires Gordoni
Miami - Mar 9, 2006 - Audemat-Aztec has hired Steve Gordoni as North America sales manager. Gordoni will be in charge of developing the sales and reinforcing the relationship with dealers in the United States and the Canadian markets.
Gordoni was most recently the North American sales manager for Orban, a position that he held for the past five years. Before that, he held positions with Aphex Systems, 360 Systems, Broadcast Electronics and Ram Broadcast Systems. Before that he was the director of engineering for WOJO in Chicago.

Gordoni will be based on the West coast, and he can be reached at or 805-497-4685.


Software Allows Off-air Recording
Bellevue, WA - Mar 9, 2006 - Snaptune has released Snaptune One, a software product that downloads complete songs, talk shows, interviews and live sessions directly from FM radio to a PC. The software isolates and identifies complete songs, talk shows and other segments automatically. Users pick local radio stations from a list for their location, and then the software displays a list of the songs playing on those stations as it finds them. Selections are then saved to the local PC. Snaptune can also find talk segments, interviews, live sessions and education programming--and it time shifts them to appropriate times without requiring any kind of program guide.

According to Ian Mercer, co-founder of Snaptune, the RIAA's efforts to control illegal downloading of music does not effect Snaptune. Because these are analog files that are typically heavily processed for broadcast, the music quality isn't good enough to replace a CD collection.

"Snaptune was developed in order to promote CD sales [and later digital downloads]," said Mercer. "Our primary business model is revenue from CD sales."

Gepco Ships X-Band Mic Cable
Des Plaines, IL - Mar 8, 2006 - Gepco International is now shipping its X-Band microphone cable. The flexible, high-bandwidth microphone cable series has been specifically designed for use in critical recording studio facilities or live sound venues.

Sonically transparent, the X-Band cables have a wide frequency response and exceptional RF/EMI noise rejection. These attributes are achieved by using a video-grade foam dielectric that significantly reduces the capacitance, and by cabling the pairs with a tight and precise twist. Conductors are made from finely stranded, oxygen-free copper to maximize conductivity and protect against corrosion. To shield and provide additional noise rejection, each pair is shielded with a dense 95 percent copper braid.

Open Labs Offers Software Upgrade to Neko Gen2
Austin, TX - Mar 6, 2006 - Users of the Open Labs first-generation Neko 64 and Neko LE keyboard workstations will receive full software upgrades to the latest Neko 64 Gen2 and Neko LE Gen2 versions. The upgrade to the Neko Gen2 keyboards for these users are available for purchase.

The Open Labs Neko Gen2 upgrade for Neko Gen1 customers includes several sound libraries:

  • Open Labs Karsyn 2.0 Virtual Instrument and Effects Host Application
  • Open Labs Mfusion to control different musical keyboard devices and software packages through one interface
  • Sonar LE from Cakewalk
  • Open Labs Neko Gen2 sound library of preset sounds and effects.

    MJI Debuts Mobile Xpress Messenger
    New York - Mar 2, 2006 - MJI Interactive has created an updated version of software tool Mobile Xpress Messenger. Mobile Xpress Messenger is a Web-based software that was developed in conjunction with Radio Data Group. MJI Interactive's barter pricing model includes unlimited messaging for stations and unlimited incoming and outgoing messages from station listeners.

    HDRM Pro Tuner

    ADA to Ship Several HD Radio Tuners
    White Plains, NY - Mar 8, 2006 - Audio Design Associates (ADA) will begin shipping several models of tuners with HD Radio reception capability, including multicast decoding. The tuners will be available in April 2006.

    ADA designs tuners in a modular style, allowing the user to outfit a frame with AM/FM, Sirius, XM or weather radio receivers. All the tuners are data controlled, and the ADA tuner protocol allows 27 independently controlled tuners to be accessed on a single communications bus.

    The multiple modules in any unit can be used simultaneously. The Duo Tuner accepts two modules. The Quadritune accepts four module and provides a signal strength bar graph meter.

    The HDRM Pro Tuner holds two HD Radio tuners in a 2RU chassis. It includes a headphone output that is selectable between the two tuners. Stereo VU bar graph meters show audio levels, and each tuner has a signal strength bar graph meter.

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